VIDEO: See The New One Direction Pepsi Commercial

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Directioners, check out these pics & video from One Direction’s awesome new commercial for Pepsi. Expect to see this ad cropping up a lot (at least if you’re in the US), so you’ll probably start seeing a lot more of your five favourite boys than ever before!

Harry and the boys co-star with New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, and battle it out for who’s won the most stuff.

Hazza drinking a nice cold can of Pepsi.

Louis showing Drew their platinum record.

The 1D boys standing firm with their fans.

You can watch the full commercial below…

One Direction’s Pepsi Showdown commercial featuring Drew Brees from OneDirection .net on Vimeo.

Whadd’ya think then? Do you think they’ve got ace acting skillz or what? :)

Watch the boys talk about filming their first Pepsi commercial in the video below:

Oooh we just love seeing new pics of 1D here at

One Direction and Pepsi, a match made in, erm…. enormous, rich companies boardrooms 😉