Zayn And Perrie Meet To Discuss Their Future Together

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Zayn and Perrie met yesterday to talk about Sunday’s highly distressing news where Zayn supposedly cheated on her.

Zerrie went to a hotel together and emerged after an hour or so with Zayn smoking a cigarette before they both climbed into a taxi together.

Zayn and Perrie meet to discuss Courtney Webb

Perrie was asked whether they had made-up but refused to answer any questions from the press.

A source told The Sun:

“Perrie’s still deeply in love with Zayn. She’s very unlikely to end the relationship after this episode.”

The source added:

“The fact that they are physically together speaks volumes.It looks like she’s willing to give him a second chance.”

Hmm, does this mean that Courtney wasn’t telling the truth? Seems a bit too quick & easy for Perrie to forgive Zayn over something as big as this.

The source continued:

“Her friends and bandmates know she’s head-over-heels in love with him. But she’ll certainly be keeping a closer eye on him after this incident.”

Courtney isn’t a favourite amongst One Direction fans right now, and here’s a few angry tweets from y’all:

Worry not One Direction fans, you can get revenge on Courtney Webb by voting her out when she’s in the next series of Celebrity Big Brother.

So this Courtney Webb person was expecting ratings for saying she slept with Zayn, but instead she gets called ‘The Easy Australia’ ffs

Courtney Webb knew exactly what she was doing. Why else would she have taken pictures of him sleeping? #moneygrabber #bunnyboiler

I hope Courtney webb gets mobbed for that story she sold about zayn .. god some people would do anything for money sometimes

Remember that girl who said she was pregnant with Justin Bieber’s baby only to become famous? That’s what Courtney Webb is doing.

Courtney, known as CJ, said in response to the Tweets.

“I’m not bothered about what the Directioners or anyone else has to say about me.I know the truth of what happened with Zayn and have plenty of proof. At the end of the day, he shouldn’t have cheated.”

Yes CJ, and selling your story to the press is something everybody does, K?

Even more revelations are appearing from The Sun’s article yesterday, but this time it’s about Zayn’s pet dog Billy Jean, who unfortunately died last year.

Zayn's dog Billie Jean

Courtney “MONEY-GRABBING” Webb, said:

“When I was at Zayn’s house I saw an empty dog cage in a small room off Zayn’s kitchen and asked him what it was. He told me it was his old dog’s cage and said he died recently.”

CJ added:

“He looked really sad about it and pointed to a small brown box on a shelving unit in the living room. He said, ‘His ashes are in there. He was a great dog’. Zayn went quiet after that — he was clearly gutted at losing his pet.”

We tried to find Courtney on Twitter yesterday but failed.

She’s probably disabled her account to avoid getting grief from angry Directioners. Right?

  • Nicole Styles

    First comment
    Hope they stick together! But if they don’t then no hate to Perrie. But hopefully Zerrie stays :)


    this is gonna give aussies a bad name just because one girl wanted attention -.- But i really hope they stay together cause they are adorable together :)

    • i_luv_1D_14

      I no the Aussie fans are goin to have bad reputation over some stupid ugly idiot serious

  • 1d_sister

    I’m still super confused!
    CJ is just like that so-called-pregnant-with-JB-lady!!!
    Doing it for being famous!!! And that vicious money of course!!!
    Zayn and Perrie, know the truth and analyze it! Do the truth!!
    I hope the stories are lies coz It’s really gonna be hard imagining a Zayn Malik who cheated on his gf!!!
    I hope it’s that CJ who’s lying!!!
    All the haters at my school were like, “See! We told you! That Zayn slut is no good!”

    I’m so depressed!

  • disqus_9GyLMi9WJe

    she creatimg a scene! shes probably a hater… remember the headlines on he cheating on perrie that was fake!!!!!!

  • Sarah Charringtion

    It’s all fake well that’s what I believe anyway

  • lovezayn

    Bullshit,bullshit everywhere. 😛

  • Sarah Payne

    Aaaaw im sooo sad bout Billy Jean =’/ #RIPBJ

    • Anonymous

      I’m with u

  • Valerie

    she just want to make a scene of she and zayn. Is all bullshit

    • ✖Kɪʀѕty Jaɴє✖

      agreed 😛

      • Ella schwartz

        Agreed again

        • Anonymous

          Agreed a third time.

