Zayn Malik LOVES Perrie Edwards “To Pieces”

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He’s never really tried to hide his adoration for girlfriend Perrie, and wears his heart firmly on his sleeve at times.

Zayn and Perrie

They’re one of the most high-profile couples in the world, and now Perrie’s Litttle Mix members have been talking about how much they love each other.

Bandmate Jesy Nelson revealed in an interview with Capital FM:

“He is absolutely smitten with her. He loves her to pieces.”

And Jade Thirlwall said:

“I’ve never seen a boy love a girl as much as he loves her. He’s really like a down to earth guy, he’s a really normal lad.”

Zerrie | Perrie and Zayn

Perrie has been hit with an unfortunate case of tonsilitis in recent weeks which has stopped her from performing with Little Mix, but she’s hoping to be back up and running soon.

Zerrie | Zayn and Perrie

Zerrie will be spending New Year’s Eve together with each other, helping Perrie’s brother celebrate his birthday also. Miss Edwards tweeted: “Happy birthday to the best brother in the world! @jonnieedwards Love you loads kid! Perrie <3″

And the Zaynster also tweeted his wishes, saying: “@jonnieedwards happy bday bro 21 again”

#Zerrie, have the best NYE party EVER – love from One Direction News

  • Liam Please Followme

    Theyre sooooooo cuuuuute

  • Stini2526

    so cute

  • Nancy Malik

    im happy for Zayn.. But i wish i was datin him. im soo jelous of Perrie.. Shes lucky

    • Pramo1Dnep


    • JSRRamsaran

      i know how you feel girl !!!
      it hurts – i know but i am happy for him

    • Olivia loves 1D

      I’m with you girl

  • love1d4evr

    Zerrie is much better than Haylor

    • Rabia Shohatee

      Agreed 😉

    • OliviaStyles

      Very. Hahaha. I hate haylor. :(

    • Kira Martinez-Releford

      I dont even like Haylor I Like All Of The Others But For SOme Reason Just Not Haylor

      • Zoe Staines

        same i agree

    • Paola Cisneros

      I have to agree with you, Zerrie is better than Haylor.

      • Jari Styles

        I agree with you and love1d4evr they r SO much better than Haylor

        • directioner 4eva

          WORD TO THAT!

          • Jari Styles


    • i_luv_1D_14

      I have to agree with they are way better then haylor

    • Sarah

      Agree! At least perry is really his friend and she doesn’t use zayn for her fame!!?

    • Nan Pieper


    • 1d_sister


    • Asmaa

      I agree

    • Maya Payne

      Agreed. Know anyone who ships Haylor?

      • Gabriella

        Why does everybody hate Taylor so much?!!! has she ever dedicated her break up songs to anyone? NO!!! she has feelings as-well and they can get hurt. I ship Haylor because Harry AND Taylor are good people

  • najmaa

    I love zerry they are soooo cute

  • MaryDirectioner

    Cute :_)



    • Pramo1Dnep

      Are you the real perrie Edwards ?

      • haileyhaileyhailey

        Doesn’t sound like her… And why would she have this app if she already knows what’s going on with zayn…

      • Mitthu

        I don’t think so

    • Lauren VanD

      You two are perfect for eachother!!! Soooo happy for you two! Have a Happy New Years!!

    • Mitthu

      Not the real perrie?

    • I Love Moo

      U don’t have Perry’s signature: Perry <3! I don't think u r the real Perry Edwards!

    • Bloooop

      It’s not Perrie guys -____- how can you guys be so gullible? Lol

    • Onedirection#1fan

      Hi perrie thanks for being such a nice person I wish u zayn all. The best for 2013! I have two fave bands for ever little mix and one direction what do u think about haylor? Xxxxxx #1 fan of both of yoi xxxxx


    XD Haha, He Is Everything! to me! I LUV HIM!

    • abby

      Ur a fake its edwoods not edwards XP

      • Kevin The Pigeon

        No she not And it’s Edwards not Edwoods get it right plz :)

        • abby

          Shush kevin I love louis more than u

  • ツ Moon Malik ツ

    Awww they can’t get any more cute remember when we said they were going to brake up, not going to last, etc well they hav and now we r so happy

  • sabrina harris

    As Long As Zayn is Happy Im Happy:)love you forever stay happy


    AWW!!!!! I LOVE Zerrie they are soo cute together!!!!! Perrie is soo lucky!!!!!

