What Makes You Beautiful = One Direction’s debut single!

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One Direction have finally released details of their debut single, and we can reveal that it will be called “What Makes You Beautiful” and will be released on September 11th. The song is available to pre-order now, and you can order the CD right here from our One Direction Store!

The first single will come bundled with a B-side called ‘Na Na Na’, which was touted to be one of the most catchiest tunes on the album, and the digital version is currently placed at number three on the iTunes album chart already! The single will premier on radio over the next couple of weeks. The boys recently described their debut single as “perfect”, adding that they hope “everybody loves it”.

  • OneDirection.Net

    So what do you think the first song will sound like? There’s been plenty of rumours going round that 1D will have a slighty edgy, rocky sound, but new rumours are appearing that the first song sounds similar to the sort of tunes that Calvin Harris and Example are putting out at the moment.

    What would you like them to sound like?

    Also, what do you think to the look on the front cover? Looks a bit USA college preppy and almost Glee-like don’t you think? :)

  • OneDirection.Net

    Tune into Radio 1 this Wednesday morning at 8am to hear the world exclusive first play of the song, with the boys appearing in the studio at the same time!

  • Amy

    I want it to sound kinda ballast like love you more by jls !! I would love that so much, I would like Harry to do a few solos too because I love his tone of voice !! I am so excited for it to be released xxx

  • Ames

    I am so excited about the release of the single and am setting my alarm tonight, for an early start in the morning to catch the world exclusive!!!! I love One Direction Harry and Louis all the way I love the bromance. I think judging by the first 10 seconds it is going to be quite rocky which is cool I just hope that there will be some ballads on the album as well because I adore Harry’s voice when he sings with not much music behind him. Also don’t you think that the first ten seconds sounds a bit like the beginning of Summer Lovin’ from Grease just picturing the boys in their leathers Danny Zuko style 😉 xxx

  • Chanelle


  • Becky

    I Love 1D… Liam Payne = Fit! <3

  • Kristawoodcock123

    i love you zayn  and  1D  love your music my  name is krista

  • Mrs. Harold Styles-Lucas

    Haha this is too cute. I accidentally hit the “last” button while scrolling through my news feed, and had tears in my eyes reading this!