Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards To Get Married This Christmas? #MrsMalik

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New Zayn and Perrie photo

It was only a couple of weeks ago when we first learned that One Direction’s Zayn Malik and Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards are engaged, with the news coming at the same time as the massive Leicester Square premiere of 1D’s new movie.

Originally it was thought the big celebrity wedding would be sometime in 2013, but it’s now rumoured that the pair could be getting hitched much sooner!

Speaking with The Sun, a mystery insider said:

“Ideally, they want to be married for Christmas. They’re dreading the long separation when the band go to Australia and New Zealand early next year.”

Zayn and Perrie wedding!

(Loving the above pic posted on Twitter!)

The source continued:

“Zayn flew back regularly when they were in the States, but won’t be able to do it as often from there. Perrie is planning to visit, but they’re going to be spending a long time apart, which they think will be eased if they tie the knot.”

So when are they thinking of tying the knot? The Sun’s insider added:

“They’d originally decided they wanted to fit in a wedding between October and May… But they’re so excited, they want to do it sooner rather than later.”

Zayn and Perrie have been like a couple of lovebirds ever since they first met, and another sourced commented on their forthcoming wedding to say:

“Zayn’s talking about where they could get wed. It’s looking like it’ll be on a beach somewhere exotic and they’ll fly everyone out there.”

However only last week UK rap/pop duo Rizzle Kicks called Zerrie’s wedding “a disaster waiting to happen”.


Anyone half decent at maths can work out that 1/5th of One Direction could officially be off the market in as little as 3 MONTHS!


Don't Zayn and Perrie make a cute couple!

So that just leaves Harry, Liam, Niall and Louis. Hmm, I suppose we can live with that.

Until Elounor get hitched! And then we’re down to just 3 :(


  • Lolo Awad

    I’m happy for them <3

  • 1DL❤ver

    I’m very very happy for them but I’m worrying about the band I can’t live without it!!!;(

    • farida ibrahim

      Same i am very worried i cant imagine howit would be without zayn

      • 1DL❤ver

        I know right???;( ;( ;( ;( ;(

  • siddhi


    • Superman_Batman

      I know

  • Lucy Pollard

    Can’t wait for all the mini Zerries running round everywhere. Imagine it though how cute would that be?! #zerriebabies

    • Jasmin Hadfield

      Cute!!!!!!!!!!!! They should (if they did ) call them ssomrthong similar to Zerrie like Zoey!!!

  • Natalie x

    I’ll support him whatever happens<3

  • neha khan

    I am very happy can’t describe my words how much i am happy Love u guys..

  • Mosiana Angelica Tai

    At least Zayn’s happy, i’m happy! I jut hope Perrie doesn’t get hate for this. It will just make things worst for them

  • Jenna

    I’m confused. They said they wanted to get married before Christmas, but then they said before going back to Australia early next year. They’re going to Australia in like 2 weeks! Then, they said they want to get married between October and May. That’s not before Christmas either, well part of it is. HELP!

    • Nicole Busot <3 1D

      Yeah… I’m kinda confused too :/

  • Alycia Whan

    Awks because they aren’t coming to Australia/New Zealand at the start of next year, they are coming here at the end of September and are only going to be here for a month and a half at the most I think so they definitely aren’t getting married before then. Clearly the source isn’t very reliable if that’s what they said.

  • zayn i love you


  • Nia malik

    I don’t hate the fact that they’re engaged but it’s just that I think they are too young!!

    • Taina

      my point!

    • Hannah Lee

      I think they are too young to marry, too
      Please marry after a few years later :(

      • Superman_Batman

        YES PLEASE!!!!!

      • iluvliamandniall

        they are 20 they are not 16 my mom’s friend’s daughter is 20 and got married that age and she is ok

    • Leeyum’s Gurl <3

      I agree :/ xx

    • Ailynnn

      I was thinking about that too.

    • Jacqueline Ramos


    • Kaile

      They aren’t teenagers. They aren’t stupid and they’re probably older than you. They know what their doing. Just be happy for them

    • Zayn Lover

      EXACTLY! That’s what I think too!! But anyways I STILL LOVE ZAYN!

  • 1D forever❤

    I just really hope this wont affect the relationship they have with their bands/band members other then that I’m happy for them and hope they have very long marriage!!!

  • Victoria Maria

    You spelt Louis’s girlfriend’s name wrong! its Eleanor!

