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Zayn Plans A Romantic Valentines Day With Perrie ♥


We can’t explain how ecstatic we are that Zayn and Perrie are giving their relationship another crack. Such a pair of cuties deserve to have a long and loving relationship!

Zayn and Perrie all loved up

With the global day of love coming up, Valentines Day obviously, it looks like Zayn will be putting in a tonne of effort to make the day extra special for he and Perrie.

It has been a tough couple of weeks for the young couple, but all signs point to them moving forward and leaving the past firmly behind.

A source has said:

‘He has put a lot of planning and thought into the night and Perrie should be bowled over.”

”He is upset and angry that his actions led to a girl claiming she had sex with him and the impact that had on Perrie and their relationship.”

Apparently Zayn has hired a top chef to come to his home and cook a spectacular meal, which will be served by two waiters, all the while being surrounded with luscious flowers, provided for by a famous London florist.

Wow, to be the significant other of a 1D boy aye!

Zayn Malik in the One Direction Movie

It has also been suggested that Perrie does believe it was a setup. However, she is very angry with him for being so naive to have gotten mixed up in the whole situation in the first place.

Zayn has been dodging media intervention, but they did post a photo on Twitter together looking loved up which suggested to the world that things are OK…thank the lordy!

What are you Directioners getting up to on Valentines Day, besides Tweeting the boys of course!

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  • paru1D

    Awww :) zayn is so charming! Well sad cuz I’ve got no valentine. Happy for zerrie though :)

  • Stini2526


  • Anda


  • Anda

    He is so so cute…

  • lovezayn

    I’m so happy for them. They’re perfect. :’)
    #Zerrie <3 xx

  • Christina Ortega

    this valentine day i will be dating my 1d posters

    • Emily

      Hahaha me too!

      • Marina

        Lol me three

        • Hannah

          Thats a little… creepy to say the least haha. i guess thats how u define directioners

        • Hannah

          Thats a little… creepy to say the least haha. i guess thats how u define directioners

    • 1d_sister

      Oh and also kissing them!!!LOL!

    • Arianna Gonzalez


    • Rowrow_loves_1D

      True dat:)

    • Kaylee

      I’m dressing up all pretty and going to make dinner for my Harry Styles cardboard cut out.

    • yoanna cisneros

      Me 2

    • Sally

      same here

  • Mrs.Malik

    Awww Zerrie Forever

  • Pramo1Dnep

    Awww Im so happy for them ( tears of happiness) wish they will always be happy.

  • Sage horan

    Nawwwww to cute

  • Olivia Jones

    They are SO gonna grow old together!

  • Hannah Tomlinson

    This valentines day I shall be going on a date with my 5 boyfriends xxx
    Haha xx

  • Emily

    Awe! I love that pic of them…… Zerrie is so cute!

  • Mrz Nancy Malik

    Zayn your soo sweet.. I wish i had a bf like that ..

    • pinkzebra

      Same! Prefrebly Liam <3

  • Sarah

    Omg zayny is a wonderful boy friend and he is very romantice!! I am so happy for perrie<3 lovely couple have a nice valentine:-*

  • Hazza

    Awwww they make such a cute couple together <3. I wish they enjoy their special valentines dinner
    I guess what will the others be doing? :o

    Ugh I have no valentine so I am gonna celebrate it with my posters!
    And in my dreams with the real them!

  • Darbbbbbbsssss

    i will be with ben&jerry on val day and of course my 6ft niall poster

  • Laura Horan

    I finnally have a valentine….. My Niall doll! Yay! He told me he is planning a romantic dinner for us…. And then we are heading to my room… Heheh :P

    • curleyrey

      i have my zayn doll! we should go on a double date lol

      • Kaylee

        Make that a triple date, me and Harry

  • curleyrey

    what would you do if zayn proposed???

  • Christine Says Hi :]

    Awwh. Why cant i find a guy who will love me like Zerrie!! All i have right now is my 1D merchandise c;

  • Sharri montgomery

    Think about 1D, maybe kiss a few posters, and spend the rest of the day listening toEd Sheeran wishing someone would give me love.

