Zayn Cheated On Perrie With Australian Waitress, Shock Claims!

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Wowzers! We didn’t see this one coming. If it’s proved to be true it could be the end of Zerrie as we know it. For Perrie and Zayn’s sake we hope its not.

Zayn Malik cheats on Perrie? Is it true?

Zayn Malik apparently SLEPT with Courtney Webb, a 19-year-old Australian Waitress on Wednesday night, whilst Perrie was busy rehearsing for Little Mix’s tour.

Courtney, a pretty blonde girl, has revealed all to The Sun, saying:

“He’s an absolute s**t. How dare he – not only to me but to Perrie?”

The FOUR-PAGE story starts off by saying: ‘Cheating One Direction star Zayn Malik had sex with an Aussie beauty beneath a drawing of his pop star girlfriend’, and revealing more, Courtney, known as CJ, said:

“I’m not a One Direction fan. I don’t follow what they are up to. So when it clicked that he had a girlfriend I got more and more angry. I definitely don’t think it’s the first time he’s done this. I feel sorry for Perrie – she doesn’t know this is going on. It’s wrong and it has to stop.”

Zerrie | Zayn and Perrie

Miss Webb first met a friend of Zayn’s in London bar DSTRKT, before heading back to Zayn’s swanky flat with a group of people.

CJ having sold her story for The Sun for no doubt a big wad of money carried on to say even more:

“He was a really nice guy. We were talking about music and playing songs on his iPad. He even gave me a maroon jumper when I was cold. He was drinking vodka and we were having a laugh. I asked him if he had a girlfriend, and he said he didn’t. He said he wanted to enjoy being 20.”

Once the party had calmed down and the pair were alone, CJ then said that Zayn “pounced on her” before they both slept with each other. And yes, you know what that means. The Sun says they “enjoyed intercourse” together.

The Bradford-Bad-Boy allegedly tried to call a taxi for CJ straight after, saying “Put your clothes on, I’ll get you a taxi”, but she refused.

Spotting a number of Perrie’s items around Zayn’s bedroom, CJ asked about her, to which Zayn replied:

‘Don’t worry about her she’s on tour.’

The story is on the front page of today’s The Sun, which opens up inside to a further FOUR PAGES. Inside, Courtney shows photos of Zayn sleeping which she took as proof. We can’t bring the pictures for legal reasons as they are only available in the actual The Sun newspaper.

Zerrie | Perrie and Zayn

Leon, the friend in question tweeted the following messages on January 23rd, but they have since been deleted:

“What Are You Hoping To Achieve???”

“Can’t Even Have A Convo With Someone Without Them Making It Front Page News”

Looking back now, we assume they’re referring to Courtney Webb, though this can’t be verified.

Front cover story on The Sun, about Zayn cheating on Perrie with Courtney Webb


We’re in shock.

Directioners, can it be true?

The full story is available over at The Sun.

  • aliyyah mo 1D x

    There is no proof its even her that took the pictures since she isn’t even on them!

  • 1Dlover

    If you believe this something is wrong. Like really do yo know easy it would be to get pics of zayn sleeping. Just wow i mean there hav been rumours of him cheating before and they were all LIES! Lord give zayn a break for once

  • alejandrastyles

    I dont believe any of this. This is Mariah yeater and justinbieber all over again. Next thing u know shes gonna say shes pregnant.

  • Actorgurl

    It’s fake zany would not do that to perrie

  • stella(;

    Are you serious? Are you dead serious? “Zayn isn’t like that.” much do you want to bet you havent seen him outside your computer/tv/phone screen? And even if you have, do you ACTUALLY know him? People can do a bunch of unexpected things. And yes, its shocking. And im not defending anybody but reality. Dont go by assumption. Theres a huge chance that this is true..but an equal chance it’s fake. Dont cram in your mind judgements about anyone because that isnt fair. Instead, just wait until actual confirmation and even if we do get it, there is STILL a chance that the “confirmation” was a fake. God..think…please…for once..?

  • Hipsta Please

    I think this b***h just wants attention. Just like that girl Mariah wanted with justin.

  • alexis

    I think zayn actually did that cause she said that she wasent a one direction fan so how would she know

  • Zayns girl

    I dont know what to believe I LOVE ZAYN but there is nothing on twitter
    and this cj chick if she douse not know who zayn Malik is this stir must be a lie but I am believing this story 50 50 who knows we will have to what for zayn to tell directioners what do you think?

