Zayn Gets A New Tattoo – Of A Microphone!

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Appearing on-stage sporting a brand new tattoo, the rest of the humorous 1D boys promptly ribbed Zayn Malik during the gig, holding their microphones to their arms in the same place where Zayn has his.

Zayn’s a big tat fan and this is tattoo number eight!

One Direction’s US touring took them to the Gibson Ampitheatre in Los Angeles on Saturday night, quickly followed by a stop at The Theatre at Honda Center in Anaheim on Sunday.

The boys get a full weeks break after that before hitting the Gexa Energy Pavilion in Houston next Saturday.

You can view all their concert dates and ticket information on this page.

  • one d. ❁

    its so big though . but whatever i still love himm

    • zaynm:)

      These comments are not even on the right topic. Its supposed to be about zayns new tatoo. Anyway i think its really cute,cool, and fits him perfectly. :)

  • Marla Stylinson Marayne Maddin

    Zayn Zayn Zayn! He’s gonna turn into a coloring book pretty soon! 😉
    But they suit him so it’s ight!
    Real cute der Zayn! :3

  • Isabella Carrillo

    Umm they hit Dallas first on saturday and then Houston on sunday.. i know cuz im going to the houston one(: Love his new tat its cool and its so big 😉

  • Guest


  • MirDawn ì ℓσህє zαγи

    sexy just sexy

  • pheobe

    WOW is all i gotta say

  • lucy

    Tht is awesome!!! I want it

  • Karen


  • Caroline

    earlier yesterday, some chick posted that she thinks 1D hates their fans….I DUNNO ABOUT YOU GUYS BUT IM SO ANGRY RIGHT NOW I COULD EXPLODE!!!
    So it’s up to us to prove her and all the other haters wrong, so please if you can, respond to my post as much as you guys can, prove that 1D loves their fans, and spread the word

    we can do it guys, I BELIEVE IN US!!!!@
    #1DlovestheirFANS #1DlovesDIRECTIONERS #BRINGthe1DhatersDOWN
    so once again, respond to my post as much as you guys can and prove that 1D loves their fans no matter what

    • iskye

      they actually do. they are here because of their fans so of course they love their fans and they wouldnt take us for granted or anything.

      • Caroline

        Thank you girl, that ment a lot to me, that you cared enough to respond
        Thank you for showing your love to 1D, and helping me prove my point

        I know you’ve already done a lot, but if you can help me spread that word, and help me prove that 1D loves us, I’d really appreciate it :)

    • Cheyenne Lambert

      I’m with you the 1D boys are always saying that if it wasn’t for us than they wouldn’t be where they are today and its true they love their fans as much as us directioners love them.

      • Caroline

        Thanks girl, you rock, thank you for supporting the boys with me:)
        It means so much to know that you cared enough to respond

        You made my day:)
        IF YOU CAN, please help me spread the word, and help me probe that they love us, only if you want to:)

    • vas happenin!

      they do love their fans but how do u expect five boys to respond to billion tweets daily, sign every hand, or take a picture with every fan! they are humans not robots! i use to feel the same but when u think would u be even able to respond to 100 post a day!!
      love you one direction the tatoo is a but big though :/ anyways i still love one direction to bits :**

    • cierastyles

      Why would she say that??? If it wasnst for us, they would not be here:)!!

    • Jelly

      Y would someone say tht?? R they crazy or something?

    • Nelly

      I agree witg you:)

    • Zayn’s Avocado

      She’s probably a fan of that band that said that 1D are dicks…

  • Caroline

    Thank you to those who responded and helped me spread the word, I really appreciate it. You guys are always so nice to me, it makes my day. I’ll never ever regret being a DIRECTIONER as long as I live!!!

    PLEASE ALSO TRY TO RESPOND TO MY POST AS MUCH AS YOU GUYS POSSIBLY CAN, and once again, prove that 1D loves their fans. I KNOW WE CAN DO IT!!!! WITH THE POWER OF DIRECTIONERS, we can accomplish anything!!!xoxoxo<333:)

  • Caroline

    I know I might be getting a little annoying, but I breaks my heart to know that some people hate on our boys. How can someone say that the five SWEETEST guys EVER don’t love their fans!!!! THEIR TALENTED, GREAT LOOKING, smart, funny, sweet, kindhearted, compassionate, AMAZING PEOPLE EVER!!!!
    How does anyone not like them!!!!
    Well guys, I’ll cya in a bit, xoxoxo:)

    Try to respond as much as you can while I’m gone:)

  • VazHappenin1D

    OMFG Caroline One Direction Loves Us They Wouldnt Be Where They Are If It Wasnt For Us If Yhur A #TrueDirectioner Yhu Should Know That 1D Loves Us <3

  • amna

    zayn aur kitne tattoos banwaow gai ……………

  • nicole

    concert on my birthday on sunday the 24th how fun! can’t wait. i love 1D !!<3 :)

  • Caitlin Payne

    That is cool! B.t.w. Saturday is in Dallas and Sunday is in Houston…..what I said is true because i am deriving them on Sunday in Houston! Luv u Liam…..and the other guys!

    • Caitlin Payne



    OMG!!! MAKES SENSE ZAYN <3s TATS SO ya i also want a tattoo!! i want a yin yang and my grandmas name in persian!!!! 😀 😉

  • Zayn’s Avocado

    I love his tattoo. It’s gorgeous.

  • Josey (:


  • Rianne♥

    omg!!! that tattoo is so cool!!