VIDEO: One Direction Valentines Day Treat ♥

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Happy Valentines Day Directioners! 😀

So, who’s all loved up this Valentines Day?

One Direction make their first visit to Japan

P.s Do you like our really over the top V day pic? 😉

We’ve decided that we don’t need to have a boyfriend to celebrate today…we can just drool over the One Direction boys instead.

So to make that easier for you guys we have created a special video for you featuring all of the boys’ hairstyles over the past few years.

Yep, we’ve hunted down loadsa pics of the boys right back from when they were on X Factor up until now.

valentinesday - harry

Oh and a bit of a special surprise at the end 😉

Ok, so admittedly this isn’t strictly just for Valentines Day but it’s always a good excuse to celebrate the beauty that is One Direction, right?

Yeah, we thought so too!

We can’t quite handle our excitement to show you this video, so here goes…

Enjoy! 😀

  • Caitlyn Styles


  • Keke

    Happy Valentines day everyone!!

  • Jannel

    really love it aah xx

  • gest

    Happy Valentine’s day to everyone and 1D ♡♥♡♥

  • Stini2526

    like it happy valentines

  • Sarah

    LOVE LOVE LOVE:-*:-*:-*:-*

  • Zervoudakis_tia

    Hahaha. Loved it!! I love them so much!

  • Mrs.Malik

    Loved the video sooo much

  • vanora

    that was a werid ending

  • Patii

    Awwr LOVE it! 😀 Good Thing

  • Katrina Rūfføñātör

    Such a great video love it!

  • 1D~Infection

    Nice Video! Happy Valetines day!<3

  • Olivia Jones

    That was cute!

  • Olivia Jones

    That was cute!

  • Sage horan

    Happy valentines day

  • i_luv_1D_14

    Happy Valentine’s day to the sexist 5 boys alive
    Louis Tomlinson
    Zayn Malik
    Liam payne
    Niall Horan
    Harry Styles

    Love you boys with ALL of my HEART


    XxXx <3

    • Ella schwartz


      • zoe1D


    • 1d_sister


  • irish_humpster

    i loved it except for the part on nialls where it said: ” And then he got hot” NIall was hot before and he is hot now

    • Emily MC Cathy

      i totally agree
      i was completely shocked :0

    • 1d_sister

      Loved Loved Loved Loved The Video!!!
      It was so awesome!!!
      That little surprise was really hilarious!!!! =D

      • Hazza

        Agreed :*

        • 1d_sister

          uh-huh! :)

    • Darcy Styles

      He’s much more sexier now!

      • Mrs. Horan

        Sorry but he has always been sexy

    • paris payne

      i think they meant niall was the cute adorbs one and then he grew a bit older and became hot and sexy!

    • Mrs. Horan

      Amen sister

    • 1D_Forever_<3

      Not to be mean but it also said, “Then disappointed again” on one of Harry’s. They never disappoint us <3 =D

    • 1D_Forever_<3

      Not to be mean but it also said, “Then disappointed again” on one of Harry’s. They never disappoint us <3 =D

      • Hazza

        Yeah harry never disappointed me!!!!

        • 1D_Forever_<3


          • Hazza

            Hes always been handsome and sexxxy and cute!!

          • 1D_Forever_<3

            Ya not to mention he has always had talent. <3 =D

  • Ella schwartz


  • SingerChick

    Ok. Naill was cute before, just in a different way. Liam!!!!! Who attacked you?!?!

  • Asheyy_OneDirection

    I love ur video. Great sense of humour! 😉

  • Mrs. One Direction

    PFFFFFT. Niall has ALWAYS been hot. Not just until now. He was born a hottie xD <333

    • Sarah Horan


  • Sarah Horan

    Those hair styles at the end made me laugh

  • Hazza

    The video was made wonderfully well!! :*
    The ending was hilarious and wierd :p
    Btw happy valentines day everyone 😀

  • Liza

    Happy Valentines Day

  • zayn malik fan

    I love them all so much but it’s mean how they made them look ugly what’s it to them jealous much

  • ♡MayLoves1D♡

    Aww! They’re so Cool.

  • amazing#1d

    Loving bald Liam!!! Hahahaha! That would be complete disaster!!!!!!! Haha!

  • Nia malik

    I love all the hair styles



  • Hannah Dineen

    I didn’t like it when they said then they finally got it Nd what happened to Liam’s hair he cut it for charity that’s what happened so just get yir facts right our boys were perfect from the beginning so this app just needs to stop with the snide comments about their hair that are perfect just the way they are xx

  • Lucy Williamson

    One word LOL

  • Darcy Styles

    People kept on asking me who my Valentine was and I kept on getting more depressed cause I’d never get to meet 1D:( and they’re my Valentines!!!!!!!

  • Sharri montgomery

    ummm, excuse me! Niall was ALWAYS hot so please change that.

  • Rowrow_loves_1D

    I will love 1D forever… I don’t care what their hair looks like cuz I just love them anyway

  • ruby

    I agree with you I love them so much

  • Hillary Styles

    the hair at the end..Im done

  • mitchie styles

    “And then niall got hot.” UMM HE WAS ALWAYS HOT.

  • Jessica Kakaley

    How dare they do that to the 1D boys heads! And liam looked great the whole time and still does geez get it right people! :)

  • Carolina Munayer

    And then he got hot…..
    get yo factz straight.

  • Carolina Munayer

    U made fun of liams short .

  • Louis for life

    I hate it how that person is always dissing Louis like “luckily he grew that hairstyle out” and this hairstyles looks weird until he finally got it right” Louis’s hair has always been cool

  • Nicole Styles

    And then he got hot?! Are you saying he wasn’t hot before?!

  • zoe1D

    ahaha lov the last bit

  • ~Directioner~ :D

    They are and always will be hot!:D

  • hocker

    this is very best video of one direction it was very amazing!!! i just want to see more about their information new…….. love them one direction………….

  • hocker

    i just want to see them in concert one’s again in their new hairstyle

  • Robin

    I love One Direction now, then, & FOREVER!!! You 1D boys are always in my heart LUV U 1D!!!!

  • Sydney1Dlover10012

    Lol love the vid

  • lizzard

    Hold on a second Niall has always been HOT!!!!!!!

  • Katii Horan Styles

    Love you niall