  • AntiDirectionator

    CJ must be wanting to get some attention and money because she’s just a poor waitress. I don’t believe this!!! Zayn wouldn’t do such a thing… Just no… I don’t think so.

  • alexis

    I think zayn actually did that cause she said that she wasent a fan so back off people he diddo that and she didNOT want attention cause she did NOT know about it

  • Zayns girl

    I am crying and confused I don’t want to believe it, how could a shy boy like zayn Malik do this!?!?!?!? I am going to say no he did not do this to parrie he loves her and we love him lets just see what happeneds what do you think directioners I believe in zayn!

  • Abi Pennington

    Bullshit this article is! That waitress just wants attention cause she’s a whore! Zayn would NEVER hurt a girl

  • Abi Pennington

    I call bullshit! That CJ whore is wanting attention to break them up Zayn would NEVER hurt a girl

  • Bosy Tarek

    c’mon guys zayn don’t even drink(vodka)
    its a rumor

  • ashlynn royal

    wow this is so messed up man

    • Bosy Tarek

      c’mn guys zayn don’t drink (vodka) :/

  • Di_Styles

    I wont believe in this until Perrie or Zayn claims that its true….Zayn would NEVER do this to Perrie, he loves her too much..

  • Emma

    she got her five minutes of fame!

  • Gisselle Cortez


  • disqus_MwsFE2kZf8

    he dosn’t mean me nothing

    he does whatever he wants then he came and said that he is a muslim .
    so shame on u zayn

  • disqus_MwsFE2kZf8

    i don’t know much about him but i were thinking that he is a nice guy

  • hayley

    I love Zayn and i dont think he cheated on Perrie. But if he did im really disappointed because no one should be cheated on.

  • SoonToBeAStyles

    Okay. I started hyperventalting because I love LM and 1D and Perrie’s so talented and innocent and it’s sad. But that Courtney girl didn’t HAVE to sleep with him or have sex with him, did she? So it kind of is her fault. Once he quote, “said” to not worry about Perrie, that would be a sign to leave.

  • poppyand1D123

    Uhhhh ohhhhh bad zainee

  • NiallersPrincess

    How can someone not know Bout Zerrie?! TOTALLY FAKE.

  • havazoe

    Oh I hope this is not true! I hope zayn didn’t stoop to this level of insecurity!!!!

  • 100%directioner

    I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!!!! I WON’T BELIEVE IT!!!!! :( this can’t be true :(((((((((

  • ℓαѕт ƒιяѕт кιѕѕ ♥

    I KNOW THIS ISN’T TRUE CUZ ZAYN LOVE PERRIE SOO MUCH!!!!.. I think that CJ GIRLis a attention whore who doesn’t have a life

  • .

    I’m not saying that it is true, that’s why I wrote Zayn with the “”.

  • Morgan Abbe

    i mean it could be true…. its a vary convincing story with the pics…. i hope zayn didnt but with girls throwing themselfs at him he was bound to give in sometimes,

  • ♕Mrs.One Direction♕

    This girl is pulling a Mariah Yeater . Like uhh NO . Get that jelly outta your belly and eat some peanut butter mmkaay ? -,- This world has gone absolutely INSANE.

  • I Love 5 Guys :) !!!

    I think it true kinda cause i read the sun and the pictures she took might be reall .But i hope it is not true !! I feel sorry for zayn !!!:'(

  • catmimi

    nO She’s a liar … that’s not true zayn can’t do that …. :/

  • Directioner.

    Hahahahahaha, no.
    Zayn would never do that, this little piece of sh*t made it up. -.-

  • Lauraa Jessica

    It’s LIES I saw the pictures and it’s NOT Zayn , the tattoes are FAKEEE

  • hazzalv1913

    she is just a slim that wants publicity. zayn is not the cheating type..

  • Alyssa

    Well if he was drunk that’s what I would expect!

  • Sianna Renee’ Napp

    that wasnt zayn

  • mitthu

    Maybe it is true. Maybe it’s.not. but poor perrie.

  • micah jauod

    that girl only wants attention !
    but even if it is true or not ,

    I will always love zayn , whatever happens .
    coz I made a bow that i will forever suppport one direction

    for the rest of my life :)
    i dont care about the bad news about them ..
    all i know is i love them and i accept whoever or whatever they are :)
    hope other directioners will do the same .!
    love 1D with all our heart .

