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Zayn Malik Caught Up In ‘Islamic Pimping’ Scaremongering


Debbie Schlussel, an infamous anti-islam blogger has commented on how Zayn Malik is supposedly “pimping islam on your kids”.

Debbie posted an article on her website criticising him for his pro-islam tattoos, and talks about how he uses social media to promote the religion to millions of fans around the world. Laughably, she accuses Zayn of wearing a particular type of scarf too – saying that its an “official garb of Islamic terrorism”.

Zayn singing with Liam

She quotes a few of his tweets such as the following:

“La ila ha ill lalla ho muhammed door rasoolalah”

“There is no god but allah and Mohammed is the prophet of G-d” – (a translated Arabic retweet)

She goes on to talk about the influence which Zayn has over girls, and how dangerous his views are.

It’s all a bit much really, and here at OneDirection.net we’re just taking it with a pinch of salt.

What do you think about Debbie’s views? Click here to read the article in full over at Debbie’s website. Don’t forget to leave a few comments :)

We particularly like her closing line:

“Keep your daughters away from Zayn Malik’s enticing jihad.”

Directioners, beware!

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