VIDEO: Preview Of 1D’s New Song ‘One Way Or Another’

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One Direction singing in Japan

Good morning Directioners!

One Direction have been chosen to record this year’s Comic Relief charity single – a cover of Blondie’s ‘One Way Or Another’.

Ok, yeh we know you know that.

Do you wanna hear it some of it?

The lads managed to fit in a sneaky rehearsal of the song whilst over in Japan, and you can watch them performing it on stage below – whilst dressed in their kimonos.

Whaddya reckon? Cool or what?

Yep, you can’t actually hear all of the song but it’s a start :) Here’s some of the lyrics for ya:

“One way or another I’m gonna find ya
I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha
One way or another I’m gonna win ya
I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha”

Best get learning those lyrics! :)

The song will be released in full on January 31st.

Harry Styles spoke a few weeks back about being chosen to support Red Nose Day:

“We have grown up with Comic Relief and taken part in lots of Red Nose Days at school so we were thrilled to be asked to do this year’s Red Nose Day single.”

Harry added:

“It’s such an honour for us. We can’t wait to perform our version of this iconic pop song and raise as much money as possible for this incredibly important cause that is really close to our hearts.”

British TV viewers can watch the event live on Friday March 15th.

One Direction - one way or another

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          • OneDirectionObsessed

            Then ignore it!!

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      No dear it’s so importante cause it means u was the first person between all of us see this super news<3

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        No it doesn’t. Some people don’t always comment and some people don’t even have an account so they can’t comment. So YEA!!!!!

  • 浅译 帅

    gosh nice i ve been wait so long

    • havazoe

      IKR!!!!!! It comes out 14 days after my!

  • Nalina Styles

    come in Nepal . 1D love ya

  • ranciana

    Lol the Macarena…

  • Plinky Mae R. Dy-Lim

    Is it in TMH?

    • Gg

      Um no!!!!! How could u say that supposed directioner!!!!!!!!!!

  • havazoe

    I love one direction.:-)
    Me: (on the computer with my friend surfin the web.) Wow,these 5 guys look pretty stupid in this pic.
    Friend:that’s one direction.
    Me: ………..I knew that……..
    Me: oh my gosh 1d look so hot in this pic! I wish I could marry all five of them!
    Friend: (annoyed) do you talk about anything other than one direction?
    Anyways that’s my little story. I love you one direction! I may sound crazy but does anyone else here know their blood types? I know its on the fandom but I was just wondering.:-)

    • Sarah

      Wooooo! Exactly like me! Before i call my sister”little kid” for loving these little boys but now I AM CRAZY ABOUT ALL OF THEM!!!!!I LOVE ONE DIRECTION<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

      • 1d_sister

        ikr! Firstly, I used to call my friend ‘over obsessed’ when she kept ‘blabbering’ about these 5 guys!
        But now……. I’m crazy whenever you say ‘five’!!!! =D
        I’ve experienced one-sided love with these guys for the first time!!!
        I know what LOVE is!!!
        It’s magical…… coz EVERYTHING THEY DO IS MAGIC!!!
        <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

        • Sarah

          YEY! 😛

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    • sarah

      Yep 😀 I am an O like Louis

  • Guest

    Awwww what harry said (a few weeks ago) is soo touching!! I’m so excited
    for the vid in january 31. I can already presict that it’s gonna be
    brilLIAM, amaZAYN, phenomiNIALL, fabuLOUIS, and last but not the least,
    extraordinHARRY!! 😀 xx

  • Guest

    Awwww what harry said (a few weeks ago) is soo touching!! I’m so excited
    for the vid in january 31. I can already predict that it’s gonna be
    brilLIAM, amaZAYN, phenomiNIALL, fabuLOUIS, and last but not the least,
    extraordinHARRY!! 😀 xx

    • hayley


    • emilweyhey

      can you say carrot


    Why cant people in America watch it?!?!?!!!!???

