World Exclusive First Review of ‘Take Me Home’

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Looks like British newspaper The Sun have got a bit of a scoop, as they’ve heard the brand new album ‘Take Me Home’ for the first time and given their verdicts on each of the songs.

Here at we’re not so lucky so will have to wait an entire 13 DAYS like the rest of you to hear it.

The Sun have dedicated their Bizarre section to the band, and here’s what they thought of the songs:

1. Live While We’re Young
“The intro still sounds like THE CLASH’s Should I Stay Or Should I Go.”

2. Kiss You
“Fast-paced and McFly-like. Could be a future single.”

3. Little Things
“Fits right in among recent hits by Ed, BEN HOWARD and MUMFORD & SONS.”

4. C’mon C’mon
“The most dancey song on the album. Harry’s vocals stand out.”

5. Last First Kiss
“The guitars on this mid-tempo track almost sound like OASIS’s Wonderwall.”

6. Heart Attack
“Of the all-out pop songs on here, this is the best. The punchy chorus and MICHAEL JACKSON-style “Owww” yelps from the lads make it catchy.”

7. Rock Me
“This is hardly a full-on guitars number but it does recycle the handclap beat from QUEEN’s We Will Rock You.”

8. Change My Mind
“Too soppy. Skip.” – But we like soppy!

9. I Would
“TOM FLETCHER has teamed with McFly bandmates DANNY JONES and DOUGIE POYNTER to give One Direction a sequel to ‘I Want’.”

10. Over Again
“A second Ed Sheeran song. Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis sound more comfortable than ever singing this.”

11. Back For You
“Stomping pop, but a bit obvious.”

12. They Don’t Know About Us
“Filler.” – Booooo.

13. Summer Love
“The kind of soft-rock anthem most bands would kill for.”

OMG, how can we possibly wait an entire 13 days after being teased so cruelly like that! As soon as we get a chance to hear the album in full for ourselves we’ll be leaving our own review.

#WeWantTakeMeHomeNOW !