Watch Out Road Users – Liam Has Finally Passed His Driving Test

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It looks like we can finally complete the list of lads who can drive in the band by adding Liam to the end of it!

The snazzy-looking Liam completed his driver’s test in the same centre that, about this time last year, Niall got his license from. The 20-year-old finally passed his test on January 31st.

But, shockingly, we didn’t hear the news from Payno himself.

(We’ll forgive him, though, because he looks absolutely dazzling in that picture!)

The picture surfaced on Twitter sometime after the popstar got his license after the company he had learned to drive with posted it on their website.

We wonder if Liam jetted off to see the lads to tell them in person that he’d passed. Or if he decided to take out his girlfriend Sophia out on a date now that he could be behind the wheels.

But there’s no telling what Daddy Direction got up to.

Congratulations are in order regardless what he did once he became legal to operate a motor vehicle.

Now who wants to place bets on what his first car while actually be?

We’ve got our money on an actual Batmobile. We’ve also got our money on the fact that he’ll probably chauffeur the lads around when they don’t feel like driving, like taking Niall out for a midnight snack while on tour.

  • <3Niall'sGirl<3

    i could totally see SOMEBODY taking Niall out for McDonalds or something on tour! lol

    • Shivi luvs 1d

      Hahahahahahai I’m laughing so hard at that

      • <3Niall'sGirl<3


  • Lillian Farrell

    Im betting Mercedes or any other EXPENSIVE car brand! And Niall cant you drive yourself since u can drive, gosh Liam is gonna be so careful on the road!

  • Stini2526

    good for him and i hope he has fun but be safe too

  • Erin Horan

    I been knowing this since two days ago but still great job

    • isabelle schueler

      Me too

    • Stenita Horace

      Same here

  • fatma esam

    i am so happy for u liam congratulation

  • eshweena

    Congrats Liam!!!:-)

  • 1DcrazymofoKevinbatmanperson

    I think it’s funny Harry got his licens before him

  • hsgdhshsjsgsjsgzh

    Wohooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Go Liam!!!:)!!!;)!!!:)!!!;)!!!:)!!!;)!!!:)!!!;)!!!:)!!!;)!!!:)!!!;)!!!:)!!!;)!!!:)!!!;)!!!:)!!!;)!!!
    If you agree with me reply me and post Go Liam!:)!;)

    • Anamilet Artis

      Go Liam :)!;)

  • Alyssa Jennings

    Hey that’s our boy congrats Liam it’s brilliam

  • mckenna

    So proud of you Liam!!!!!<3 love you lots!!!!!:)<3

  • katie_styles

    Oh my god that picture is sooooo cute!!! Congrats Liam!!! So proud of you!!! <3

  • Megan ;)

    Yay Liam Payne has finally got his driving licence
    “Congratulations Liam!!!!!!!”xxx hope you have a nice time driving;)

    • Megan ;)

      … and he looks so cute in the picture and I’m so proud of him and he can now drive and he looks so happy love u
      Liam xxx have a great time on the tour as well!!!;)

  • ♥ Directioner


    • isabelle schueler

      Harry is da king and Louis is the queen.

      • Jemima

        Well that was completely unrelated..

      • Alice White

        What the flip? That’s was unneeded Larry shipper. Stop trying to spread that s***.

        • isabelle schueler

          he pictures were just funny. I’m not a Larry shipper lol

      • ♥ Directioner


  • Forever Directioner

    Good for you Liam!

  • Abigail_Directioner4ever!

    Yay! Congrats Liam!!!!!!!! Be careful on the road! <3

  • Eve

    Congrats Liam!! <3
    Just one thing don't accidently break your car while driving in the rain!!!

  • Jamie

    Way to go Li! So proud of u! :)

  • Julie

    My money’s on the batmobile

    • Niyah


  • Niyah

    Congrats Li!!!! You make us so proud!!!

  • Christine Arcan

    congratulations then drive me to school haha 😀 no i will not let you to do that , i will chose walking !

  • Ellie

    good for you dear