Wowzers! One Direction Win Two People’s Choice Awards!

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The latest 2013 People’s Choice Awards took place at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles last night.

Niall and Louis (and the rest) in the Kiss You video

And our boys came home with another two prizes, the first for ‘Favorite Song’ with ‘What Makes You Beautiful’, and the second for ‘Favorite Album’ with ‘Up All Night’.


Other winners included Niall’s favourite lady Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera.

On-stage at the Radio 1 Teen Awards

1D’s arch enemies The Wanted also picked up an award for ‘Favorite Breakout Artist’ and performed an acapella version of ‘Afternoon Delight.

Here’s the full list of winners:

  • FAVORITE MUSIC VIDEOKaty Perry, “Part of Me”
  • FAVORITE ALBUM One Direction, Up All Night
  • FAVORITE SONGOne Direction, “What Makes You Beautiful”
  • PEOPLE’S VOICE AWARDChristina Aguilera

“You don’t know you’re beautiful!”

If you love that song, go watch some awesome One Direction mashups that we posted yesterday – some are amazing!

We’re a little bit upset that we didn’t win the award for ‘Favorite Music Fan Following’, where Katy Perry and her KatyCats took the award.

How can anyone but the Directioners win? Pah.

  • disqus_uzrCYyFVUU

    WHOOOOOO! I’m super proud of our boys they deserve everything they get :) x

  • Guest

    ummm this information is false because they were only nominated for 1 and then the best fans and first of all, the Wanted beat them in one of the awards. xx. sorry if i sound like a downer its just i live in LA and the owner of this site lives in England so they probably heard the wrong thing.

  • Guest

    also the picture isn’t from the People’s Choice Awards…


      Yep, well spotted its not. 1D didnt attend the awards so we used an older pic. Hope you don’t mind 😉

  • Vanity-Marie

    Actually they were nominated for favorite song & favorite album & break out artist & the fans award therefore this site owner is indeed correct I also live in CA & I voted & saw the nominations

    • hannahhhhhhh

      hey i live in CA too but i didnt see the boys win and stuff..was this like a before thing? sorry, i sound really dumb but i just watched in from 9 to 11 and didnt see anything

      • Vanity-Marie

        It’s online there’s a list of all the winners, along with all the nominees in their specified categories

  • Jess Bidstrup

    Congrats guys! And I agree, the directioners should have won! I have never even heard of the KatyCats….

    • Vanity-Marie

      I’m not even a fan of “beliebers” but to be completely honest them & Directioners are the only significant fandoms in that category plus “Katy kats” are a knock off of Lady Gaga’s little monsters

    • EmmiH

      Funny how they still won us… :)
      But yeah, I still think Directioners (or Beliebers, because they are dedicated as well) should have won the fanbase award. We just have to vote more next time. :)

    • FabulousNails

      Congratulations to the boys^^
      I am so glad for them!

      I think that the fanbase used get totally involved in voting at first (for the brits and the VMAs), but now that the band is more established, it’s a lot less the case.
      I wish the fans could be both as dedicated and passionate as they are, and a little less prone to fighting tbh… I don’t think that all this insulting and fighting reflects well on the fanbase and the boys.

      Still, I am surprised that TW won breakout, because I was under the impression that they really didn’t have nearly as many fans as 1D. Then again, I could be completely wrong. That or their fans were highly motivated to beat 1D… You know what, they actually deserve the award if their fans did so much for it! I may not like them, but I aknowledge that they seem to have dedicated fans!

      The best fans was never going to be easy. JB and 1D fans are very involved, but Katy Perrie is very very very successfull, she sells a lot, so even if her fans seem to be less vocal, they might be very numerous…

    • ZarMaz

      Neither have I!

  • Kylies


  • Kylies

    Voted and didn’t even get to see the results :(

  • Rose

    um when did this aired??? O_O I have never missed an award show… But Congrats Guys

  • Sarah

    Congrats boys! 😀

  • micah jauod

    yeah me too , i didn’t expect katy will won .. i taught its either one directioner or justin .. i think something error came up .

  • Janine Hope Puyat


  • A_Dedicated_Directioner

    They never fail to make us proud…!!!…GUD JOB GUYZZ..!!…But ..Yeah..we Directioners could have won the fan category too….!!..If we can Break the record for 11M veiws…then surely we could have won this too….But possibly next time…directioners…here is your chance…vote for them in the popcrush music awards….Coz i think JB have more ratings than 1D…!!…so…if we all get together to work….then for sure…1D will win in all the categories…!!…SO…start voting….Right Now….!!!

