Zayn Malik Finally Breaks His Twitter Silence To Thank Fans For Birthday Messages

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It’s a well known fact that Zayn isn’t the best when it comes to twitter.

In fact out of all the band members he’s probably the worst at telling us his daily goings on.

Which while we appreciate he likes his privacy, every now and again we would like to know what he had for tea or what TV programme he’s watching or even that he’s off to sleep.

And also we do want to see more pictures of his and Perrie’s gorgeous little dog Hatchi, which let’s face it is pretty much the cutest dog in the world.

But anyway after last tweeting on the 19th December when he said: “This Is Us is out on DVD in the UK today :)” he tweeted yesterday saying: “Know it’s late but thankyou for everyone’s bday messages means a lot ! Big love x”.

Well better late than never Zayn, but we’ll let you off.

After all it was his 21st birthday over the weekend and if he is anything like other celebs he will have been suffering a three day hangover.

Do you wish that Zayn would tweet more, or are you just happy that he tweets when he occasionally does?

  • Stini2526

    he is back

  • kamelia malik

    tnx God!!my zayn backs

  • ¤DiReCtIoNeR¤


  • katie_styles

    Yay!!! Remember: I’ll be comin back for you, back for you, back for you, you oo

  • 5sos+1d=myboys

    two selfies from niall, and zayn tweeting? this is going to be a good year.:)

    • Riel Whittle

      Haha xD Ikr??? :)

  • Meli Horan

    I think that hurt me the most is when he got engage and omg i cried the whole day… im like bearly over it…

  • zaynmalikfm7


    my Zayn is back???? I hoped he back again……..

  • zaynmalikfm7

    really? my Zayn is back?????I hoped he back again…..

  • Marie Davis

    I love you zayne welcome back