Want To Work For OneDirection.net? We’re On The Look-out For Talented Writers!

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Hey Directioners!

  • Do you like writing?
  • Are you good at it?
  • Are you fan of One Direction and popular music?

If you answered yes to all three of the above questions then we’d like to hear from you. We’re always looking to expand our team here at OneDirection.net with talented individuals who have a passion for writing. Our team is only small, and the right person could really help us out – plus we’d reward you for your efforts.

You’ll need to be over 16, have some really good examples of your writing to show us, and most of all be great at it!

We want someone with real skill, a love for One Direction and pop music in general, and somebody hard-working who wants a great opportunity to start a career in journalism.

If you think this person is you, then click here to read our full requirements and application form.

  • RaeRaestyles

    im a really good writer but..im only 12. i have won awards for my writing at school though. wish i as older..

    • Niall styles

      What’s your name and where are you from

    • Leah

       I’m only 11~

  • Simmi

    Im 15.. i’m very good in writing though!!

  • Ehutt9

    I know right I get A’s and B’s for all of my writing assiments I would love to help but I am only 12
    I am so sorry guys I love u one direction expesialy Niall and Harry

  • Aiesharox

    im a great writer but im just turning 11 soon -sighs- :(

  • shannon styles

    Aww i love writing but im only 12!! :-(

  • Puck

    I am that good in writting but i like doing it at school

  • Leah H

    This seriously is my drean position. Too bad I’m 15 going on 16. Plus, I pretty much know everything going on with them all the time.. Dang. :/

    • Leah

       My name’s Leah<3

  • MRock

    im one of the best in my journalism class…but im 15 -_-.

  • Jmguites_25

    I love writing i always write in my school too bad i’m only 13

  • Louise A

    I’m 17 almost 18 I’m in college doing my a-levels (one of them being in english language and literature) with the hope of starting a degree in English and creative writing in September 2013. It’s my dream to be a journalist and I adore one direction, I’m going to see them in concert in March 2013. It’s a little late to be sending work now but I’ll definetly be in touch tommorow. This oppurtunity sounds perfect!

  • JasmineA

    This would be an amazing job. I want to become a journalist but I’m only 15.


    I’m good at writing I get A’s and B’s for my assignments i got awards for writing in my school to but I’m only 12…

    • Jodecyq

      Me too! Its not fair. Id love to write for them, but maybe their reading this and they’ll lower it to our age.;)

    • http://twitter.com/IvanalovesZaynM Ivana

       me too

    • Yooo

      Atleast lie and say ur 14 so that u dont sound like a prepubescent girl.

    • Melisa H x

      Me too. And I’m only 13 (14may was my birthday)

    • Melinda

      same but im 11 and dont get awards for it 

  • http://twitter.com/jessiesmileynow Jessica

    IM only 13, but im a good writter :( ive had my own story published ! 😀 not too brag 😉

  • Ashley Horan<3

    Damn :( only 14. Would even do it for free. I love writing and on twitter and facebook i post about 20 times a day :) I have and A in Lanuguage arts and people tell me im a great writer. Im pretty creative too but too bad the age requirement is 16 :(

  • UnknownDirectioner :]

    Dammit. Nobody likes 13 year writers anymore -.- .Aww FudCakes..

  • LiZa

    Man I wish I could I love writing and my teacher says I should keep writing to bad I’m 13 going on14

  • http://www.techmansworld.com/ Michael Hazell

    My sister loves One Direction. I don’t really know why.

    P.S. Dear Moderators – Is Disqus 2012 being rolled out to this site?

  • Ally P.

    I would really love to do this. The only problem is that I’m 14 not 16. Oh well I will keep looking maybe my dream is out there, just waiting for me to find it. 

  • Jesreeneve

    But I’m only 14 and I know a lot about One Direction and I really love writing news, stories, or about sports. Please hire me? 

  • Mariana

    A gott of us would really like to write about one direction but most of us are under age -_-

  • http://twitter.com/BeachGirl3000 June 19: BELIEVE!

    I LOVE writing! I was so excited until is said “over 16”! That crushed my heart! I would die for a writing opportunity like this! Its my dream! plz think about something for younger writers (im 14)! <3 

  • Martha


  • Kristle Owusu

    Too bad, I’m only 12! I’m a good writer too. 😛

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001928792263 Amber Radcliff

    Man! why is always over 16???

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003795382739 Nalina Styles

    so sad i can’t participate . better luck next time  i hope

  • Symnsalehaldin

    I just posted my stuff :) PLEASE GUYS , help me get it ? I’m 17 , and i’m almost done with high school , this could be an amazing job for me :) !

  • Lorenza Spinosa

    i’m 16 and i can write very well 😀 i’m a serious person and i’ve already written  in more occasions! choose meeeeeeeee!

  • http://twitter.com/SophiefromBE Sophie Horan

    I’m only 14 :(!

  • Macie horan

    Im an awsome writer I have all a’s and b’s. But im 12

  • Amanda

    I’m only 14….. I am a good writer though so I wish that they could make an exception…


    Aww, im only 15 :(

  • Davitadwirissa

    Hello I’m davita.

  • Nancie

    Yes i’M GOOD at writting songs.. And i would love
    to write for 1D

  • http://twitter.com/KoolSkittles13 ♔ Hersheyy Horan ♛

    I’m too young.. :((

  • Camellia P.

    I really want this job! I have won over 3 journalism contests in my country! But to bad I am only 10, not 16. But I really want this job! Can you do this again in 6 years?

  • Stefanie Belew

    I have a passion for writing.. I have 6 notbooks filled with my writing of fictional, non fiction, poems, inspirational sayings, plays and other thugs I have wrote. But I’m only 12. I I got it, I wouldent really need to be paid. I would just want to write for free. Could you consider me as a free writer!? Even though I’m only 12.?

  • McKenzie

    Bchsnsusnzvxja by sbbdjshejdbns! Ive won state wide writing competitions, and I am an editor for my school news paper, I even am in a college journalism class, and I know all there is to know about one direction, sadly I am 14 :(

  • Gabby Farlowe

    wow im only 13 i need to be 16 please

  • Miski O

    Omg this would have been a huge opprtunity for me!!!!Too bad im 15 , yet ive won national competitions in relationn to writing.. burner!!!!

  • Yoli nicholson

    I would do a good job at writing I write 20 paragraph about one direction that people dont know

  • **Elizabeth**

    I would love to work for Onedirection.net even tnough i am the best writer in my school witch will not be my school for long because i am going to the next level. The best that i know to do at school is writing. I was even awarded for being the #1 bwst writer in school. This job will be perfect for me because:
    I love to to write
    I am amazing writer
    And love one direction

  • **Elizabeth**

    I would love to work for Onedirection.net because:
    *I love to Write
    *I love one direction
    *I am a amazing writer
    I was awarded for being the #1 amazing writer in rockdale i got a free game for bowling this why i would love to work for Onedirection.net

  • mariam hesham


    i love writing <3 and im a big fan of 1D <3

  • Shaden_diaa

    LOVE TO WORK 4 THEM !! I’m a really good writer !!! But i’m only twelve :S 

  • Monika47


  • Sarahsmith5566

    I’m 12… but I’m an amazing writer…

  • Melinda

    im the person but im not over 16 :(

  • Emily :)

    I’d love to! :) Besides, writing is part of my “career” . . . aha.