          • Ally Jessica Mayers

            Agreed a fourth time

          • Chassity LaRaye Varnold-Styles

            Agreed The 5th Timeee :) x

          • Xuxa

            Agreed the 6th time! c:

          • Zoe 1D♥♥♥♥♥

            agreed 7th

          • Anniek Kuijper

            Agreed 8th

          • ~Directioner~ :D

            Agreed 9th Time

      • Guest

        AGREED THE TENTH!!! 😀

    • Ally Jessica Mayers

      Soooo agreed

    • vesile

      Agreed again

    • Directioner x)

      that isnt zayn , he’s innocent xD #nohateforzayn

      • Stephanie

        Omg where did u find that pic?!?

        • Directioner x)

          that’s posted everywhere even i had created one

    • AntiDirectionator

      Zayn really needs to speak up and tell people this isn’t real! Seriously! He’s just going to let this CJ b*tch do all the talking?

    • MaRrOoMh,,


    • Sydney_holand

      Agreed a 11th time!!!!☺

    • Sarah+1D


  • Valentina

    Oh God people would do anything for money and distroing somebody’s life.

  • ✖Kɪʀѕty Jaɴє✖

    im just upset about all of this….its annoying too 😛

  • i_luv_1D_14

    She is one sl** I swear she is doin all of this just to bludy get abit of attention seriously not cool

    Or prob if it did happen she is doin this cause then got used

    But we all no zayn he isn’t dumb to do this …

    So wat ever ur name cj wat ever just go bury a whole a die cause guess wat it failed no one likes and zerrie ate goin to stay together

  • harrygirl1Dadele

    This is actually not the first time that some mental girl does something like this to get money,so CJ it’s an old story,lots of them tried to do that long before you and people now how this actually works (you tell a lie,play innocent even though you’re not,get some money,ruin somebody’s life) so what makes you think you’re gonna get out of this with such miserable lies about Zayn,anyway?!?! P.S.What “innocent” girl goes to bed with a man only a couple of hours after she met him?! SO LEAVE OUR BOYS ALONE AND FIND ANOTHER WAY TO EARN MONEY,SINCERELY DIRECTIONERS!

  • Mrs.Malik

    She is ruining Zayn’s life. I feel so bad foe Zayn and I hope Perrie doesn’t believe this nonsense and I hope Zerrie will go on

    • Mrs.Malik

      By she i mean CJ

  • angel

    Cj did this just to earn some extra money, we all know what she is trying to do some i’m not angry, the truth will come out and in the end she will be the liar not zayn.

  • 1DFan4LifeZayn

    Courtney is trying to remake the Justin Bieber and Maria story and right now all I can say that I am disgusted that she has the nerve to talk to us directioners and say that Zayn cheated on Perrie but in my opinion Zayn loves Perrie to much to have ever broken her heart.

  • Ella schwartz

    Aw zayn sorry for the loss of doggy

  • Mixerectioner.!(:

    You guys dont really know what happend beyond closed doors, so (Directioners) You cannot just jump to conclusions and blame in on other than a one direction member.. I mean dont get me wrong im a huge Directioner. But some things are none of our buisness and i think we have no say on what goes on in their personal life. Its called privacy

    • Directione4Life


      • Anonymous

        I totally agree… They’re old enough to make their own decisions… And face any consequences.

    • disqus_myZxvn2pwB

      I wish everyone thought like you! I don’t think it’s right that everyone immediately accuses Courtney of being a liar and Zayn as being a victim. He’s the only one that knows the truth, and Courtney if she’s telling the truth. We just have to take it in and leave it to Zayn and Perrie to sort their stuff out.

