Zayn And Perrie Told To Slow Down Their Relationship

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They’re like, BESOTTED with each other, and spend every spare moment together.

Perrie has a ton of her stuff already at Zayn’s swanky flat in London, and they spend most nights there, watching movies and eating popcorn 😉

They’ve only been dating since April but already it’s almost like they’ve been together for years.

Now, family and freiends are getting a little bit concerned that the serious nature of their romance might affect their careers.

A source told Heat magazine that they spend “every possible moment together”, and continued:

“They basically live together, mostly at his place because he lives alone, so they get more pivacy. She has half of her stuff at his place.”

Showing a different side to most of todays celebs, the source added:

“They’re not into clubbing and celeb hangouts. They’re joking that they’re becoming a bit middle aged.”

One Direction are beginning a massive bout of publicity to promote their new single and album, and friends want Zayn to make the most of his time at the top, saying:

“Zayn’s family love Perrie to bits, but they’ve made sure he’s careful not to settle down too quickly. They like Perrie and know the two of them are besotted with each other, but they want to make sure he lives his life.”

Despite the love they both obviously share for each other, it’s still early days in their relationship.

“Perrie has told friends that she thinks Zayn is the one, but her friends and family are also telling her to take it slower, as they’re worried she might lose focus on the band.”

Zerrie, we love you both, don’t go splitting up anytime soon like Liam and Danielle, but maybe do slow it down a bit!