Zayn Is Head Over Heels In Love With Perrie

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Zayn and Perrie are totally in love with each other. They have been immortalised as ‘Zerrie’ and are amongst a host of intra-pop world couples. Haters gonna hate, but they are a very, very attractive pairing!

Jesy Nelson, a band member of Little Mix spilled the adorable beans on Perrie and Zayn’s very public relationship.

Talking to We Love Pop, she said:

“They’re so cute together.’ Zayn worships the ground she walks on. The other day she got out of the car to see him and he was outside within seconds kissing her.”

She added:

“They’re really good with the long distance thing as well. I can definitely see them lasting. He loves her to pieces.”

Listen, as you can hear the distant sound of a thousand girls “naww-ing” at this Earth shattering cuteness. Either that or they are hissing at Perrie stealing their man!

But we love that their young love is going from strength to strength, especially considering the long distance factor!

In related news, Perrie has been talking to Fabulous magazine about the infamous kissing photos that were published a couple of months back.

Perrie said:

“Please don’t talk about those awful photos! When I saw them in the paper I felt like being sick because I wish I’d got my roots done.”

Looks like we all have our insecurities then :)

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