Zayn Malik Supposedly ‘Cheated’ On Fiancé Perrie Edwards

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He didn’t really though, did he?


According to a new online video that’s surfaced, Zayn Malik ‘cheated’ on Perrie Edwards just weeks before they got engaged.

Except, there’s actually no proof of whether Zayn is in the video, nor that he actually did anything to be classified as ‘cheating’.

The footage shows Zayn’s pal Anthony Riach inviting a girl over to his hotel room via Skype.

Apparently, his ‘pal’ who was with him, was Zayn Malik. But all we actually see is a hand wave into the camera.

And, we’re no experts or anything, but there doesn’t seem to be anything extra special about that hand to show that it’s Zayn.

The video was posted on a blog, insisting that this happened just before Zayn proposed to Perrie.

However, speaking to The Sun about the video, an insider said: “The clip, from 2012, pre-dates his relationship with Perrie,”

“It was posted on an obscure blog and shows Zayn and best pal Anthony Riach skyping a girl at 3am in a hotel room.

“Anthony keeps telling her to find a friend, jump in a cab and come to stay with him and his mystery pal.”

Obviously, it’s absolutely ridiculous to think that Zayn cheated on Perrie, he loves her way too much.

And it seems the insider agrees, too. They continued: “Zayn would never cheat on Perrie now — he’s put an engagement ring on her finger to show her that,” they claimed.

“He’s said the only thing he uses Skype for these days is to talk to pals and her.”

We don’t know who started this rumour, but we think it’s a load of BS!

  • 1DL❤ver

    That’s just a RUMOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ebru abie

    Go help us with these stupid rumors

  • kamelia malik

    it was second time that they cheated…i dont have any idea what will be happen…
    first comment

    • Samantha Sancen

      He didn’t cheat on her now! Only ones but they got back together!

  • JacquelineMorales

    Its a roumor since there is no proof! And he didnt do that anyways since hes engaged and loves perrie with all his heart!!

    • 1DL❤ver


    • 1DL❤ver

      I meant AGREED

    • Kaylee

      Agreed.. Zayn is a sweetheart I mean how could he possible be cheating on perrie? They are so perfect together!

    • Samantha Sancen

      Thank you! He never did! Theirs no proof!

      • liam’sgirl555

        i agree zayn will never do anything like that to perrie!!!!!!!!!!!! #zerrieforever

  • genat haimed

    Rumor with no proof

    • Samantha Sancen

      Yes! Theirs no proff!

  • K+Z=Zarina

    It’s all a load of BS

  • Seoyung


    • 1DL❤ver


    • Samantha Sancen


    • Ariana

      Because since they are getting married people want juicy stories not just a plain ol’ wedding(people meaning attention seekers)

  • Kelly FabuLouis Tomlinson


  • Sarah Payne

    Complete BS thats all i hve to say complete BS

  • alejandrastyles

    He did not cheat, he loves her alot, and i doubt that he cheated

  • ZarMaz

    It’s a LIE!!! And that’s all I have to say…

  • Leeyum’s Gurl <3

    It’s Courtny Webb all over again… hmffft Zayn’s too perfect for this poo cheating drama.

    • Olivia Renaud 1D fan

      How does that prove that he cheated

      • Lupitaa

        Oh my god.. HE DIDNT GOD DAMN CHEAT -.- Irrelevant Peasant

        • Leeyum’s Gurl <3

          Hahaha :’D ILY now even tho all I know about you is that comment 😀

          • Lupitaa

            haha ILYT XD

    • Samantha Sancen

      He only cheated ones! And they’re engaged so why would be cheat on her know!

  • Lauren

    It’s clearly a rumour, Zayn loves perrie too much to cheat on her and they’ve just got engaged, why would he do that if he’d cheated? X

    • Samantha Sancen

      Ikr! He even proposed to her so why would he!

  • Nia malik

    This video is too confusing like wtf

  • Leah Perez

    Proof please? until theres proof i dont believe it and i never will.

  • Lynnie Lucas

    It’s all bull. It’s bull. Nope. ZERRIE FOREVER

  • Samantha Sancen

    Guys why are u so stupid! He never did! Why would be anyways? He engaged! And he proposed to her anyways! So why did he propose if he cheated on her huh? Sometimes this site annoys me!

  • Lupitaa


    • Samantha Sancen

      I agree!

  • Nicole Busot <3 1D

    What the heck this video doesnt even make sense but whatever… Stupid rumors

  • Stini2526


  • Kylie

    NO PROOF !

  • shannon

    It’s Just a Rumour…Zayn Put an Engagement Ring on perries Finger for a reason, and He Truly wants to Spend the Rest of his Life With her! and He Wouldn’t Cheat on Her x

  • BYEkatie

    He already did didn’t already a few months ago with some blonde Australian???

  • aileen perez

    in the video ….he don’t look like zayn :/ just his voice

  • ILove Niall

    Of course it’s a rumor

  • kel

    i know zayn has a big heart and would NEVER do that, plus this video looks fake, and I didn’t see the ‘hand’… this is stupid why do u gotta hate on zayn so much. f**tards

  • Mahy Awny

    This is Not Him ,Where Even The Tattoos !

  • Devindi Wanigasekara

    argh what the hell ? zayn loves perry and that’s it. He never cheated on her…he doesnt chat on her now… and he never will !!!!!

  • i_luv_1D_14

    Seriously they haven’t been engaged for too long and already people r making bullsh** rumours seriously leave zayn and perrie alone

    I’m a huge zayn girl but I would never say anything about zayn and Perrier relationship since like day 1 I haven’t said anything and I’m keeping it that I love them two together they are just sooo cute so leave them be happy

  • Jana

    That;s not even Zayn people! from where do you bring such things seriously.

  • Directioner<3

    Stupid rumors these days. The press should just mind there own business.

  • Nicole Dery

    people always do this dumb issues. It’s just a hand you freakin’ people!!

  • Lanaа

    In the video that lasts 9 minutes (an extension of this video) from 6:10 to 7:05 seconds someone who is speaking has similar voice to Zayn,but of course there is no proof that its him.He would never do that…With proposal once again he showed how much he loves her, and we all know that this is a BIG love. So #ZaynIsNotCheatingOnPerrie!

  • Lisa Jack

    it’s a rumor the person who published this is fake , stupid and crazy why don’t the haters leave Zerrie alone they r amazing together Zayn loves Perrie and Perrie loves him they r PER-FECT together Zerrie we will suport u 4 ever

  • Sonia Malik


  • Samantha Doyle

    That was even zayn on video

  • sweet tooth

    its rumor!!!! Zayn will never do that.

  • EmmaHoran

    I don’t think that Zayn would cheat on Perrie after he got a tattoo of her and after he proposed to her…

  • francesca

    why would he propose to perrie if he cheated on her

  • Madison Titlow

    This is so freaking stupid. Zayn would never.

  • Mrs.Malik

    WooooW, a hand?! When I would Show my hand to the camera, would it be Zayn’s hand, `too? And if it was his hand, maybe he invited the girl just to make a fan happy?
    Anyways I don’t belive it! Zayn would never ever do that! He’s too sweet and kind and he loves Perrie with all his heart. It would be totally idiotic to belive those roumors espescially now when they are engaged! I bet a jealous girl came up with those roumors!