  • hafizah

    Ageer… I dont really like haylor

  • Tiffany

    At first I didn’t like perrie very much because well, obviously I love zayn and it’s that kinda you-want-him-but-you-know-you-won’t-have-him-but-it-still-hurts-to-see-him-being-with-sb feeling. But then I realize how much an angel perrie is, she’s so sincere, sweet and not to mention really talented. I used to say she’s lucky to have him, but now I think zayn’s lucky to have her. To sum up: they’re really fortunate to have each other, thry both deserve each other and I wish Zerrie all the best!! <3

  • Ines

    Hate Haylor, Love Zerrie :)

  • Got that Swagg #13

    Perrie is sooo lucky to be dating a guy like zayn malik. It must be a really honest relationship. I hope the best for them. :)

  • Jasmin Mendoza

    Zerrie are a cute couple …

  • amazing#1d

    awww!! I love zerrie!!! ♡♥♡♥

  • FollowMeLZLNH

    I love Zerrie

  • Corina Styles ∞ ❤

    I Wasnt A Zerrie Shipper, Since, Like Weeks Ago To Be Honest. I Actually LOVE Their Relationship. Its Too Cute <3 And Shes Gorgeous, He's Hot, CUTEST COUPLE EVER!

  • Bri1DBieber

    Zerrie is WAY better then Haylor…

  • Tiffany :)

    I can say I don’t like zerrie because I love zayn but within in time I guess ill grow to like it because I know at the end of the day I can never have zayn. But he seems so happy with her its hard to accept. I wish them all the best because I know perrie is treating zayn right. :) *most hardest thing I’ve ever had to say lmao*

  • Sarah

    Omg perrie is so cute together

  • Selena Gomez

    I love haylor

    • OliviaStyles

      Quick question, WHY!?!?!?

  • abby

    Zerrie is much better then haylor. I rlly hate haylor and dang they talk 5 hours on skype WOW!!

  • Victoria

    Cute couple they are ment to be unlike haylor

    • Guest


  • Maddie Horan(aholic)

    Haylor just doesn’t seem……real. Zerrie seems absolutely positively real relationship.

  • ilove1d and iloveZayn

    I hate Zerrie :( i wish i was dating him i love Zayn so verry much <3

  • Monlisarxxxx

    Heey Guys!!! FIRST I thought OMFG Perrie looks weird xD but then I thought she is actually really sweet and buaetiful!!! 2cd They r so cute togheter they really LOVE each other!! Who doesnt wanna have a guy like Zayn who treats u right !? And we all ship Zerrie MORE than Haylor !! xD xxxx Greetings from Germany and all an Happy NewYear guys!!! xxxx

  • 1Dlover

    Zerrie is way cutier them haylor

  • 1DGirl KV

    Zerrie all the way!! am i right or am i right?!??

  • Victoria

    Aww that is so sweet! I am so happy for them and they look so good together! I wish them the best in everything they do.

  • cookie

    I think zerrie is ten times better than haylor

  • horan girl<3<3

    Oooh soo cute i love zerrie <3<3<3<3<3

  • Ashley Rodgers

    Zerrie are so adorable together.

  • heishly

    I love them both so much!And a lot of people hate her just because she’s dating Zayn and they don’t take the time to really know her.If they did,they would realize that she’s a beautiful,sincere,hilarious girl with an amazing voice.And I’m not just saying that because she’s dating Zayn,I genuinely believe that. :)

  • Jazmine

    I like zerrie better then haylor

  • batmans wife <3

    Eww noone likes haylor

  • melissa

    There so cute togetjwr

  • Andrea

    I agree because Harry is mine!

  • Andrea

    Happy new year! Yay 2013

  • hailey

    Dont like eather

  • Mrs Stypayhorlikson

    Zerrie is my fav romance besides LARRY STYLINSON

  • directioner

    I actually think they’re might even get married in a few years maybe considering how they are now and I think they’re great together!

  • sarah

    I love Zayn and Perrie to bits too 😀 if they broke up I’d be devistated because I love Little Mix sooo much and my life straight up revolves around One Direction!!!

  • Gabrielle Loves You

    Zerrie is so cute.

    You know, these things make me feel lonley.

    Crap, here I go again.

  • jojo chambers

    So true!! Zerrie should stay forever!! Haylor….

  • 1Diswaybetterthanjb

    Why can’t haylor be like zerrie? I think Harry should at least get a decent girlfriend

  • 1d_sister

    Both of them are really lucky with each other. I don’t know why but when this news came up on my screen. I was thinking about Perrie Edwards turning to Perrie Malik!!!
    Damn cute!

    • ILOVE1DX5

      Lol!!!!! SOOOOO TRUE!!!!! Think of what their children would look like!!!!! They would be some of the cutest kids EVER!!!!!

      • 1d_sister

        so damn true!!!!
        Happy New Year, anyways!

