What’s Up With Liam Payne’s Head? Bandage Horror!

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Liam Payne with his head in bandages

Niall posted the following photo of Liam on Twitter yesterday, worrying fans all over the world, tweeting:

“Wishing you a speedy recovery.”

Fear not though Directioners, twas only a joke – and Liam is actually a-ok.


Bet you were worried for a second there weren’t you?

As a tribute to Dadd Directioner, here’s 5 pics from the last 12 months, featured our Paynster in all his glory, short hair as well as longer.

Liam Payn - Pepsi commercial

Liam on Teen Vogue

Liam Payne - thumbs up!

Liam Payne Live Tour DVD

Liam Payne Topless

We wanna know just how much you love him – leave us some comments below saying just how much he sets your world alight…

Don’t ya just love him?

  • http://twitter.com/TayBOfficial Taylor Horan

    ohhh Liammm I hope ur head gets better for take me home tour !!!!!! ha jks

    • Maddie

      um can you read?

      • 1d_sister


      • Hazza

        Hahahahahahahahahahha lol :p

      • http://twitter.com/TayBOfficial Taylor Horan

        umm can u get a joke?

        • Hazza

          Yes that wasn’t worth a joke! 😮

    • http://twitter.com/cassi_stoica Cassi Horan :{D

      i dont think she did she probably just say this pic IT WAS A FREAKING JOKE HE NEVER GOT HURT!

      • http://twitter.com/TayBOfficial Taylor Horan

        i know it was a joke!!! and he never got hurt

  • 1d_sister

    Awww…..who played that joke,btw??? Bet you its Niall!! <3

    • Hazza

      It was Niall :p

      • 1d_sister

        hahaha! knew it!!!!

  • rebbeca alice

    oh god! i just love him. and only him! his pic is awesomely hot! his last pic was a major turn on to me! :’)

  • Stini2526


  • http://twitter.com/tickledpink_1D ♥ нαяяү’s cυρcαкε ♥

    Liam is so…..
    I have said nothing because there is nothing I can say that would describe how I feel as perfectly as you deserve it. But, maybe i can just say this: BABY YOU LIGHT UP MY WORLD LIKE NOBODY ELSE! <3 Love you Liam from the bottom of my heart. 😀

  • http://twitter.com/tickledpink_1D ♥ нαяяү’s cυρcαкε ♥

    Also, Liam…How can i spell s_ccess without ‘U’ or c_tie or _niq_e? I can’t even have f_n or any good l_ck without ‘U’… Looks like I just can’t s_rvive without ‘U’!

    • JSRRamsaran

      that is so true – u took the thoughts right out of my brain and put it in a wonderful sentence – thank you
      btw’s luv u LIAM

    • SingerChick

      That was the best and cutest way of expressing everyone’s love for Liam.

    • ILOVE1DX5

      AWWWWW!!!!! You took the thoughts in my head I couldnt put into a sentence and put it in a sentence!!!!! #IWILLLOVELIAMFOREVER=) <3

    • http://twitter.com/cassi_stoica Cassi Horan :{D

      thats cute

    • Sarah

      Oh Hannah! I love your comment and i just start crying when i saw it!!! It was awesome! The loveliest way to show sb your love!!! I love u and liam<3<3<3

    • Sarah+1D

      I love how u put that

    • Darcy Styles

      Aww!! I love that!

    • Hazza

      That’s a good way of expressing ur love <3 <3 <3

    • Caroline Thompson

      thats addorible!!!!

    • 1d_sister

      Wow! Hannah, super smart comment!!!
      This is exactly the way Directioners feel!!!
      Love you Boys!

    • ZarMaz

      That was sooo cute=D

  • Mrs.Horan

    Lol my heart stopped

  • http://twitter.com/xoxpunkstar3003 zayn malik fan

    I was like OMG and when I saw the other 5 pic I was like mama mia

    • Camille


  • http://www.facebook.com/sarah.charringtion Sarah Charringtion

    When I saw the pic on twitter I new it was fake and laughed love you Liam

  • http://www.facebook.com/najma.stinson Najma Horan

    Omg I was so worried for some seconds but everything is ok <3

  • lea rodriguez

    I love him sooooo much he is my fave member of 1D !!!! <3 he is so perfect

  • Rowrow_loves_1D

    I got really worried for like a sec…I’m just happy Lee-Yum is ok☺

  • Sage horan

    I love him so much!!

  • Pramo1Dnep

    I was like what happened how when where?? Are u ok. And at last it’s turns out to be a joke.but yah first I thought it was serious. Thank god ur fine and always will coz we love u Liam

  • amazing#1d

    Omg, I was just like SO woriieeddd!!!!!!!

  • Keke

    When I saw the pic I knew it was just a joke. Haha. Love you Lee-Yum!!!

  • Olivia Jones

    Haha nice joke niall but that sort of stuff scares me at first! But hey their boys let th act so!

  • http://twitter.com/Super_Girl_1D Jessica Kakaley

    Liam you light up my world like no body else :)

    • Bianca Johnson

      I know

  • http://www.facebook.com/arianna.gonzalez.351 Arianna Gonzalez

    Hey Liam has hair!!!

  • Hazza

    Cuz no one ever looked so good in shirt and it hurts cuz I know u won’t be mine tonight..no one ever makes me feel like u do when u smile baby tell me how to do it right nd all of my friends it’s not really worth it but even if that’s true…no one ever in the world cud stop me from not loving u baby even if I wanted to nobody compares to u <3

    • SingerChick


      • Hazza

        Thnx :p actually that’s their song only i just changed dress to shirt lol <3

        • SingerChick

          Ya. I know. Lol. But it was still cute. And totally true. Liam is amazing and the only person that compares to him is Niall.

