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Who Will Be The First Member of 1D To Get Married?


Yeh we know it’s the news you’ll never want to hear – and we hope they ALL stay single for like, forever.

But unfortunately, one of these days, a member of One Direction will find a lovely lady, settle down, and ultimately get married.

Then they’ll have lots of kids, a cat and a dog, and maybe some guinea pigs too :)

Ah what a life.

Anyhows, in a recent interview, the boys talked about who they think will get married first.

Liam said he would be the first, but then changed his mind and said: “Maybe Niall will just come in and…”

Louis interupted and said: “Yeah Niall would pull it out the bag. But he would tell us, he’s just come in one day and be like [in terrible Oirish accent] ‘Sure boys, I got married the other day’”.

Louis and Liam are the only members with long-term girlfriends so it could be them first.

Or perhaps Zerrie might jump in first with a Las Vegas wedding?

Watch this great vid below of the 1D members at the wedding of Paul and Clodagh from a few months ago. Paul is 1D’s tour manager (if you didn’t know). The boys first appear at 1:45.

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  • Keren

    they should marry whoever they want to, and we should be happy for them even though the obvi choice for zayn is me <3333333

  • zayn_fan

    if zayn will marry i will be soo happy from him and i will still like him and i wish this gril makes him happy i love you zayn <3

  • Caitlin Payne

    Nooooo!!!! I don’t want Liam to be the first to get married!!! I love Liam so much!!! I think Louis should be the first to get married. Liam still needs to come and see me! I would be heartbroken if Liam got married first, but I would still be happy for him!<3<3

  • Emma M.

    The day one of the guys get married, is the days the majority of the world’s girls are crying their eyes out. But hey, as long as I get an invite to the wedding I’m good!! Besides the real question isn’t who is going to get married first, but who will he choose as a best man????? Now thats a hard one!!!! I LOVE One Direction<3 (anybody know where I can get my hands on some tickets?)

  • liz horan

    Well niall will be the last to get married cuz he will have to wait 4 me! That is the truth! When I meet him he will fall in love and have to wait for me to be 26!!!!! Long time from now. But I WILL wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aya

    ahhhhrrrgggghh!! what a nightmare (for some directioners) lol nuh jokes i dont really care who gets married first but im 100% sure that they wont get married until like maybe 7 or 8 yrs later from now lol they are still teens people give them a break. lol imagine you had to get married at the age of 17 if u are already not 17… exactly my point lol (by the way i noe the boys arent 17)

  • mrs. zayn malik

    zayn has to meet me first! we will get married and live happily ever after 4eva!

  • Chrismari

    Anyone but my Louis he still needs to meet me

  • Libbystyles(Peterson )

    I’m thinking the same as Chrismari but Harry should so meet me, they don’t no wot there missing out on with us! X

  • Miss Malik.


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