  • Carolina Yglesias

    being in home thinking about my imaginary boyfriend

  • jamie

    ill grab a bff and brace myself through red and pink in my school hall, whilst thinking about how badly i want a boy like zayn: not so much rich, but attractive and super nice like zayney-boy

  • 1D_Forever_<3

    Who else wants to be a loner with me on Valentine’s Day? But I’m soo happy for Zerrie. <3 =D

  • Natalie

    happy forever alone day. at least it is for me anyway :'(

    • Guest

      ITS It’s ok you’re not alone…:(

      • Genesis Horan

        I mean its ok you’re not alone… :(

      • Genesis Horan

        I mean its ok you’re not alone… :(

    • Guest

      ITS It’s ok you’re not alone…:(

  • Nicole Styles

    I’ll spend it staring at my folder and binder at school (cuz they’re One Direction) and at home ill spend it staring at my posters

  • 1d_sister

    Love you Zaynieeee

  • Myuna Jones

    Im gonna tell my niall cut out happy valintines day lol

  • Sarah+1D

    Zerrie forever<3

  • zayn malik fan

    I love valentines day and y can’t serried just breakup perrie is sucha diva

  • Bella

    This valentine day I’ll be dating my Mini Figure ”Harry” :D

  • Bella

    This valentine day I’ll be dating my Mini Figure ”Harry” :D

  • Elizabeth Velez

    well… I might go on a date with Austin Mahone :)

  • Michelle Direction

    I am going to the olive garden


    Well my plans are
    1.tweeting the boys lol
    2.going to a valentines party
    3.going to the mall
    and living while we’re young besides the bad things like drugs and what not

  • Cuity Aya

    the valentines day i’ll kiss my 1D posters

  • Mimi deria

    Awwww! <3 What a cute couple! <3 .. Hmmm I'll probably be at home on the internet, facebook, twitter and this site as always nothing special :(

  • Darcy Styles

    This Valentine’s Day, I’m sleeping with my Harry Styles life-size cut out!!!!!!!!! Ohh and kissing my other posters!!

  • Nia malik

    Wuv you zayynniii,

  • amazing#1d

    Ahhhh! You have know idea how much I want to be Perrie on Valentine’s!

  • 1D forever❤

    Since I can’t date them in real life I guess I’ll just have to take my posters out for dinner!

  • kaitlin

    My disco is on valentines day so im might get to slow dance with chay ward

  • kaitlin


  • gest

    ZERRIE 4EVER♡♥♡♥

  • Hillary Styles

    this valentines day or as i call it THURSDAY im going to watch romantic movies with my 5 boyfriends and listen to Ed Sheeran

  • abby

    They look so cute together


    Awwww they are just sooooo cute I hope they get married!!!!! Zerrie kids would be sooooo CUTE!!!!!

  • niastyles

    Aww so cute

    • Paola

      Do u want to chat

    • Paola

      Do h have kik

  • Daniela Velasquez

    hey! Zayn and perrie! how can you be sooo sweet? I’m like crying! LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!

  • yoanna cisneros

    How cute that is y I love him 4 him not because he is in 1D

  • Sarah

    I bought my own valentines gift for me and my zayn and niall posters lol

  • Sarah

    I bought my own valentines gift for me and my zayn and niall posters lol

  • Jennifer Haru Tomlinson

    im going to go 1D merchandise shopping at the local mall ^.^ and im just going to have massive fun but first i have to stupid for an uocoming exam (wich is science) and i really want to get a good grade for harry liam niall and zayn and my lou <3 and for myself and my future of course ^.^ have a GREAT VALTINES DAY EVERYONE WHEATER YOUR BY YOURSELF OR WITH 1D ;) BYE!

  • 1D_Worshipper


  • Patii

    Awwr Zayn is sooo cute, isn’t he? *.* Zerrie♥

  • Alissa.Malik

    it is sad to be single on valentine day …. but when you know you have your posters of one direction in your room, nothing else matters <3 I love you

  • Alissa.Malik

    it is sad to be single on valentine day …. but when you know you have your posters of one direction in your room, nothing else matters <3 I love you

  • Daniela Velasquez

    well I’m planning to put a picture of the boys on a pillow and kiss it :)

    • Gabriella Clifford


  • madison marberry

    Niall is taking me out for dinner for valentines :)

  • ZarMaz

    Perrie you are SUCH a LUCKY girl, it makes me jealous! I wishbone one would love MElike that!!!!

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