Weekend 1D Tweet Round-Up: 21-23rd June 2013 Niall Goes To Watch Basketball!

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Here’s what the 1D boys were tweeting about over the weekend!


On Friday, Harry tweeted an Instagram photo saying: “Met up with @lennonandmaisy today.. Pals.”


He later wrote: “Hiiii, there’s a new show on Tonight called Smells Like Friday Night. It’s real good so don’t miss it. @SLFN CHANNEL 4 11:35pm #SLFN”

He then posted another photo on Instagram, with the caption: “ashtonirwin Masculine.”


He then tweeted: “Sat at dinner with the Emo’s.”

Meanwhile, Niall tweeted an Instagram photo: “Go heat! Watchin the finals! Can’t believe we played in that arena like 5 days ago”


Later on he tweeted: “What No”

“I just typed! What no! In my pocket hahaha”

“This game is unbelievable! Shits goin down in Miami tonight! The most tense 3 minutes left”

“Yes heat ! 27 seconds left! Way too much advertising for my liking ! It’s not like this on sky sports”

“Wohoooooo ! Go heat! Lebron James is a monster! talk about stepping up to the mark under pressure”

A few hours later he said: “What’s up Atlanta? How we feeling today?”

“Would have loved t have been home for the danny Byrnes music festival next Sunday in mgar! Gona be serious bands playing! Craic will be had”

Also on Friday, Liam went on a rant. He said: “Whoever is ringing our rooms please stop it’s not funny ur just pissing everyone off”

“Next time it’s ur day off school nd u fancy a ly in il call u n see how u like it?”


“Why? I’m sorry for being mad but I do t get to sleep all that often cuz we travel every day the one day I don’t have to travel …”

“Hi everyone can u stop having a go at that girl cuz it’s not nice despite what she said”

“Lol thanks to everyone who now hates me sorry for being honest”

Eventually he changed the subject and said: “Does anyone know what to do about insect bites mines hugeeeee”


On Saturday, Harry tweeted: “Thaaaaaaaaaaaanks @Eyewearbrands”

Liam tweeted: “Hellooo :)”

“I wasn’t having a go at fans yesterday it was one person for being anoying so whatever paper can write what they want I know I love you guys”

Meanwhile, Louis said: “Please follow @ChildrensAirAmb They do wonderful work!”

Niall posted: “Atlanta ! Thank you soo much! It was good t be back ! U guys were great! Thanks for havin us! See ya soon”

He then shared an Instagram picture, saying: “Sitting in my bunk watching a cut of this is us, with a paper cup of frosties ! Niceeee!!”



On Sunday, Niall tweeted: “Yes ! Raleigh ! Great crowd,great show! Buzzed off that! Was amazing ! Thank you! See ya soon”

“Uk! @Kodaline need your help t get t #1 this week with there album! Go get it!”

Harry tweeted: “Thanks for having us Raleigh,NC. You were very very loud .x”


Harry also wrote: “Does anybody remember green ketchup?”

He then posted a Vine video, saying: “Easy peasy.”

His next tweet said: “Never make eye contact with anyone while eating a banana.” Finally, he posted another Vine video: “First painting on the bus. Classy.”


Finally on Sunday, Liam followed up Friday’s rant with a large tweet using TwitLonger.

It said: “Hi everyone I just wanted to say that I’m not mad at anyone cuz I’m worried people think I’m pissed off or whatever and I don’t want anyone to think I’m a dick so i just wanted to say sorry to anyone who was pissed at me the other day I was just tired an having a bad time, I just miss home a little bit at the moment so please don’t think I’m moody or off…

“On the other hand the shows have been amazing we litterally haven’t had a bad crowd at any show anywhere in the world you guys have been incredible and we never expected this much support from everywhere it’s been so overwhelming to see how many people appreciate our music and make posters and spend all there time and effort trying to find us 

“I always wanted to do this since I was small and you guys have made this happen for me and I won’t ever forget that we watched the last cut of the film yesterday and taking time too look at all the things u guys have made happen for me I couldn’t thank any of you enough so that’s it really sorry about the other day, we all have bad days

“I love you guys thank you x”

Zayn hasn’t tweeted since the 18th June.

Come back tomorrow to see what the 1D boys were tweeting about today.

  • AbbyLoves1D

    So excited for This Is Us! *_*
    We understand you Liam, please get some rest, as well as the boys :) Love you boys to bits! So proud of you :’)

    • iloveliam

      im exited for concert movie too!!

  • Stini2526

    “Does anybody remember green ketchup i do remerber lol and i hope they got there rest

  • 5secondsof1d

    omfg! ashton! ahhh! thank you harry styles!

  • 5secondsof1d

    it was really sweet that liam apoligized! i wasnt offended at all by his rant though everyone has bad days you know?

  • Nia malik

    I live some of Harrys tweets!! “never make eye contacts with anyone while eating a banana”

  • victoria e

    ZAYN tweet its the highlight of my day

  • Abigail

    We understand Liam:) everyone has bad days:) get some rest boys!!! We all LOVE U TO PIECES!!!:) btw:I can’t wait for “This is Us”!!!!!!:) so excited!!!:)

  • Lynnie Lucas


    • Tildisen <3

      Whut?!! Oh god, poor you! !..:'(:'(

    • iloveliam

      poor you!!:(

    • Directionerx4xlife

      Omg i feel so sorry 4 ya

  • marmar margs lominoque

    We love you too Liam!and the other boys too pass the message lol

  • #1liamlover

    Liam babe I understand u, we all have our days like that 😀