        • ILOVE1DX5

          Lol deffinitly!!!!! Happy New Year!

          • 1d_sister

            yeah… I have a feeling that 2013’s gonna be CHIC! lol! =D

          • ILOVE1DX5

            Heck Yea!!!!! I’m hopin that they make a new album and come closer to my town!!!!! (I’m determined to meet them sooner or later! LOL)

          • 1d_sister

            Same here!!

          • ILOVE1DX5

            UGH!!!!! I had to go to skool today!!!!! Good to see my friends,but others drive me insane!!!!!

          • 1d_sister

            oh! our school starts tomorrow!
            friends are great! but the damn books!!! urgh!!!

          • ILOVE1DX5

            LOL!!!!! We started our 3rd 9-weeks and all my mini classes changed so I had to re-route my way around skool after I memorized the old one!

          • 1d_sister

            oh…that’s bad!
            We have our Finals coming up next month…
            So obviously the month before that is hell-ish!!!!! 😛
            Met my friends today!!! The only topic that interested me was 1D!
            Anyways, aren’t u excited about tomorrow??? 7th!!!
            KISS YOU’S VID RELEASES!!!!! YAAAAY!!!

          • ILOVE1DX5

            YES I’M SUPER EXCITED!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

          • 1d_sister

            Neither can I!!!
            It’ll be Amazayn!!!

          • ILOVE1DX5

            Of course it will it’s FREAKIN ONE DIRECTION!!!!!

          • 1d_sister

            haha! yeah!!! THE TEASERS ARE SO COOL AND SO HOT!
            So imagine how the whole vid would beeee!

          • ILOVE1DX5

            IKR!!!!! GOING TO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!

          • 1d_sister

            yea! lets beat the record!!!
            I’m hitting the replay button!!! its soooo gonna break!!!!

          • ILOVE1DX5

            LOL IKR!!!!! I got on this morning and it was at 5,516,805!!!!!

          • 1d_sister

            yeah! did we break it?

          • ILOVE1DX5

            HECK YEA!!!!! WE’RE ARE AT 12,710,407 VIEWS!!!!!

          • 1d_sister

            OMG! YAYYY!

          • ILOVE1DX5


          • ILOVE1DX5

            LOL!!!!! We started our 3rd 9-weeks and all my mini classes changed so I had to re-route my way around skool after I memorized the old one!

  • @N@M

    go Zerrie………

  • ZarMaz

    Nothing against Zayn or Perrie but I really don’t think Perrie is Zayn’s type……I might be wrong and I know I shouldn’t complain cuz if Zayn’s fine with her, I should be too…..but I don’t really think the two should be together…. :)

  • loooli 1998

    yes i agree, but just be happy for harry

  • ❤Tootsieroll1D ❤

    Zerrie really loves eachother, that’s why they are a good couple. :)

  • ❤Tootsieroll1D ❤

    Zerrie really loves eachother, that’s why they are a good couple. :)

  • Hope Botts

    These two are too cute! gotta be strong for them!

  • disqus_nPhRVguhFV

    they are so cute!

  • disqus_nPhRVguhFV

    they are so cute!

  • Onedirection#1fan

    Haylor is better than Zerrie just a tiny bit but I do admit that a lot of people have said that they don’t like haylor but it’s Harry’s choice and if u do not wish to support him with Taylor then u may as well don’t support him at all of Harry is happy we are happy

  • Onedirection#1fan

    After a thought Taylor will use him for her fame a song will be out about it she will get loads of cash then make another song about it if she knows it’s done well them date someone else them in the future get back with him

  • Love1DMia

    I absolutely adore Zerrie!!!!! and also Payzer and Elounor <3333

  • Zoe Staines

    I really like zerrie they are perf! and i like elouinor and all the other boys NOT HAYLOR!!!! el has been with lou for ever so she likes lou for lou. all of a sudden taylor’s after justin bieber but then selena startes dating him so she waits and then when a huge boyband happens she has to date one of them! she’s doin it for money for fame and to make us all feel like crap! hazza’a gotta break up with her! it’s not even jelousy for me! i mean serioulsy y can he NOT see this when we all can! i’m sick of HAYLOR!

  • Chloe Styles

    Love Zerrie :)

  • 100%directionergrl

    Most people like Haylor becuz….
    A) they Taylor will right a terrible song about how much Harry is a bad person and stuff
    B) they thi

  • 100%directionergrl

    nk she will break up 1d
    C) she called Niall a fat Irish blonde pig maybe

  • Olivia loves 1D

    I’m happy for them but no hate I really don’t ship them. I wan I but I can’t bring my self to do that. No hate please