Watch a 14-Year-Old Louis Tomlinson In An Old TV Drama

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It’s well known that Louis orignally wanted to be a drama teacher when he was younger, and with ambitions of acting, it’s no surprise to Louis in this 2006 ITV drama ‘If I Had You’.

Watch below as Louis and his friends discover a dead body in the water. Spooky!

Hmm, sorry we don’t get much chance to see Louis, but anything is better than nothing! And at least his chums call him by his real name :)

Here’s a couple of stills from the vid:

Louis appeared as an extra in a few more Tv shows, namely Waterloo Road and Fat Friends.

Watch the following vid for a ton of hot Louis Tomlinson pictures.

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  • MeandmyDreams

    It’s called If I had you and I think it’s really bad 😉