    • Imane Faddouli

      yeah but she cannot insult him, if she resepected us she would keep it secret

  • Olivia Jones

    I think thts cray

  • 1D forever❤

    Did Zayn even have a dog?!?…or was it a dog from his family he took care of?!? either way if it was “his dog” he would of probably storaged or sold the old dog things but anyway R.I.P Billy Jean(if you did exist)

  • Ramona Müller

    What people these days do for money ^^

  • stay swirly ∞

    this sounds like a fan fiction instead of her telling the truth

  • FollowMeLZLNH

    Rawwwwww. If Perrie forgave him that means zayn had to tell Perrie the truth and she listen and wouldn’t it be a 3rd chance not 2ed? Anyways this CJ needs to back off of my zayn. Why else would she take pictures??? For publicity!!!! I want the truth but not from photos who know she could have changed them into something else (photoshopped)

  • Directioner Forever

    I really hope that she is going to give him another chance,and he will not do that again…

  • jasmine

    she just wants some attention

  • ElanorDirectioner:D

    Cj girl is just a wannabe she does the same like that maria girl she saw that maria got a lot of attention that why she does it….but if it true that they was in bed together it just disgusting that she say’d it to the sun i hope that perrie belives what ever zayn says to her and i hope so much that they gonna stay together<3<3

  • Liz Hansen

    ohh wow. using “Zayn” as a way to be famous. I’ve seen pics of her and “Zayn” it aint him. A look a like,but not him.

  • Nia malik

    Cj stop doing this now!

  • Paula Moena

    Me daría mucha pena Perrie si esto es verdad :C

  • Sarah

    JUST FAKE!!!!!!!!HATE CJ!!!!

  • Francineeee(:

    *sniff, sniff* I SMELL BULLSHIT!

  • Ally Jessica Mayers

    RIP billy jean. U where a great dog! Ur soul if freva in our hearts even thou. We dnt really kno u. :'(

  • Kassandra Salina

    This is all bullshit!!!

  • Chassity LaRaye Varnold-Styles

    Is It Even Obvious That The Girl Just Wants Attentionn.. She Could Be An Obsessive Fan And Is Trying To Ruin Zayns Relationshipp.

  • 1direction#amazing!

    Come on Zerrie!!! YOU CAN MAKE IT THROUGH THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ElanorDirectioner:D


  • Upasana Tejwani

    I beg she just researched a bunch if this stuff and sold her story to the press

  • Kayley N Christy

    she proble never had a twitter

  • Zaynforever


  • Directioner x)

    see zayn is innocent ! #nohateforzayn

  • Zdunit

    We been new that Zayns dog died last year and he had it cremated so stop with the lies about not being a directions and even if this is true you should have stop it you meethim only like 2 hours ago and your already having Sex you little attention seeking whore

  • Grace

    Who is this “source” ?!?

  • Mrs.Horan

    Why is she telling all of his information out like that? Something isn’t right.

  • Jasmin Loves1D

    It’s not Zayn!!! look up Paul DiGiovanni @paulBLG he said “Zayn. Not really seeing the resemblance, I guess a little bit when we are asleep…” then there’ss a picture.. Look it up on twitter!!!!!

  • pris123

    she’s a disgrace to all australians…..stupid…

  • Victoria

    This mother fucker wants attention obviously.

  • Debbydirectioner<3

    Wow I never l never knew a person could stoop so low until I read about CJ. Don’t worry zaynster we’re here for you

  • Zoe 1D♥♥♥♥♥


  • Selena Gomez

    Y’all can’t blame Courtney for all this.. This was in zayns hands too

  • gisel

    zayn is a good guy i dont belive if that girl cj wants money than stary working shes jelous of this cute couple

  • Aileen

    Okay let me see so “Cj” now feels so sad for Perrie when she slept with zayn and said when she walked in and saw some of her stuff but zayn said ,”don’t worry she’s on tour” and now she feels sad for perrie even though she knew there was some girls stuff and now she feels sad for perrie after she slept with him


    And you know why she doesn’t care……because she is a lyin,money hungry,tramp!!!!! You really should be ashamed of yourself Courtney trying to ruin someone’s relationship like that!!!!! Her whole story seems off!!!!! (I mean really who hasn’t heard of One Direction their the biggest boy band in the world literally!!!!!)

