Zayn And Perrie From Little Mix Are Dating!

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We first brought you the news last year that Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards from Little Mix had gotten quite close towards the end of the X Factor series.

They recorded the X Factor charity single together, and exchanged phone numbers, keeping in touch on a regular basis.

Now the pair have come out and admitted they went on a date together, with Perrie tweeting the following message earlier: “Just went to see avengers assemble and it was #boring. Good night though! xD @zaynmalik”

To which Zayn replied: “@PerrieLittleMix yeah tonight was fun lets do it again sometime 😉 x x”

So the film might have been boring, but the night was not eh? Looks like these two definitely have the hots for each other.

The subject soon became a trending topic on Twitter, as millions of fans commented, cursed and ultimately cried.

It was only recently that Zayn poured his heart out on Twitter, saying: “In life we always fall for the person that will never fall for us always want something that we can’t and always say things we shouldn’t :s”

Can we possibly link the two together now, meaning that it was Perrie who he was pining for? Now that One Direction are back in England, he and Perrie can finally hook-up together.

Right, lets get thinking of names for them. Zerrie has to be the most obvious one, right?

Directioners, are you a bit gutted about this news or what?

  • liamlover

    i think that if they are happy with them then it’s ok. but still i am a bit sad :/

  • careless gorgeous

    Thts really a bad shock…
    Well whn he last tweeted he mention tht “especially you”
    which was actually being referred to this bitch…!!

  • corina

    hell no that bitch is not goin out with hime nooo she is ugly and old for him bitch back off!!!!

  • kiran t.

    I’m happy for zayn.even though Im a huge fan of him if he’s happy all of his fans shud u 1D;)

    • Maryam

      yeah i reakon!! i mean if yu love the band sooooooooooo much, youd b happy the fact that they all have someone! i mean i love one direction and zayn is my fav. but really we should all b happy. i’m happy that hes found someone and tht he’s happy! everyone should b happy 4 them!! if not thn all yu ppl are selfish (no offence) but really if u were a true fan yud b happy no matter how old nd ugly u think the person is !!!! either way iiillooovveeyyooouu 1D :)

  • Katy


  • Sara

    Maybe it was just a frendly night out ? Even if it’s not, I’m happy for him because he is happy. And everyone of you knows that a true directioner will be happy if they are happy.

  • Angeleena

    this is such depressing news I LOVE ZAYN he’s suppose to want me too, i’m going in for hybernation now don’t like perry now :'(

  • Mrs.Malik

    Umm… excuse me Perrie gotta back off cause Mrs.Malik is right here no one i mean no one is allowed to date him but ME uh-ah not happening

    • Kaila

      Love your NAME

  • Leanne

    ”When he holds you close I might just die inside…” Zayn you better be happy with her :) Very Happy! 😀

  • hera cahya


  • Kets .


  • Ashleigh

    I think it’s cute 😉 and if he’s happy averyone alse should be too. :)Everyone should be alot nicer to Perrie because she’s making Zayne happy. 😀 Everyone should back the F*#K OFF Perrie and Zayne and let them be together if they want to be. ‘-‘ Think of it this way you wouldn’t like it if you were going out with Zayne and people were abusing the F*#K out of you, no you wouldn’t so don’t do it then.Just back the F*#K down bitches! ‘-‘ So have all you bitches got that LEAVE THEM ALONE!

  • Liam’s Bitch

    I am so happy for Zayn! Perrie seems like a really sweet girl! They will be so cute together! But the first comment– last time I checked zayn’s name didn’t end with a e lol

    • Marina

      ya she does but u know what it might be a game they are doing

  • Directioner

    I dont think they are dating, maybe it was just a friendly going out, because Zayn said he does want a girlfriend but not now because he’s too busy, and its only a two-weeks break, so I dont think he would start dating her for two weeks and then go back to work..

  • lee-amme

    there not even dating zayn dm’d a fanpage on twitter 2 days ago saying hes still very much single and dont believe what the press print its obvs for a reaction n guess what they got one

  • zweetie

    my opinion is zayn and perrie ? i think they are not a lovely couple for me only #nohate its just my opinion or they make a great couple???

  • Kaila

    There not dating they can like somone but they cant date because you now how fans are they don’t want there fans to think what they thought about j.b and s.g befor jb fans though o jb can be my bf first we need to meet but when s.g and jb dated all jb fans did not like sg there where mad at her and 1D fans when them to think that to there gf so if there dating good job for him and I lovee you so so so much ZAYN and always will

  • aya

    oh hell no! this bitch better back offa my man!!! looll jks (im just goin with the flow of the fans)

  • aya

    they are a complete opposite shes blonde and he has black hair and slightly tanned skin loool

  • Once a Lover Always a Lover

    It’s okay that there dating but I still can’t sleep and seriously still am weeping rightnow but if he’s not mine now maybe later I still love he still is and always will be mine

  • najiwaji

    ahh i want him… but cute couple