  • micah jauod

    that girl only wants attention !

    zayn is not that type of guy ..

    and my god ! perrie is so much more and more prettier than that girl !

    so zayn has no reason to cheat .

    but in case , this news is true , its okay .

    i’m still respect zayn , and i still love him and also the boys :)

    i made a bow that whatever happens , i will love/support them for the rest of my life .

    this news can’t remove my love for zayn .

    i will love them whatever or whoever they are :)

    that’s why i called myself a real directioners !
    hope other directioners should do the same .
    i know that , we knew the boys more than anyone in this world .

  • Directionerforlife

    OMG :(

  • Take Me Home

    Thgis cannot be true I mean the girls say that Zayn is absolutely head over heels for Perrie and if that’s true he wouldn’t cheat on her especially sleep with another girl. And if this is true Perrie doesn’t deserve this she is so sweet and deserves everything she has so I suggest Perrie should watch Zayn and what he’s doing more carefully. (PERRIE BE ON YOUR TOES A LITTE MORE!!!!)

  • Mrs.Horan

    I agree

  • kenya_xo

    This reminds me of that justin bieber thing about mariah…. she’s seeking attention… but if this is true zayn should tell us ….. but I hope this not true

  • gisel

    i hate that cj blond zayn will never do that to a girl shes totally jelous look what cute couple

  • Anna Grace

    Why exactly did he do that to Perrie?It’s just plain wrong.

  • Ramina

    I believe in zayn 100%, but i just hope perrie doesnt fall for it because she wasnt even there to see it all or say anything… Poor Zayn, why do these people have to ruin celebrity’s lives????!!!!

  • harry&edward styles

    It wasn’t zayn in the picture – different nose

  • Kylies


  • Louis William Tomlinson

    Poor zayn he will be having a hard time at the moment

  • FollowMeLZLNH

    Wtf zAyn would never do that to Perrie even tho he is a “bad boy” he would never

  • 1Dfever

    I hope its not the end of zerrie :(

  • Katelyn

    I don’t believe it, this chick is probably lying, for money!
    Wow! There’s photos of Zayn sleeping, but are we sure it’s zayn? You never know it could be someone who looks like zayn?! 
    What if after the party he told her she should go home, but what if she didn’t but he didn’t know so he went to bed tired from partying and she snuck in and took photos so it seemed like ‘it’ happened!! You shouldn’t always believe photos!!

  • Zerrie Malik

    this isn’t happening, this is bullshit ok. this isn’t true

  • disqus_9GyLMi9WJe

    this is crap i noe zayn wouldnt do such a thing..whta do u think after headlines saying he is madly in love with perrie edwards! they probably just met up shes just trying to create a scene!!! directioners we must protest i noe zayn did not do this..

  • Eleanor Calder

    It is so true everyone! I’m ELeanor I know all the 1D secrets! :)

  • melissa

    zayn dont your girfriend you are my girlfriend zayn i love you

  • melissa

    zayn dont your girfriend you are my girlfriend zayn i love you

  • Lorraine Malik

    I hate that CJ ………………..

  • 1d_emj

    I think its fake, i mean the girl, cj could of just been at zayns house as she said,at a party with some mates and zayn could have fallen asleep. its so fake, zayn wouldn’t do this to perrie

  • Nadine Styles

    this is bullshit! Zayn wouldnt do that to Perrie, that CJ chick is an attention seeker and she probably photoshopped every picture!!

  • sOGol

    I can’t believe this!!!!!!!
    OMG…If this story is goanna be true..I’m not zayn’s fan anymore..
    I hate cheater..HATE..!

  • Kirsten Horan ♥

    I really hope that that CJ girl only wants attention and that this isn’t true. Zerrie is just too cute. They can’t break up. :(

  • Zaynforever

    Omg!! No zayn. , its not true!!!!

