Why I HATE One Direction

LOL, this video just has to be watched (and treated with a pinch of salt).

It’s a really funny American guy talking about why he hates One Direction (it’s not what you think). He actually says in the video description: “I actually really do love One Direction’s music”.

We reckon he’s brilliant and want to see more of him – just check out his fantastic cover of Nicki Minaj’s “Starships” and also some of his other parody / rant vids.

Some of the comments from fans are mostly positive too, such as: “I’m a fifteen year old directioner and I find this? absolutely hilarious!”


“I. LOVE. YOU. I have nothing else to say, I just watch it over and over again for hours XDDD and yeah, you’re totally right. I am a 15-year-old directioner and even I don’t get these? thoughts =O”

The guy’s a comedy genius!

  • Lizyhaug

    I just hate one direction all my friends at school love seriously Harry your Afro makes you look gaye

    • SuckItHaterz

      It’s gay* not Gaye

    • 1Diana5SOS

      Why are you even here?!

  • onedirection#1hater

    fucking hate one direction

  • http://twitter.com/1284669sw8jkj sidney

    1 of all there is nothing wrong with one diretion they havent hurt you so all of yall out there that hate one direction sut up

  • SuckItHaterz

    Y do u need 2 hate them? what have they ever done 2 u? and plus u don’t even know them. I can’t believe u acc listen 2 the rumors that go around, they r all lies and i can’t believe u don’t know that by now!!! And i can’t belive u would waste ur time writing hate posts and editing pics 2 make them look gay or crap like that.

    • Jessica♬♥★☺™

      First of all, no-one uses text talk anymore. Second of all, One Direction let an 8 year old girl who was dying of cancer die and her last wish was to see them. She absolutely loved One Direction, she had all of their CDs, she knew all of their songs and they wouldn’t even visit her. I don’t know how you can still say, “One Direction is so nice! They love all of their fans!” no, no they don’t. They’re sick, horrible people, if they actually wanted to show that they cared, they should have at least visited that girl. But noooooo, they didn’t pay her a second glance. All because they wanted loads of money that she didn’t have.

  • ikiiki

    why would u be on here if u love 1d I love jb he is mine and I love 1d but my cousin was on here zany is mine

  • Directioners rule :D

    So is 1D’s miss i love stupid little constipaded BTR and one direction has so much talent they gave away alot of money even dedicated a song to the poor kids in africa btr truth u suck you grandpas old scrappy balls bleep you buttheads directioner out

  • Directioners rule :D

    There is a saying we all need to listen to “haters gonna hate” and haters wont go to heavin

  • Directioners rule :D

    I hate you btr truth you problably have 122334 warts on you face i bet if btr met you carlos would put his stupid little hat on an look at youand say dont hurt me monster

  • Directioners rule :D

    u suck you butt face grandpas balls sucker

  • Paul Bommerang


  • ChiChi

    Here’s what I’m sick about hearing about them:
    -Their songs all sound the same—and they aren’t great songs to begin with. Look at a great singer like Bruce Springsteen. He has a variety songs that all sound different over a variety of topics.
    -“OMG, THEY ARE SO CUTE!” Haha, no. I don’t think people are cute. Just because I’m asexual and a romantic does not mean I can’t tell if people are good looking or not.
    -“One Direction is gay” Is being called ‘gay’ an insult? I don’ think so. I’m totally fine with homosexuals and LGBT rights. I don’t care if one of them actually is.
    -The whole Perrie’s Princess movement. Perrie was pretty…before she caked on the makeup, and messed her hair up.
    These are my opinions. Mind you, I found this in a Google search for Why is 1 direction so popular when they stink’. So yeah.

  • Jessica♬♥★☺™

    There was a little girl, she had cancer and was dying, she absolutely loved 1D and they wouldn’t even visit her because they wanted loads of money off of her and she didn’t have it. There was another girl who was dying, she loved BTR. They sent her a video, flowers, etc… they actually cared. Unlike One Direction. And you still support them? They wouldn’t even visit the girl, she had all their albums, knew all of their songs by heart and everything. I find it sick that they’d be that heartless to not do anything nice for her, at least the could have mentioned her at a concert or on Twitter or something.

  • 1Diana5SOS

    Woah! Calm down! Calm down!!!!!! Gah you haters can be so bloody annoying at times! FYI, they are talented

  • 1Diana5SOS

    It’s because they want to annoy the Directioners so we, snap. When we snap, they call us obnoxious and crazy! I saw that on a video some 13 year only girl posted on YouTube about why she hates one direction! And, maybe they have a band they like that is below One Direction…