          • Hazza

            And Hazza and boo bear and zaynie
            Just like 1D
            But I love Harry like anything <3 <3 <3

    • Kassie

      Thats cute <3

      • Hazza

        Thnx alot <3 <3

    • 1d_sister

      Awwwwww!!! So sweet!!!!
      Nobody compares to 1D!!!!
      totally!!! <3

      • Hazza

        No can ever compare to them!!!!!!

        • 1d_sister

          To….khaane mein kya hain???? bhook lagi hein…. :(

  • faith

    One direction rocks

  • Guest

    Was he trying to give me a heart attack? And now I must go play that song on iTunes…excuse me.

  • One Direction

    awww he is such a cutie pie. never joke about like that agin i almost had a “heart attack”!!!!

  • Audrey Bencomo

    I was worried all night I was so sad I just closed my laptop and went to sleep now I read THIS and i’m like :O. STUPID ME. OH I LUVVVVV U LIAM BUT DON’T PLAY PRANKS ON US LIKE THAT IT AINT EVEN APRIL FOOLS! but boys will be boys and they wanna have fun.

  • Directioner_Forever

    I LOVE YOU, LIAM! <3

  • yoanna cisneros

    Don’t scare me like that

  • DK MH

    Wow that was amazing Hannah I love that. For a sec I was so worried about liam I had a tear in my eye

  • Mariclara

    I can just say <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 I LOVE U

  • Zoe

    I love you Liam! <3 Have fun on tour with your buddies! I love 1D soooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!

  • Michelle Direction

    Hope liam is ok

    • Hazza

      Can u read?

  • Natalie

    this scared the crap out of me lol im just gl. he’s ok I♥ you daddy directioner :)

  • 1D_Forever_<3

    That scared me -_- but I love you Liam!!! Forever <3 =D

  • http://www.facebook.com/xxjade55 Jade Brock

    I was so worried! Now I know it’s a joke, I’m calm again.

  • lea rodriguez

    I want to be mrs. Payne <3

  • Jazmine


  • Mimi deria

    I love him more than myself! <3 But I love him just like a big brother not in another way <3 Maaaah! :* I LOVE YOU xxx

  • I Luv LIAM!!!!

    I luv Liam so much and he is definitely the most romantic out of the group
    He is hot and so smexy
    I wish I was nineteen years old so I could be his girlfriend 😉 <3

  • Sarah

    Oooooooooomg! Liam baby what happened????? I wish with all of my cells for u to be better very soon!!! Moooooah:-*
    and how much i love him???? I don’t know how to control my feeling!!!! I have never loved anyone as much as i love Liam<3

  • Mrs.styles

    Omfg Liam that scard me so bad hope ur happy though I love u but not as much as my BFF she is the real future Mrs.Payne she even has a hoodie that I got her to prove it we love u to death Liam Payne and u def brought the Payne to directioners today paynie

  • Diiiiiiiirectioner4everX

    I just LOOVE Liam and I can’t stand those who say he’s boring or something. He’s perfect!:)

  • zarry_stylik


  • Micki-Bear


    • http://twitter.com/TayBOfficial Taylor Horan

      (heart attack)

  • http://twitter.com/oliviarenaud1 Olivia Renaud 1D fan

    Thank goodness i thaut he really got hurt

  • Sarah+1D


  • ElanorDirectioner:D

    I love him so much that I Would Die For Him!!!<33

  • Emily

    Hope everything’s alright…….I heard it was just a joke though…. ;)…….. I love u Liam!

  • Di_Styles

    My heart skipped, skipped, skipped, skipped, skipped, skipped a beat…..Lol OLLY MURS.. but my heart really did skip a beat..

  • http://www.facebook.com/sarah.olsen.714 Sarah Styles

    hahaha he is so adorable! <3 I love him so much ((; <3

  • Sydney_holand

    I love them all

  • gest

    L stands for lovable I stands for incredible A stands for amazing M stands for massive abs!!! ♡♥♡♥

  • Hailey lang

    hahaha so cute

  • carmvaldi@hotmail.com

    Follow me on instagram @ imwiththebradfordbadboy I follow back

  • Darcy Styles

    OMFG I was sooooo WORRIED!!!!!!! O_O

  • 1D~Infection

    Aww haha Liam your so silly!;D

  • http://twitter.com/1D_Fan_88 LIAM PLEASE FOLLOW:)

    I see a picture of Liam crying “and the tears stream down my face”


    OH MA GAWWD can’t contain myself…I LOVE YOU LIAM

  • Emily Thompson

    I think Liam is so boring

  • Directioner_Life

    Brb dying 😛

  • Directioner_Life

    Brb dying 😛

  • Laynee <3

    <3 .. he makes my world go round .. literally, if i'm having a bad day, one look at his smile, or just the sound of his voive makes my day brighter. he seriously has no idea, how happy he makes so many people happy. i know i dont know him personally, but i swear if i did, i'd feel the exact same way. he's genuine, smart, but slow .. you all know what i mean LOL lots of love Liam <3

  • sophie

    L is for the Love you always give!

    I is for the incredible words you say!

    A is for how amazing you are!

    M is a Miracle that god put us together….Love you L.I.A.M.

  • ZarMaz

    His Teen Vogue picture is H.O.T

  • ZarMaz

    Hey, is that Danielle dancing behind her in the third pic?

  • ddlf

    omg i cryed till i knew that he’s ok