  • Darcy Styles

    Poor Perrie:( But it could just be rumors, you never know…

  • Guest

    guys even if you dont believe my oder picture then another one for youu :)

  • Directioner x)

    guys another one for you ! this so clearly proved that it wasnt ZAYN #nohateforzayn

  • Directioner x)

    see guys this aint zayn , here is another proof if you dnt believe #nohateforzayn

  • Zoe 1D♥♥♥♥♥

    no no no no no GO ZERRIE

  • Maria Luisa A Mercado

    zayn please dont do these again to perie

  • Maria Luisa A Mercado

    when that girl named webb sleep i’ll kill her 3x so that she will continue going to evil ohh my god vasss hapeninn? zayn

  • Sharri montgomery

    This is what really happened: Zayn has a small party and his friend brings that CJ chick, he gets drunk and passes out shirtless in his bed. CJ sneaks into his room and undresses in his room and snaps picture of a sleeping Zayn. Then she hops in his bed and waits for him to wake. Zayn waked up

    ” Wait…. What the hell are you doing in my bed?” Zayn yells, sleepy wiping his eyes

    CJ sits up with a smile,” We romped for more than a hour. Don’t you remember? You tried to film me doing you a…. favor… than we had sex” CJ says, trying to reinitiate Zayn’s false memories.
    Zayn’s body freezes in shock, finally he snaps out of his trance and fly’s from the bed almost tripping on his own two feet.” I’ll call you a taxi, please leave.” Zayn whispered with a pleading face.
    CJ quickly dresses and makes her escape to sell her ” story” to the bull crappy magazine, The Sun.

  • FollowMe1Direction(:


  • Direction_<3er!!

    Soooooo fake!!!! And for all u stupid people saying that cj is right,YOUR SOOO WRONG!!! AND JUST ET OFF OF HERE IF U R GONNA SAY THINGS LIKE THAT!!!! ZAYN LOVES PERRIE AN WOULD NEVER EVER VER DO THAT TO HER!!! And for all you people that say it is not him, U ARE SOOO RIGHT!!!! 1) his tatoo is on the wrong side 2) His hair is different in the pics and 3) he doesn’t have that much chin hair! (No offense) I think cj just want the attention!! I <3 Zerrie and that is sooooo fake!!!!!!

  • chahinez évà

    i dnt believe that i’m pretty sure that zyan Concludes perrie

  • Sarah Styles

    Oh my godness! :O he will NEVER do that! he is too sweet! i don’t know much about Perrie but i know Zayn and i know he will never do something like that!

  • ZaynPerrie MalikEdwards

    I don’t care what ANYONE says Zayn did NOT cheet on Perrie he would NEVER EVER do something like that us Directioners know this
    is NOT true. We love you Zayn<3 and We believe in you:)<3 I believe you Zayn:) you didn't do it and that's that<3:)



  • gest

    Cj is a freakin b**ch!!!!!! Even if this stoy was true why would she go and tell everyone! !!!!!!!!!!!! ZERRIE 4EVER!!!!!!!

  • Faith Williams.


  • Jericha

    Zayn is mine. LOL! Haha. Not Webb. Not Perrie. No hard feelings. I just love zayn so much..

  • mimiwazhere

    this rumor is sooooooo fake cause we all know that zayn and perrie luv each other..

    Zayn + Perrie = Zerrie a little math there for u ppl :)

  • Avi

    She has an idea to write another fan-fic, but she’s too lazy to write it herself. So, The Sun’s reporter wrote it for her

  • Avi

    She has an idea to write another fan-fic, but she’s too lazy to write it herself. So, The Sun’s reporter wrote it for her

  • Beinta Brynhildardóttir Egholm

    Theres only one explaination.
    That Cj girl is a crazy and dedicated Directioner like us, but she got angry because Zayn said “…uhm…no?” When Cj asked him to marrie her, and that he allready had a gf.
    Cj wanted revenge, so she sneaked into Zayn’s house and took a photo of him sleeping. Then she sold that bullshit of a story, and The Sun actually thought we Directioners would believe it.
    There you go, theres the explaination, we can finally sleep in peace.

  • Mandie

    OMG! I still love Zayn but I wander why he did that! Didn’t the waitress already know about his relationship with Perrie?

  • Mandie

    That is like no joke not good!

  • Kacey Zella

    I like some direction songs but not a lot. I don’t really listen to them but I over heard Zayn left and then I seen this and read it. I don’t believe it’s true. I feel like she just took a picture of him sleeping and played it out like that. I totally think she’s lying. Somebody that popular in a band if he slept with her he would know the consequences and this is it and if he has a girlfriend I don’t think he would ever do that. I say she is totally lying.