Zayn Malik Caught Kissing Perrie Edwards In New Photos! Zerrie In Love!

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Zerrie caught together in an intimate moment

It’s the relationship that Directioners don’t want to admit, and these latest photos go some way to confirm how serious Zayn and Perrie are.

Sharing an intimate kiss before the band jetted off to the USA a few days ago, Zerrie puckered their lips and said their goodbyes, not before being snapped by the paparazzi.

They certainly looked like a couple in love – aww!

Or should that be aaaaaggggh?

Talking with The Sun, a source said:

“It was a very sweet farewell. They hugged, snogged and mucked about on a scooter while they were waiting for Zayn to be picked up. He was giving her lifts along the road.

“You could see they are genuinely really into each other. Both were dubious whether they could make it work due to the pressure of their pop star statuses — but they decided they like each other too much not to give it a go.”

Little Mix are set to launch their debut single anytime now, and with 1D starting their North American tour, the couple are set to be away from each other for a while.

Directioners, do we like Perrie yet? Is she going to be accepted into the gang in the same way that Danielle and Eleanor are?

  • Trina

    I don’t really think perrie is the right girl for Zayn I’d rather think he’s better with a fan like eleanor and danielle

    • Taylor

      I completely agree! I Zayn is happy, then so am I but I don’t think she’s right for him.

      • Taylor


        • lillan beverly

          im so srr i send hates to perrie and then she deleted twitter so im just saying srr and if zayn is happy im happy :)

  • Trina

    But I respect the decision if Zayn because I’m a true directioner

  • Zerrie Supporter

    I accept Perrie. If Zayn’s happy, I’m happy 😀

  • oge al shaiban

    i respect zayn and if he is happy with perrie so we should accept her because we are directioners and i accept perrie

  • lynn

    Why must Perrie? I like danielle and eleanor more than her. I’m sorry zayn :(

  • ReneeRoo

    i thinkas long as zayns happy,we should all be happy, its his life and his decisions and we should respect the both of them!:)

  • COOKIES!!!

    I respect Zayn and Perrie..I love them being a couple…I actually love them both I’m a little mixer and a directioner!!! I just don’t get why people don’t like Perrie…Is it because they judge her beyond her looks? I’ve read some of the comments, some of them r quite rude!! I mean you can’t just judge people on how they look or what they wear…people have different taste in style…u have different taste in style and so does Perrie. Maybe your judging because your jealous and u don’t know what to say!! U JELLY? I SERIOUSLY SUPPORT TEAM ZERRIE!!! GO TEAM ZERRIE!! <3

    • Sarah

      i totally agree with you!! i don’t know why people won’t accept them, i bet they didn’t like Danelle and Elenor when the came into the picture!

  • Marty Miles

    Zayn can do everything he want of course.. But I don’t really like this girl.. I don’t know why.. :/

  • Sophie

    Tbh if you look at Zayn carfully it doesnt seem like he genually likes her. The big picture of them kissing looks completly staged like they are angelling toward the cameras. I bet you this is all planned, because Zayn doesnt seem happy with her by looking at these pictures. xx

  • vanessa

    idk right but i really think that zayn and perrie do not make a cute cupple.??????ugggggg that is just wrong???

  • yllza

    oh no zayn it is not for you :( :(

  • Melisa x

    Me too.. :$

  • Kristel yu

    I respect zayn on what he feels for perrie even if its kills me so much! Ouch!

  • webber

    I love that Zayn is with someone, and Perrie is a good person… 😉

  • Olivia

    Perrie is such a lovely girl and an amazin singer so just leave her alone, yea i no that she is zayns girlfriend but just be happy for him!! Be a true directioner

  • alexis

    So true Olivia!

  • Louise

    first of all, if you’re a TRUE DIRECTIONER, u would accept her. or whatever actions the boys do. For EXAMPLE. Zayn smokes. We have to respect his decision. At least he’s trying to stop.And, Perrie is really pretty. And isn’t it unfair that we accept Danielle and Eleanor so much but not Perrie.??!? I ACCEPT PERRIE WITH ALL MY HEART. WHATEVER MAKES THE BOYS HAPPY, MAKES ME HAPPY.

