Zayn Asks Dancer For Phone Number! What! Perrie? Shocked!

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According to reports coming from Entertainmentwise, a pretty dancer taking part in the closing ceremony caught the eye of Zayn, prompting him to ASK HER FOR HER NUMBER!

The Zaynster apparently asked his PR and security team to get her number, and the dancer in question claims she was approached during rehearsals.

Unfortunately (or fortunately! Perrie!) for Zayn, the dancer told the Bradford-bad-boy she was in a happy, long-term relationship with her boyfriend of three years.

The source said:

“When the security guard came over she thought she was going to get told off for asking for a photograph with Zayn. When he then asked for her number, she thought it was a joke.”


“She was too embarrassed to look over when he asked for the number, but he seemed to be playing it cool and didn’t really react when she said no. She was the only one brave enough to ask for a photograph with Zayn.”

We’re not sure how much of the reports we belive here at, as the last few months have shown just how infatuated Zayn is with Perrie.

If there is any truth in the reports then we expect that Zayn will get a bit of an ear-bashing from the Little Mix star. Or a swift dumping!

We’ve got a feeling someone is telling porkies. What do you think?

Zerrie forever!