Zayn Bails During A Press Conference in Japan

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Celebrities try to avoid press conferences at the best of times. They are tedious and boring for the artists, especially after they have probably answered all the questions hundreds of times beforehand.

Zayn Malik in Japan

Girls Aloud went ten years without a press conference, so it’s no surprise that celebs want to bail on them early. But it was a little bit awkward when the Zaynster left a press conference in Japan only 20 minutes in…leaving the other four to fend off reporters.

The official reason for him departing was said to be jet lag and a minor cold after the long haul flight into Tokyo, so if he was feeling a bit rough we’ll let him off.

Unfortunately it only fuels the rumours that Zayn is struggling with fame and is more detached from the rest of the group.

At the conference Harry boasted about loving his time in Japan so far:

“I think the whole country is very beautiful and the girls are very pretty. And everyone dresses really well.”

A source also said:

“The boys had a bit of a late one on their first night. It’s their first time in Japan and they were excited to be somewhere new.”

“They made the most of the local drinks to get over their jet lag but were suffering during the press conference.”

Zayn does look a bit raggedy in the pic above, but these things happen when you have a few beverages before work!

  • Stefanie Brewer

    he was sick he has been sick

  • Nandookhrowjejxbakwk

    Omg Zayns hair 😮

  • niall’s girl

    First comment yey
    I feel u zayn (can imagine) those press conferences can be soooooooo boring and they are tired some times and wanna just ditch and have fun

  • Andreea :(

    What happened with your perfect hair ? :( And yes, I’m a true directioner, but I can’t like his hair now :|…. he looks like a homless .. :(:(:(

  • Jadelucky54

    Aww poor Zayn

  • icametocelebrate

    I wish he won’t leave the group…it must be really hard time for him :(

  • Ally Jessica Mayers

    My poor zayney baby! Dont be sad! :( it makes me sad :(

    • 1d_sister


  • Gg

    OMG!!! Wat if Zayn leaves 1D cos he feels detached OMG!!!!!! I feel really sad!!!!!!!! :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

    • Darcy Styles

      I dont think he feels detached, I just think he wasn’t feeling good..

      • Gg

        But it says he does in the artical

        • Darcy Styles

          I know:( I hope he doesn’t leave though:'(

          • Gg

            We all do

  • davinder

    Dont put presure on him let him dont give him a hard time

  • Rose

    He is a cute panda bear with this hair style…don’t ask me I am nuts XD.Keep Your chin held high Zayn. Your fans adore and love You.

  • amazing#1d

    Goodness me Zayn, remeber your manner s!!!

  • 1d_sister

    poor zaynie!

  • Stini2526

    i hope he feels better soon

  • Olivia Jones

    Poor zayn I hope he feels a lot better! As goes for the other boys

  • disqus_9GyLMi9WJe

    Why can’t they just have the conference after they recover? I would leave in the first 5 minutes….. Poor zaynster:( hope fans stop the hate and don’t pressure him so what if he leaves during the first 20 min doesn’t mean his getting dissatached from the group people should not make a big deal about everything!! directioners should not do this!

  • alexa

    now he is very bad.but in future he will better

  • Juliana

    He look beautiful!!!!!!!

  • i_luv_1D_14

    Poor zayn hopefully he gets better my baby love him sooo much


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  • Pramo1Dnep

    Zayn looks sick and tired in that pic.

  • FollowMeLZLNH

    Oooooooo what happen to his hair!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    Oooooh<3He looks so wild and sexy( like always)!

  • booger

    Does anyone else notice that his hair doesn’t have blonde in it. it jacked.

  • Mrs.himanimalik

    He was sick !! If u watch the press conference Niall did tell Louis tht he has a stomachache !! tht doesn’t mean hes detached from the group:(

  • Jessi62

    1. if he wasnt feeling well and had jet lag then its okay if he just wanted to lay down and be alone

    2. he wasnt leaving the boys i bet you they said it would be okay if he wanted to leave

    3. just because he had some drinks doenst mean anything, he is 20 years old so stop treating him like a kid OK.


    4. he DOES NOT look raggedy in that picture, to tell you the truth i LOVE that picture because i think he looks cute with his shaggy hair.

    i hate how peopleget payed to trash other people. Zayn is a great guy so people like the one who writes stuff like this about one direction needs to choose another celeb to trash because alot of fans can be stupid enough to believe stuff like this and that is something one direction a.k.a ZAYN doesnt need. you never know if he is really struggling with fame, he could just be home sick, or really not feeling good bc he may really be sick. why do you always have to jump to the stupidest conclusions. why?

  • Shelby

    Everybody stop hating on him maybe he had a stomachache or he was homesick and he wanted to go lay down. His hair looks freakin hot!!


    Awwwww Poor Zayn!!!!!

  • Directioner❤❤❤4eva

    Well lets face it from average teen to huge heartthrob sensation!!!!! It is probably that maybe zayn is just going through a rough patch; we all do!!! It’s so unfair how people report on the celebrities even though it happens to them too!!! I feel so sorry for him and even though it has been a couple of years of fame he has so much pressure on him, I am surprised that he hasn’t snapped yet because I would have!

  • Evelyn Calderon

    I luv u zayn I feel very upset marry me zayn?;)

  • Jazmine


  • asia_nunez

    i love his hair >.<

  • otisiscool

    I love his hair like that. Its so cute.

  • Nicole Styles

    Lol I thought he needed a bathroom break 😀

  • directioner 4eva

    meh, press confrences are like interviews, but just without any limits. It is not like they asked them 1 million questions bout Larry, or Liam breaking with Dani! to me, that confrence was easy, maybe too easy

  • megan horan

    Zayn looks different

  • princess hollie jade

    Poor him love u

  • Darcy Styles

    I hope he feels better:)

  • Michelle Direction

    Zayn looks really different

  • Joanne Erica Soh Yuan

    When i had jet lag i really slept. It felt like v. Long but it waz really just one min

  • DaNae` Styles

    what ever

  • ZarMaz

    Aww hope you get well soon:D

  • ZarMaz

    Aww hope you get well soon:D

  • ZarMaz

    Heyyyyyy I just noticed, zayn doesn’t usually wear rings in his ears! He wears cir,des or boputoons or stuff….he really got into a new look !

  • ZarMaz

    Heyyyyyy I just noticed, zayn doesn’t usually wear rings in his ears! He wears cir,des or boputoons or stuff….he really got into a new look !

  • Lacrystal Watts

    when i took i quick glance at that pic i sid not no that was zayn becuase of his haie

  • Lacrystal Watts

    when i took i quick glance at that pic i sid not no that was zayn becuase of his haie