    • Andrea Baird

      THIS <3 I LOVE YOU. 

    • Ivana

       I agree, if he is happy then I am too

    • Danzel Nicole

      i totally agree with you 

    • Kate Anne Billeaud

       Totally right Guess that only leaves Niall and Harry

    • Mette

      SHUT UP about that hole “True Directioner” crap! Its SO annoying!!! Everyone has their own opinion, so just chill! If it annoys somebody, its sure as hell not YOUR job to make her feel bad about it!!!:@

  • Lili Flores

    Just because Zayn is going out with someone doesn’t mean you guys have to hate on her…not trying to be mean or anything it not like anyone is going to get a chance to be with Zayn. If you really LOVED Zayn you would be happy for him. And not try to go after his girlfriend. Let him be happy. And if he is happy with Perrie, let them be happy together. I honestly love them together they are very cute couple. So just be happy for them. <3

  • Sanja Zainulabdin

    idk i dont love zerrie i love zayn. not perrie because she did break up with him last year because she didn’t have enough time for a relationship and now tht he’s an international star… she decides to come bak to him? i hope zayn realizes tht sooner or later… 

    • Cristal Malik

      totally truee, i like zayn hapy but idk i jusst think he loves her more then she loves him

  • Safkimster

    I dont like her i just dont see her with Zayn. I cnt even imagine her in then1D gf club. i dnt ship him with her. Well atleast she is not a model but yet she has the blonde hair. But perrie looks a bit stuckup i would know That because i’ve seen her in real life. But then eleanor and danielle are the sweetest<3 But im happy for Zayn..

  • Mrs. Malik

    I cringed when I saw this. LOL

  • UnknownDirectioner :]

    I accept Her <3 She may not be someone I prefer but I like her with Zayn <3 100% Acceptance.

  • Onedirection1011

    omg i love them as a couple, and why would you guess be mean to her she is amazing because zayn is happy you should to because if you hate on her than you dont really love one direction just be a true directioner cause if u hate than your not and you know that all of there fans mean the whole world to them but there is also more than us and you guys are just hatin because your jelous that your not that pretty or that your not there girlfriend you never will be there girlfriend if you hatin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and also you cant say i dont approve of her because BTW YOUR APPROVEL IS NOT NEEDED so GROW UP FOR ONCE OK BE A TRUE DIRECTIONER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • Emmalee

    I wish them all the best. I just wish that one member of One Direction was single,so I’d have a chance…

  • anon

    i don’t like them together.. they just don’t seem the same as Elanor and Louis and Liam and Danielle

    • Jmcdo176

      I think the same, i really like Eleanor with Loui, and Liam with Danielle, no hate, but Perrie and Zayn, i don’t think they fit together, but if hes happy then so am i(: x

  • Andrea Baird

    Can we please show some respect? Perrie looks like a really nice girl and she has a wonderful voice; don’t hate on her. You don’t even know anything about her. As long as she and Zayn are happy, I am happy. Don’t pretend like “Zayn is yours”, because he has the freedom to date whoever he wants. Sorry. Just had to rant. She seems nice <3 they look so happy! too cute! <3 I definitely approve of her. Welcome to the 1D family, Perrie! P.S. now we have to find someone for Niall.. hmm… I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE! 

    • guest.

       Niall has a gf…

  • Ali :-)

    I was giggling and smiling all over the place at this. :’) I love her & I hope they make eachother uber happy, they both deserve it!

  • Alejandra

    They make a cute couple

  • Mooly987

    If Zayn is happy, I’m fine with anything.

  • LiveLoveKevib

    I love Zayn and no matter how much i wish that was me, I am happy for him and want him to be happy. I accept Perry although it will take me a while to get used to the fact but she makes Zayn happy so I am ok with it.

    • Foreveryounghs

      TRUE! i agree :)

  • Louise


  • Teardrop1616

    Aww that is so sweet I think that they are the cutest couple ever!!!!!!