    • LaneyPayne

      Elounor is lou and el’s ship name :)

    • Taina


  • Niall@Nandos

    I Am So Happy For The Both Of Them!! I Can Just See Little Perrie’s And Zayn’s :)!! But If You Don’t Ship Zerrie Then That Doesn’t Matter! But Please For There Sake Don’t Send Hate Messages Its Just Wrong!:) I Ship ZERRIE Forever!!! @NiallNandos:disqus Is Shipping The Marriage Of ZERRIE!! 😀

    • Ayla

      I am glad that Zain got marrid ! they are cute !!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Adriyenni Garrotee

    Aww… So touching! I’m so excited for their wedding! I just hope… REALLY HOPE… that they can film their wedding ceremony and be shown to all of us Dierctioners.. I ship Zerrie! <3 All we're waiting for is ELOUNOR getting married.. And I'm not really sure 'bout Lophia.. You all know what I mean, right? Hahaha! XD

    • Nicole Busot <3 1D

      Yes! I REALLY hope we get to watch the wedding somehow… And feel like we’re there even tho we’re not! ;D

      • Adriyenni Garrotee

        Make it 3D again! Ohhh! That would be so AWESOME! I’m telling you! AWESOME! XD

    • Jasmin Hadfield

      I though it was sophiam?

      • Adriyenni Garrotee

        Wait… What? What are you talking about?? Sophiam? What about Sophia and Liam?? o_O

        • Jasmin Hadfield

          Lol I was talking about you said lophia and i thought it wasn’t lophia so I was just asked if it was lophia or sophiam! Lol xx

          • Adriyenni Garrotee

            I really have no idea… Hahaha! But it’s just the same after all XD Lophia.. Sophiam… Whatever!! XDD

  • Lynnie Lucas


  • Haylea Bencker

    I’m so happy for them and I can’t wait to see parries dress!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • genat haimed

    I’m happy if they’re happy I just hope perrie doesn’t get hope and if Elounor and Louis also decide to tie the knot then im also happy for them 😀

  • halie jackson

    They are so cute together! I live them both so much they are perfect for eachother!

  • karen bustos

    Im so happy that zerrie is getting marry!!! But they are to young! ): and I dont think elounor is ever getting married………

    • cupcake306

      they might, hopefully later tho

  • cupcake306

    I don’t hate on Zerrie, but they’re a bit too young, just my opinion.

  • Laureen Mwangi

    Im so happy for zayn and peererie!

  • farida ibrahim

    I am very happy for them but then zayn might drop out of the band and i cant even imagine
    that happining!!!!!

  • Nancy Tomlinson

    They will stay together forever :-)

  • lauren stypayhorlikson

    that last pic scared me

    • Nicole Busot <3 1D

      Ahhh… Ikr! Eww lol

    • Superman_Batman

      I almost had a heart attack!



    • Superman_Batman

      :( CANT STAND IT!
      Im over

      • Samantha Sancen

        Why? I know ur sad but maybe this will make u fell better:

        • Superman_Batman

          It kind did *wipes tears*

      • Samantha Sancen


        • Samira

          Wow that was great it really makes me feel better;) zayn I <3 you

        • T۰۪a۫۰۪y۫¸.•*¨*•♫♪

          omfg im gonna cry xD that was soooooo cute c:

  • Superman_Batman

    Wait Zayn is leaving the band?!?!!?!

    • lea rodriguez

      Umm no

      • Superman_Batman

        He better not!

      • Superman_Batman

        One Direction built my world and made my world
        Pray god zayn wont leave the band

  • Superman_Batman

    Now its official
    Im moving over to Niall

    • 1Disawsum

      … so you’re saying that since Zayn might be tying the knot, you’ll try and date Niall even if you don’t completely want to? …….. haha never heard of that before! :)

      • Superman_Batman


      • Zayn Lover

        LOL!! not true love

    • Mỹ Xuân


  • Superman_Batman

    Why GOD ARE U DOING THIS TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Zayn Lover

      ME TOO!

  • Samantha Sancen

    I know a lot of mixers don’t like Zayn because he cheated on her once! And now they think Zayn is a bad person! He isn’t! And a lot of directioners don’t like Perrie! Because they think tht she is using him for the money! She isn’t! I’m a mixer and Directioner! And I love them both! #Mixtioner

  • Ðirectioner

    I’m sorry but when has ‘the sun’ newspaper been correct about One Direction?

  • fatma esam

    congratulation . i wish a happy life as

  • Leeyum’s Gurl <3

    OMG that edit is disturbing :’D hahahhahaha

  • Peaches

    that not even as young as some people when they get married so watever

  • Peaches

    oh And I am sooooo happy 4 them

  • Kassandra Salina

    I think there way to young! They should wait longer. But I do love both of them ❤

  • Melannie Izaguirre

    im happy for zayn and perrie they are perfect for each other #longlivezerrie

  • Jacqueline Ramos

    Wow well goodluck and btw the pic is funny lol

  • Narane (:

    The second picture is SCARY

  • iluvliamandniall

    ppl thinking they are young to marry THEY ARE 20 NOT 16 OR 12!!!!!!!GEE

  • genesis guevara

    No as long as Zayn is happy I’m happy but their still young

  • Paola_malik<3

    Noooooo :..(…..i will always love you zayn.. Always u_u

    • Zayn Lover

      I’m kinda sad too…:( but I STILL LOVE ZAYN!

