Zayn Malik and Perrie from Little Mix? Dating?

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Would you believe it? If new stories are set to be confirmed, then our handsome chappy Zayn Malik is apparently dating Perrie Edwards from Little Mix!


They were spotted getting very close last weekend when both One Direction and Tulisa’s “little muffins” were both filming the video to “Wishing on a Star”. Will we soon be calling them “Zerrie”?

The news is set to disappoint fellow band member Niall Horan who has a massive crush on Perrie, and it seems that Zayn has been triumphant in winning Ms Edwards over. We hope you’re not too heartbroken Niall – there’s plenty more fish out there!

The hot couple are trying to keep a lid on their relationship for as long as possible and once the X Factor has finished they will see how things are looking.

Zayn has previously dated Rebecca Ferguson and was also rumoured to be seeing Cher Lloyd at one point. What a busy bunny he is!

  • ansa

    well zain u jus hav it on with evry1 jus cz ure sexy bt its kinda shitty dnt ya fink lol get a lyf man seriously before u gt the fame u wer alrite bt now jus cz your famous ure fckin hgettin all the gyals i knw ure jus playin em man seriously sodd off

  • ansa

    seriosly zain wat did u see in perrie shes ugly luks like a tramp from the streets 😛

  • Nelly van Klimmer

    People, this rumor was leaked by “a source”; it has yet to be confirmed and might not be true at all. Only a couple of weeks ago I read that Harry and Niall had a big crush on Janet, and now all over sudden Zayn and Niall loves Perrie and Harry is hitting on Amelia… What I am trying to say is that this might not be true at all, and until it has been confirmed by Zayn or Perrie I believe this to be just another fabricated story…

  • jasmine

    Yeah I agree that Zayn is absoloutly Hot hot hot and sexyy but just because he’s famous and he gets all the girls doesn’t mean he can hurt other people example: like I know that Niall had the hots for perrie so why is Zayn dating her if he knew that one of his band mate liked her??? That is so stupid… Nd Zayn you are a freak and moron!!!! Seriously Zayn get a proper life!!!!!!

  • Izzyloves1Dmwh

    I love u guys and trust u enough that I can confidently say this is bullshit
    Ps I love u harry and zayn mwh from me to u

  • kathryn

    tbh yous are saying zayn needs a life he actually does have a life cause he is in th hottest boyband in the uk seriously all of you haters can go get a life because i like perrie cause she went to school with me cousin so just give them a break K its up to them who they go with not use so just back off and atleast spell his name right! so for all you haters if you have anything horrible to say dont say it at all because all the directioners are sick of your horrible comments!!!!


    honestly…. i disagree if zayn with Perrie, but everything’s gonna be okay in future, i’ll waiting for Zayn. i love him so much untill the end. zayn’s laugh is my laugh. i love him<3

  • Kate

    Happy birthday ,Zaynnn! :)

  • Asmaa Rayan

    Haha , Seeig This Article after seeing it all , makes me smile :’)

  • rayya mALIK

    Zerrie forevr

  • ♥ Tania ∞

    and think of it.. now they’re getting married! i cant :”)

    • MalAk MaNa

      it’s just happening too fast omg and i’m still online