  • President Kara Rose

    I really don’t think it’s true, but if it was, it’s kind of funny, because Courtney will still be called a slut because she slept with a guy she knew absolutely NOTHING about!

  • annabeth

    the dog cage was probably Hatchi’s

  • directioner 4eva

    HOLD UP HOLD UP! does this mean that we never ever get to hear if this is true or false! we just have to see them walk through the streets hand and hand like nothing ever mattered! no second sidded views! THIS WILL BE A OPEN CASE THAT WOULD BE READY TO EXPLODE IN THE FURTHUR YEARS IF SO! GEEZ! THIS WOULD DIE DOWN THEM BECOME HUGE IF ANYTHING IS EVER SAID!

  • Alyssa

    Ok so I don’t know what to think 1 I didn’t know zayn smoked and 2 um if it was true she would be stupid for giving him a second chance!

  • mitthu

    We never know Whts true and what’s not

  • Stephanie

    Agreed an 8th!

  • MaRrOoMh,,

    Zayn would never do something like that ,bc he’s a nice guy ,poor Zayn .why is he the only one who gets alot of rumors? I don’t know when it will end these rumors :/ :(

  • mrs.horan 12

    Wat a b*tch! X-(

  • Carolina Munayer

    She makes me sick 

  • ℓαѕт ƒιяѕт кιѕѕ ♥


  • 1D_3D_exited!!!!

    Zayn is way too good for her!!!!!!! I Hate ZERRIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ALSO THINK LITTLE MIX IS ANNOTYING!

  • Maria

    Wow. Well that is just some huge bullshit! That horrible man in the picture looks nothing like Zayn and the tattoo looks more like the Twitter bird not the tattoo that Zayn has!! That “CJ” is doing it for money obviously! Arghh I’m so angry!

  • Ellie Trenda

    He would never do that!!!! And no girl should be sleeping with a guy they just meet or anyone!! Girl and guys should only be sleeping with husbands and wife’s! Just ppl dont be so harsh on her like that I’m a big 1d fan too but still give her some space she mows wat the truth is and her only! Back off a a little and let her deal with her sins! God nows wat happend and he still loves her and zayn! Everyone has made a bad decision before!! Just tell her God loves her and she will tell the truth. She nows she’s done wrong and now one should ever hav to deal with this money thing but still she’s hurting so let her deal with her problems!
    Thank u for reading this, love Ellie
    P.s. God loves u now matter wat u hav done! Some ppl my age(10) hav already had sex!! But God still loves them! God is working on her heart but she just has to believe in God and that he died on the cross

    • Monlisarxxxx

      Wtf u had sex :O And ur only 10

  • Sally

    Excuse me? What the heck does a dog have to do with trying to ruin someone’s life for fame and money.

  • sarah

    All she wants is money. This type of thing has happened to many famous people, and CJ is just another liar.

  • ~Directioner~ :D

    OMG i hate that Cj girl!! Wat a Rat!!!

  • Monlisarxxxx

    What a hoer(or how u write it)
    She is a little biatch…..She is U G L Y And CJ when u ever read this Shut Da Faq Up And Leave !!! Stupid Hoe ur only doing this to be “famous” well …u failed every 1s hate u nobody wants u so go away We ll HATE YA :]
    And Nobdoy is Perfect they say well here u have 1 Cj isnt perfect :] And Im so Proud of it :))
    GO TO DA H E L L COURTNEY”BIATCH” WEBB !!!! :))) And Shame On You Ugly Biatch -B

  • Sydney_holand

    Lol CourtneyMONEYGRABING Webb

  • gest

    True dat!!!! Zirrie 4EVER! !!♡♥♡ 😛 😉

  • Direcriiioner

    Bullshit . If zerrie breaks up , Im gonna kill her . Definitely ! She’s talking nonsence !

  • stef

    I feel like her and Taylor could be good friends xD

  • AmiRa 1D ♥

    agreed….. :)x

  • alexis

    I think its crazy that this happend r they getting back 2gether hmmmmmmm i wonder why would zayn do that he cheated with courtney

  • alexis

    Everyone is hating on zayn