  • Daredevilsupercute

    As a Directioner and a true one I would say that as we all accept Eleanor and Danielle we must also accept Perrie as she is what makes Zayn happy and as long as the boys are happy so are we, yeah? And as we all adore Danielle and Eleanor we must also lear to do so for Perrie, as she is now a semi-part of the 1D family. AS LONG AS THE BOYS ARE HAPPY, MAKES ME HAPPY, SO PERRIE WE LOVE YOU TOO! <3 XX

  • Foreveryounghs

    I Know that seeing these photos really hurt the zayn luvers and of course i understand… I think its that we r just used to the fact that danielle and eleanor r now part of the one direction family.. its possible that in the future it wont hurt so much as it does now.. it just depends on how much u care for zayns happiness… and in the end we will see how much of a “true” directioner u r

  • 1ds_carrot

    Dont like her, I dont mind her but.. I do respect their relationship. It makes me so mad when people send hate.

  • Alii1Dfreak

     Why hate their girlfriends? A TRUE Directioner would be happy for them. She makes him happy. I AM PROUD TO SAY I HAVE NEVER GIVEN ANY OF THEIR GFs HATE!!

  • Directioner (: x

    I support Zayn and I’m happy for him. But I still don’t like Perrie. That doesn’t make me a fake directioner. If I was a true directioner, which I am, I would be happy for whatever the boys do. And I’m saying that I’m happy for Zayn. 

  • Lilly Jaffe

    I was sad but then I thought if he rely likes her then i’ll be happy for them

  • Jumpergirlem

    Omg they’re so cute <3 if he's happy, then I'm happy. Simple as that.

  • Lyssa2559

    When I read this elsewhere the other day, I was in class and I started jumping up and down screaming…. Is that odd? Little Mix and One Direction are my favourite bands and I’m happy if they’re happy. I’m probably the only one who doesn’t go around saying that I’m going to marry them etc. because I just want to meet them…. I’m sooo happy for Liam and Danielle, Louis and Eleanor and Zayn and Perrie though. Perrie, Danielle and Eleanor all seem like fantastic/ beautiful/ sweet girls and I’m happy that they’ve found these boys.

    You should be happy for them :)

  • Calisingjejomae

    so cute ! Perrie is really pretty <3 <3 perfect match :))) lav you Zayn and Perrie *___*

  • Joslyncloake95

    no shes not! On the Xfactor she so called ‘DUMPED’ him and now that he is BIG all around the world she suddenly ”loves” him now again :@ 

  • Shela Marie Rojero

    Well looks like  Perrie makes Zayn happy then i accept her:) Though im breakin’ . Haha

  • iloveswac

    I like bunnies

  • Zaira2009


  • Sarah Tomlinson

    Cant atleast one member of one direction be single wait…. theres niall actually not interested louis i luv u
    random but yeah ppl 😉

  • Mrs Nath

    Very sweet :)*

  • Zayn’s Lover!

    I’m sorry but this literally broke my heart and im crying right now! Im MAD! i just want to rip all my one direction posters off! but i’ll still ALWAYS LOVE Zayn…

  • Cierasherrod

    I think that if they want to be toegther, than let them be.. we all know that deep down in your heart you are happy for zayn!!! If we are use to seeing louis with his gf and liam with his… then give the respect to zayn and perry!!!!

  • Kelly van Eck

    I’m happy for him, that’s for sure. But I’ve always disliked Perrie. She looks like a troll version of Barbie. I really can’t stand her and that has nothing to do with the fact that she is in a relationship with Zayn. Danielle is so nice and pretty and that’s why I totally ship her with Liam. But Perrie Edwards is nothing like her.

  • Chanhanmy

    if ur a real directioner then u should support Zerrie perrie can fit in just like danielle and eleanor 

  • Gabby Farlowe


  • BelieberDirectioner™

     Of course we accept her. We have to accept all the boys girlfriends.  And they are such a cute couple

  • Kate Anne Billeaud

    As a Directioner i except Perrie. Everyone may be wishing it was them but Zayn can’t stay single forever to wait for you, so you kind of have to live with it. Just like Eleanor and Danielle you can only be happy for the guys there in love plus there are still two left I love them both like the do the others, so I am happy but they won’t be single forever. <3

  • IluvNiall!HE ROX

    GO ZAYN!!!! 