  • Stini2526

    it come out the day before harrys bday

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    O my gosh r u serio?!? It’s his bday present! Woah

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    Woooah<3 new song awesome<3 oh liam looks so cute:-*

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  • A_Dedicated_Directioner

    The song will be released in full on January 31st. ..My exams will be starting on January 31…!!..ahaa… This is what real luck means…:'(

    • Jodi Arboleda

      The song will be your good luck charm:) Good luck!! Lol

  • jamie

    Again, I wish I was British. March 15 is such a long ways away anyway.

  • 1D_Is_My_Life

    This is why I have fallen in love with these boys. Not only are they super adorable, they’re the sweetest boys ever. I’m so proud of them:)

  • asia_nunez

    wow i have heard that song

    • Gg

      Good for you

  • One Direction ♥

    that lyrics..? I know that from something? Anohter song maybe?

    • Gg

      I think was in grease or some movie lyk that

  • Maya Payne

    I thought they were going to have just another song out, nothing to do with an album like a single or something…then I saw it was a cover. I got so freaked out like “WHY DIDN’T I HEAR ABOUT THIS?!?!?!” Then all excited like “OMG OMG OMG ANOTHER SONG”

  • Zaynforever

    Ohh help me!!! Im getting crazZay cause of these boizzz!!!!!!!!! I must meet them !!!!! They are all My life now!!!! Love u zayn an all ure sweet friends in the 1D !!!!youre amaZayn one direction! Magic hearts WHO are flying in the sky with My hearts!!!!!!!

  • Emily MC Cathy

    Harry doesn’t look too happy 2:05

  • Nandookhrowjejxbakwk

    Aaaaaaww look at nialler, his adorable laugh *.*

  • Aylin Morelos

    iv eheard the song before by the actual band its a pretty good song but if we combine them with 1D that there is a diffrent story.

  • 1dlol1d

    Im so proud of them moomys really happy

  • Guest

    Grrrrrr!! Wish I was there aha >:P

    PS: how many r’s are there? 😉

    • Guest

      Seriously guys, excuse my creepy winky face. I don’t know what got into me… -_-

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    • 1d_sister

      you gotta be kidding me!!!
      hey guess what?
      i have a not-so-much-of-a-friend who claims to be a Massive Directioner!!!
      And then today, I saw a pigeon and screamed “KEVIIIIIIIIN!!”
      AND AND AND!!!!!! she asked “who’s kevin”
      I gave her that CRRRRRRAZY look and just walked away…
      And once in a party, i met a so-called-Directioner and she just said “my favourite is Neil!!!”
      I WENT ALL LIKE “WTF!!!!”
      then i just politely said. “it’s Niall James Horan”
      and she literally wanted to argue with me over that…
      i still remember the way she said, “NOOOOO! It’s N-E-I-L!!!!”
      she’s soooooooo silly!!!!

  • directionerfromnarnia

    Cuteness overload! Inbetweeners dance, the macarena…. And the chicken dance? Haha, either way: AWESOME!

  • 1Dmania

    They are so confused in the first video! Lol

  • Zoe 1D♥♥♥♥♥

    i was just on youtube and i was watchiong this but its part of a longer vid and decided to come on here ha ha

  • chloe

    I am soo excited I wanna marry all of these guys
    I ♥ 1D xxx

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    That’s really cool


    That was sooooo FREAKIN HOT!!!!!

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  • Michelle Direction

    Cool I want to hear the song

  • directioner 4eva

    OMG! who else saw Niall laughing at Paul’s moves? SOOOOOO CUTTTEEE! DARN! to i wish i was in japan right now!!!!!!! AGHGHGHGHGHFHGHHGHGHGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhHHHhhhh….ahhh

  • I Love 5 Guys :) !!!

    Did yall see Niall and Liam Dancing !?!?! They are so SILLY !!! <3 :)x

  • disqus_kgyjKfZWMB

    What’s red nose day?

  • Jessica

    OMG!!!!That picture of Nial is so HOOOTTT!!!

  • Katie G. Demlirie

    Awwww see they are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet (funny and cute) and sweet!!!!!! I cant wait for jan 31st

  • Zoe 1D♥♥♥♥♥

    why hasent it some out yettt

  • zarry_stylik

    love you one direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeahhhhhhhhhh