Zayn Says “Perrie Comes First” And He’s Not Quitting 1D

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Phew! We can all breathe easily.

An official spokesman for One Direction has come out and said that “It’s completely untrue, Zayn isn’t leaving the band.”

Thank monkeys for that!

Zerrie Zerrie Zerrie

Well, we didn’t really think there was much truth to it, but we’d hate to think One Direction would ever have to become a foursome.

Zayny baby – we love you – so don’t go doing anything silly, k?

However, Zayn has instead confirmed how important Perrie is to him, and Heat magazine said:

“Perrie has told Zayn that if they’re going to get through this, he needs to start putting her first, Zayn immediately agreed and said that he’s going to axe as much of his diary as he can over the coming few weeks.”

Zayn apparently even told his bandmates that “Perrie comes first – I need time to sort this out properly.”

The pair of lovebirds had seemed destined to date, marry, have babies and grow old together before the Courtney Webb scandal rock their world to the core.

Here at One Direction News, we think Zerrie are perfect for each other, and with both of them living the pop group life, they should be able to help each along the way.

We prescribe plenty of hugs, kisses and flowers – particularly with Valentines Day coming up next week :)

  • i_luv_1D_14

    Omg yay I new zayn loves perrie too much that he wouldn’t cheat on her !!!! Ha I told everyone that,
    so who ever said something about him u should regret it ..

    And I new he loves me too much … I mean us directioners too much that he wouldnt leave Ahhh

    I’m sooo happy yay so hopefully this is true cause wen I found out yesterday that he might leave my heart broke but it healed now by this excellent news yay !!!!

    First comment ……

    I love you zayn javadd malik a lot …
    And I love one direction with all of my heart <3 ….

    • Ta$neem^_^

      Its not Javadd, Its Jawaad :))

      • Efrah Khan

        It’s a paki name so it’s Javaad. But people say it in English like Jawaad.

  • salooma directioner

    First comment!! I wish zerrie never breaks up they are the cutest.! And all that rumor about zayn leaving 1D was all B.S. From the the begining soo ..

  • lovezayn

    He loves Perrie as much as I love him. And I’m so happy because they love each other too much and they are happy together. #ZerrieForever <3 xx

    • directionerfromnarnia

      She? did you mean he? haha :)

      • lovezayn

        Yeah,haha. Sorry I was too excited while writing that. :)

        • directionerfromnarnia

          No need to be sorry love (wow, I felt so british typing that) 😀

          • lovezayn

            Haha. <3 xx

    • 1d_sister

      Ikr! Zayn knows his priorities! And Perrie always comes first!!!
      I wanna see that day when Perrie will be wearing that gorgeous wedding gown and Zayn will be wearing that super sexy suit and tie!!!
      Oooh! And the bridesmaids!!! Dani, El and meeeee!! 😀

      • SoonToBeAStyles

        Actually, Jade, Jesy, and Leigh-Anne will probably be her bridesmaids. Her bandmates come before the 1D girlfriends!

        • 1d_sister

          um…yeah…probably….but you see, I was just saying it! …
          no probs, though! :)

    • Montse Ruiz


  • Sarah Charringtion

    Them to are the cutest couple ever

  • Mrs.Malik


  • Najma Horan

    We all knew that zayn would never quit and we also knew that perrie and zayn are the cutest couple and they will always stay together! <3

  • Stini2526

    so cute abd thank god

  • Anonymous

    Ha he’s not quiting

  • Mrs.Horan

    I trust that zayn want break her heart

    • Hazza

      U mean won’t !

      • Mrs.Horan

        Yeah typo

  • ツ Moon Malik ツ


  • Via

    oh-em-gee.. good to hear this… I am so happy for both of them!! #Zerrieforever

  • Ella schwartz

    I’d choose Perrie over 1D because love is way more important because she could be familly

  • Hazza

    Relieved……… :)

  • Olivia Jones

    Woah go zayn stick up fo yo gurl!!!

  • Keke

    Yaaaaayyyyy!!!!!! Zayn and Perrie are still together just like I knew they would be. They r so adorable together and make such an amazayn couple. Luv u guys!!!!

  • 1D forever❤

    If I can’t have Zayn then I’m glad someone like Perrie has him

    • 1D_Forever_<3

      Agreed :) They’re perfect for eachother!!! <3 =D

  • Sarah

    I love zayny when he becomes romantice!!! And I think perrie said right thing!!! I love this cute couple:-*

  • Aleyda Espino

    Actually zayn confirmed that he did sleep with courtney, he said “I regret sleeping with her and I cant believe I was lured in by a random”
    I guess their love is really strong to over come all that
    # ZERRIE!!!!

    • Gabriella Clifford

      I don’t think HE said that. People these days want to make their reports more interesting for the readers, could you imagine? So they lie……

    • Gabriella Clifford

      I don’t think HE said that. People these days want to make their reports more interesting for the readers, could you imagine? So they lie……

  • Samah Ahmed

    Zayn should just propose to her alreadyy #Zerrieforever

  • Camille Tayao

    ow! i thought that ZAYN would be quitting 1D… but… whatever circumstances they encounter… they will always pass them without breaking APART…
    #ZERRIE 4ever & ALWAYS <3

  • amazing#1d


  • Aylin Morelos

    true they were meant to be :)

  • Aylin Morelos

    true they were meant to be :)

  • KissmeZayn

    Zeriie forever. Zayn Malik you respect Perrie, we all know that. :) xx

  • KissmeZayn

    Zeriie forever. Zayn Malik you respect Perrie, we all know that. :) xx

  • Nia malik

    Aww me love you zayn!

    • Nia malik


    • Nia malik


  • Nia malik

    Aww me love you zayn!

  • Zoe 1D♥♥♥♥♥

    aw♥ they are perf! and im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy u aren’t leaving the band zayne boo ahaha

  • gest

    Thank god I can breath again!!!! 😀 ♡♥♡♥

  • SoonToBeAStyles

    Okay, I’m sorry, but Zayn is, what a Mixer would say, a scumdigger. He cheated on Perrie possibly THREE times. Like, no! But I wouldn’t be with him after the first! Now Pezz is striking me as a person who will forgive them just because she loves them. No offense to directioners or mixer, because I’m both, but She deserves better.

    • Mrz Nancy Malik

      Maybe he never cheated on her in the first place.. Perrie is lucky to have Zayn

      • SoonToBeAStyles

        Uhm, if you didn’t read, I said POSSIBLY. Also, that was kinda rude. Just because she isn’t as famous as he is doesn’t mean she’s “Lucky” to have him.

  • Darcy Styles


  • Mrz Nancy Malik

    Im just happy his not quitting.. 1d without Zayn … Thank god 1d are together..


    All I have to say is”THANK GOD!!!!!”

  • Victoria

    I’m so happy for both of them and I truly respect there relationship. I mean I don’t think Zayn should propose to her yet. I think they are still young and they should still focus on there careers before thinking about marriage. But I have to say they look so beautiful together and make such a great couple. I have much respect for Perrie. She is a beautiful and talented woman and zayn is lucky to have her…. or perrie is lucky to have zayn. And we all know that Zayn is just so hot so I dont think i need to go there. But I believe that Zerrie will last forever! #ZerrieForever #CuteCouple #InLove

  • Grace Kumar


  • ZarMaz

    That’s a cute picture of them :)

  • Vanjie Vergara

    ohhh! sweet♥

  • Kathleen Chandler

    Zerrie <3333


    It’s funny how a few months after they started dating she said the music comes first then the fans and then zayn! And she wants zayn to put her first! I think something is going to happen because I think she is pushing him to far to put her first! Because he has a career to he has the music fans and the boys! But if he keeps putting Perrie first I think something bad is going to happen! I don’t ship Zerrie but I respect them! And I don’t care if you hate on me for this comment! Just my opinion!

  • I Luv LIAM!!!!

    I Luv ZAYN but if he wants to be with Perrie that’s who he should be with and I hope they are both happy

  • brianna

    They are so cute together awwww!

  • 1D_3D_exited!!!!

    I honestly hate zerrie….. Zayn is way too good for her!

    • SoonToBeAStyles

      Actually, If he cheats, he isn’t good for anyone.

  • zarry_stylik


  • Caroline Thompson

    I’m soo glad Zayn isn’t leaving, cuz one direction isn’t one direction without zayn, and i’d say this for everyone i the band.

  • Anna Horan

    I ship Zerrie and all but he’s known the boys longer then Perrie. Zayny please don’t One Direction!!!!

  • Anna Horan

    I mean please don’t leave. sorry forgot the leave part