  • Lillyarna Eve

    i think we should accept her she is a very lucky girl and if we are true directioners we would be happy for zayn <3

  • Jannellestark

    im happy for him

  • Hello

    So cute , but to be honest a part of me is dying

  • Be a Family!

    Well that is a hard question because one direction fans are like monsters, they don’t no where to stop at but if they really cared about them they would let them have a life and actully live it because Thats like you kissing your boy friend or girl friend and then someone comes up to you and slaps you across the face. So the lesson to learn here is to be a true directioner and let our boys live a life. It may not be pretty seeing them together but were a family and family sticks together no matter what

  • iluvzayn818

    i love zayn and i really don’t like the fact that she is kissing him i have never wanted anyone this badly I LOVE YOU ZAYN!

  • Marie Danielle Roxas

    Yes! She’s pretty! And It looks like they really love each other. ♥

  • ❤ ~Hipsta Please~ ❤

    Yes. If your a true directioner, you have to invite her in. It makes Zayn happy. Yea, its dissapointing to us, but we have to get over it. There together, happy, and we have to deal with it.

  • mmm

    Perrie’s really nice! its great that Perrie’s with Zayn, and true directioners should be able to accept thay, kay!

  • Albert Vesker

    ewww zayn bad habit ur muslim

  • Kk

    DUDE i am not just saying this BUT Perrie isn’t pretty at alll I DO NOT! ACCEPT HER I WILL NEVER!!
    And yeah for reals shutup with the whole true directioners thing Cuz Zayn is making 1D loose fans because of her, She said she didn’t have time for him and plus he said he would date a model But marry a fan or a normal person that he likes brunettes!! You just lost another fan and THAT IS ME!! She isn’t even nice looking I mean danielle and eleanor are for reals nice and sweet I rather have rebbeca ferguson date Zayn than perrie because she is actually sweet and you can see it in her!

  • Direction

    they make an awful couple, but if zayn’s happy, im happy. 

  • Lyssa2559

    I honestly don’t know how you can be saying all these rude things about Perrie if you’ve never met her. The media makes up stories, and it’s not as if she has done anything wrong. You’re going to have to accept her, and if you can’t, then don’t say anything at all.

  • one direction lover

    i agree with louise she is right and no matter what they do were guna love’em am i  right or not directioners

  • Cgjino

    accept, as long as “Zerrie” is happy im happy :)

  • Beatriz Olivares

    I love  ONE DIRECTION <3

  • T Soria1210

    IF HES HAPPY IM HAPPY!<3  but im not into it….i think he can do better bt if he likes he im all for it 😀

  • Fa Jawaad Malik ف

    It’s hard to say yes to this, because Zayn Malik is my FAVOURITE member of the band. Yet, he doesn’t know I exist, so, since I am a true Directioner, I’ll accept the fact that Zayn is into this chick. If she breaks my baby boy, I will.. u know what :)

  • Cieyty78

    Perrie Edwards sucks. Isn’t she is older than Zayn Malik? I wonder why Zayn’s always dated ladies older than him.
    I commented this cause One Direction fans also disagree with their relationship. I thought Zayn won’t mind dating celebrity but will mary ordinary people like fans, bestfriends, schoolmates or even normal people.

  • Cieyty78

    Sorry for previous post. I was quite shock about the news. So, I accept perrie with zayn. Even though perrie looks older than zayn. Zayn and Perrie, forgive me bout my previous post. You two really did what couple does, so, I beg for DIRECTIONERS, don’t hate Perrie or Zayn or either. Fate has brougt them together. There is no way we can make them break. They love and appreciate each other. Stay strong Zerrie. Hope, DIRECTIONERS, really, stop hating Zerrie. Like I say, fate has brought them together. We just can’t put an obstacle in front of them, from letting them be together. True Directioners don’t hate Zayn just because he got a girlfriend. Then, how bout Liam and Louis? They also have girlfriends. Danielle and Eleanor are also famous. I heard that one of them or both of then are models. So, shut the hell up and stop hating Zerrie, Zayn and Perrie.
    Lots of peace,
    Nabieylah (Singapore)

  • sweetkat

    Im going to accept Perrie,if you’re happy im happy too:)))

  • Ejwood212

    No, she’s too fake!

  • rachael

    I love zayn so so much