  • Perrie Anderson

    Good I’m supersede y they did not win for take me home:( I’ll watch it today

  • Plinky Mae R. Dy-Lim

    I am vey proud of you guys!!! I love you soooo much!

  • MaryDirectioner

    Congratulations guys ^^

  • Ashley

    CONGRATS!! I wish I was there……
    O well see u in concert lol

  • Stini2526


  • Linda Sasaki Nusomi

    congrats to the boys!!!!!!!
    We Love you <3

  • Ines

    Congrats to the boys :))) how did we not win favorite fans!!!!

  • Line B. Strand ♥∞

    KatyCats?? Did they beat the beliebers and directioners?

  • 1d_sister

    YAY! It’s not one day that these boys fail to make me proud! Just so proud!
    We should have won instead of the KatyCats but seeing my friend at school scream outta joy becoz she got the award was nice too! :)
    Congrats boys! Luff u all!


  • Cat

    Congrats to the boys! they deserve it! but how the ‘Katy Cats’ won, is beyond me! Even Beliebers wish we would have won instead of ‘Katy Cats’ which… we definitley should have won! i didnt. stay up til midnight voting for nothing!

  • Niall@Nandos

    You Go Boys We Love You

  • 1DirectionLuvr

    I agree

  • NicoleLuvsU

    One Direction > The Wanted

  • SoonToBeAStyles

    I threw my pillow at the screen when the wanted won their award (Taylor’s too, Carrie Underwood is a MILLION times better than that pie faced whiny serial dater). They don’t deserve it. They aren’t good looking and their voices don’t stand out like our boys’ voices do. But I’m glad they won the other awards!! I was so mad that Directioners lost though, We’re Ah-Mazing fans!

  • amazing#1d


  • Annette ♥♡♥♡♥♡

    That’s great!!!!!! Directioners should have won!!!!!!! At least they got 2 awards!!!!!!!!!

  • Jasmine

    I watched, but i didn’t see when they won?

  • Mrs.Ghazal Malik

    and I Always wish the best for you!!!!!

  • Fernanda Burgoa

    Excelent guys your the best I knew you would win there’s no way you wouldn’t make it I’m your best fan bye Zayn Louis Harry Niall and Liam

  • Georgia Woolley

    Congrats boys can’t believe they dint win best band xxx

  • Karinajimenez

    Am happy for them they are the best boy band ever

  • Nialler4ever

    lool, I love Niall’s face in the first pic! He’s like, ‘kill you in your sleep’ xD

  • 1D_Is_My_Life

    Congratulations boys! You deserves those awards! I was kinda upset about the favorite music fan following because I voted for our boys over 50 times! But congrats to Katy! Maybe we can win lots at the Grammies Directioners!

  • Love1DMia

    & dont forget or get mad at Katy cuz shes the reason why Niall is in the band okay

    • Sally


  • Sally

    Good job!!! Very proud.


    WHOO!!!!! Congrats Boys!!!!! They sooooo should have won the Fanbase award and the New upcoming artist!!!!!

  • Nicole Styles

    I live in la I could’ve gone but I just watched them! Breakout artist winner no just no I mean the wanted fav country artist FREAK HER!!!!!

  • Angel Mata

    Good job guys! Next time :)

  • 1D_Worshipper

    yess the boys deserve it <333

  • Nicole Styles

    Don’t even mention t****r s***t right now just dont

  • maya

    Wait what? How is that Beliebers or Directioners didn’t win! This is ridiculous 😛 But happy that Katy won an award :)

  • Ariel Dakota Kim

    i voted them :) cuz they deserve the award♥ love you

  • jojo chambers

    I watched that award show!! Congrats guys!! You deserved it!!!!

  • Sabrina Pule

    Who’s katycats

  • 1D foreves;)

    Congrats guys u deserve everything u have and more XD

  • vicky13

    Congrats guys. Ya deserved it you guys are awesome:-)

  • Daniela Velasquez

    I’M SO PROUD! but Katy cats aren’t that bad, I would cry if there was someone else…but I would obviously prefer Directioners to win….but CONGRATULATIONS!
    me: 1D…why are you so prefect?

    1D: well…we’re just this way :) :) :) :) :)
    me: that’s why you’re my idols <3 <3 <3 <3 <3