VIDEO: Watch Niall And Carl Falk Play Guitar On One Thing

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“Cos you’ve got that One Thing…!”

Niall Horan and Carl Falk

‘One Thing’ is probably one of our favourite 1D songs, it’s just so catchy and we have to sing along every time we here it.

Here’s a great video of Niall Horan and 1D songwriter Carl Falk strumming along to the melody together in a private session.

It’s pretty damn ace!

Go here for the full lyrics to One Thing if you wanna sing along.




  • Directioner

    Niall y u so cute?
    Anyway i love you Niall <3

  • Dani

    Awesome! Why does he have to be so Hot!

  • Mrs.Malik

    Niall you are so CUTE and Talented love you sooooo much

  • Just a directionner

    aw niall u’re so cute and perfect xx

  • fionn

    Wow !!!!!!!!!! Niall that’s amazing !!!!!! His sooooooooooo talented ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

  • Maarij Khan

    woah! that was just…………………….. i LOVE YOU NIALL!

  • glydale laurio

    niall y are u so perfect?

  • 1d_sister

    NIALL…I love you!
    you might not take this comment seriously,Niall…
    But there is a girl who has fallen hard for you! She loves you!!!!!
    And I see her everytime I look at the mirror…
    She’s not as perfect as you!
    You r amazing,Niall!!!! LOVE YOU FOREVER!!! coz it’s true love…one-sided love,though!!!!!

    • haileyhaileyhailey

      Yeah, um….. 1. I FEEL THAT WAY TOO YOU’RE NOT THE ONLY ONE and 2. The boys don’t read these comments so cough cough awkward for you

      • 1d_sister

        dude! shut the heck up!

  • Chelsea L Gomes ϟ

    Niall’s my favourite :’) He’s such a sweet guy and he doesnt cause any drama heh

    • havazoe

      I agree with you. He’s Irish!! Who doe sent love a handsome leprachon?

    • bellahoran

      Same here♥

  • future mrs horan

    Niall is sooooooo hot!!! And supet friendly too! Love you so much niall, mwa mwa

  • Laura Lackner

    cutee <33

  • Niknaz

    right now you stole one of Harry lovers :)) 😀 You’re amaziiiiiiiiiing :)

    • Sally

      That is exactly what I was thinking!!!!! Usually I’m a Harry girl, but that was so beautiful:) Love all the boys!!!

      • Niknaz

        :) He’s soooooooooo cute :)

  • Stacey Greene

    Niall that is amazing LOVE U <3.

    • Sarah

      Yes he becomes so cute and lovely when he plays guitar<3

  • Stini2526

    very good

  • Stini2526

    very good

  • amazing#1d


  • Eileen Stypayhorlikson

    Niall that was just so AMAZING!!!!!!!! Keep up the great job!!!!!! Love 1D!!

  • Mariclara

    Perfect #NiallRocks

  • heishly



    All I can say is OMG!!!!! Niall is sooooo HOT!!!!! Totally fangirling right now!!!!!

  • Stefanie Brewer

    omg he is perfect y is he so dame perfect ill neve meet him so it suckes

  • 1D lover

    i just sang along when i heard the song! that’s right i’m directioner :p

  • ♡~April~♡

    ♥ Always n forever on Nialls side. ♥

  • Sally

    Getting that One Direction feeling…

  • Victoria

    Love u Niall u rock

  • Ramona

    Niceee and sooo cuteee <3 and funny love you niall <3 xx

  • Perrie Anderson

    aaaw I LOVE Niall

  • horan girl<3<3

    Oh nialler!! I love you vey much you are my dream <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • mimi deria

    INCREDIBLE! 😀 .. Loove yooou Niall ! <3

  • vanessah

    niall is soo adorable♥

  • bellahoran

    That was amaAyn my heart os racong lol I love u niall♥

  • Skylar1D

    Every time I see him,his eyes and his laugh ,it just warms my heart

  • SoonToBeAStyles

    Nothing but good to say about this. Nice break from the Haylor bulls**t. Nice job our little snowflake!

  • haileyhaileyhailey

    At the bottom it gives you the lyrics…. IF YOU DON’T KNOW ALL THE WORDS TO ONE THING THAT’S JUST SAD.

  • haileyhaileyhailey

    One word: PERFECTION. And sex god. So I guess that’s two words. Or 3……….

  • Sarah

    I love Niall he is adorable :)! He is beautiful I mean how can anyone not love him? I just love the epic faces he made during the song lik”hey man look at this hott thing right here!” Lol he is my second favorite my firstis of course DJ Zayn Malik lol :)!

  • Bri1DBieber


  • hannah

    niall my sweet heart!!!!!!!

  • Niall Horan

    awww thanks babe

  • Niall Horan

    aww thanks guys.
    all of you guys posted nice comments.
    thx <3

  • This Is Us

    Lol, 1:53! I love Niall!

  • Georgia Woolley

    Nialls my fave I love him

  • FollowMeLZLNH

    One word AMAZAYN

  • Lillie Oelker

    That was really really good!!

  • ✖Kɪʀѕty Jaɴє✖

    haha im actually singing along XD

  • Mary Montiel 1D

    looks so sexy, but I do not like him very seriously

  • sarah

    Niall that was phenomoNIALL!!!!!!!!!

  • Chloé Leigh-Ann Pants Jenkinso

    Could watch u play all day long if i could #amazing xx

  • Bella Rose

    Did anyone else sing along?(:

  • Kristen Hunt


  • Alyssa Horan

    That moment when he looks up at the camera *dead* :) <3

  • :)!!

    Niall… You are really good!

  • cheekymonkey

    That was breath taking my little nialler

  • This Is Us

    I was singing the lyrics! Then I imagined Niall playing the guitar in front of me & I’m singing the lyrics. I love 1D!

  • Cynth LOVES Nialler

    OMG OMG *FANGURLING* Best Guitar Player EVR! <3 Nialler!!!!!! <3

  • Aylin Morelos

    is n alright lad cause theres no problems in g=his life.

  • Mrs.LarryStylinson

    I LOVE YOU NIALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ℓαѕт ƒιяѕт кιѕѕ ♥

    gosh he’s so amazing <3

  • Jasmyn Shum

    Awwwww ! Wish I had his guitar skills !