      • Mỹ Xuân

        Me too.. :(

      • Mỹ Xuân

        Me too.. i don’t still love Zayn same as before. but i don’t hate Zayn too

  • i_luv_1D_14

    Ok first off all one direction are cling to Australia on the 23rd of September so I already can tell that person doesn’t no what their talking about

    And if zayn gets married I’m goin to the moon ill be so happy for him but same time sad cause he is off the market and zayn girl wish us zayn girls some luck we need it
    But at the end I’m happy for my zayn

  • Katie B

    I am with zayn and Perrie 100%

  • Bri

    We should be happy for zayn and perrie getting married on Christmas

  • 1D 4 me



  • JSRRamsaran

    i am so happy for zayn and perrie but i just hope that they have made he right decision at such a young age
    but we direction shoul remeber “They Don’t Know About U” – ‘ too young to know about forever’
    so its like the reality of they dont know about us!!!!!!

  • 0BEY T0 1D

    Thats a bad hashtag by the way. But I can’t wait for the wedding. I’m more excited as ever. They are going to make some cute babies.

  • EmmaHoran

    I’m glad there happy but it might breakup one direction which i really don’t wanna happen. It might breakup little mix too. :(

  • Lisa Jack

    i am so happy 4 them they r the best couple ever & why should we be sad no we love 1D because of their songs , their voices their videos they r amazayn so we should be happy if they r happy & who is upset of that is really really crazy and stupid and not real directioner

  • isabelle rodriguez

    I don’t want them to get married if they get married on Christmas it would be the worst Christmas ever I mean it so perrie is a ***** and it is true zany u can do better why don’t u try selena gomez or someone else but not perrie cuz she is not good enough for u u desirve more then that nd I don’t care if I am not a fan of 1D cuz when they do get merried I will hate on one direction nd little mix u bet I wont watch just my opinion so yeah ZAYN DO THE RIGHT THING ND WHT IS THE RIGHT THING IS NOT MERRING HER

    • Jasmin Hadfield

      I think you should of kept that to yourself girl… :-/

  • elisa

    i’m happy if she doesn’t break his heart :)

  • Holly

    1d r coming like in the next few weeks not early this year as far as I know.. plz get facts straight

  • marmar margs lominoque

    Perrie you totally deserve zayn even though I love him so freakin’ much but you deserve him more than me love you xx. #NoHate #Mrs.PerrieMalik #ZERRIE4LIFE

  • Kaile

    I doubt elounor will get hitched anytime soon. They’re not as loved up as zerrie

  • mariam

    zayn is muslim perry is chris how ?!

    • Zayn Lover

      Hmm.. That’s what I was wondering!

  • Tess Barend


  • Jasmin Hadfield

    #MrsMalik go zerrie!!!!!!!!!!

  • ZarMaz

    “Sometime in 2013…” Babe, it’s already almost the end of 2013! 😛
    Can’t wait for the big day……I’m dreading it n I’m lovin it! :’) long live Zerrie!

  • Antigone Davidson

    Omg i am so happy for Zayn I just love Zerrie

  • Jennifer Louise Putnam

    well in the words of one of my favorite country song
    “They called them crazy when they started out

    Said, “Seventeen’s too young to know what loves about”

    They’ve been together fifty-eight years now

    That’s crazy”
    granted there in there 20s now but still sometimes you meet your soul mate the day your born sometime the day you die. I wish them the best

  • Ashley Malik

    my friend Anna says she gives it a year………..

  • Summer Love

    my cousin was 16, that marriage was all wrong

  • sweetdiva

    they are really getting married right my older sister wouldn’t believe me ugh i hate when that happens

  • zoe

    have they got a date for their wedding yet!!X

  • Mỹ Xuân

    i was shocked when hear Zayn Malik married with her. i’m Joyless, but i don’t hate her. ♥

  • anwesha

    V knw dat perrie s v imp in ur lyf but u r also b imp n our lyf

  • anwesha

    Please dont leave 1D…. plz

  • Sarah

    im happy for zayn..!!nice couple..!!
    luv ya soooo much ZAYN MALIK and always did,always will….

  • Zayn lover

    I happy for them but they are too young to marriage

  • hannah

    Zayn I am excited for you and perrie but I will still like you