What Makes You Beautiful Set To Enter USA Billboard Top 10

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After hitting the top spot with their debut album “Up All Night”, One Direction’s first single looks set to climb into the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10.

Sales of the track rose by 21% last week, selling 163,000 copies, its highest weekly sales to date.

The soundtrack to The Hunger Games has knocked 1D off the top spot in the album charts though, with the movie hit selling 175,000. 15-year-old UK singer Birdy features on the album.

The latest news on One Direction’s forthcoming North American tour has confirmed that Olly Murs will be one of the support acts, and Olly told BBC Breakfast: “I’m really excited about it, they’ve had an amazing impact over there. To get the ‘Brucie bonus’ and to go on tour with the boys in Northern America, is amazing.

“I look at the boys as five Justin Biebers. The girls in America and the UK are falling in love with them.”

Olly has had great success all over Europe and in some more far-reaching countries, but success in the US has currently eluded him.

He added: “I’m hoping this sixth member will get as much love over there. No-one knows me over there, no-one has a clue who I am.

“It’s a shot in the dark. I’m going to go over there and have some fun, but my home is in the UK. Hopefully fingers crossed it goes well.”

Go Olly!