Zaynster Gets Distracted by Cute Girls!

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Seriously Zayn, what are you playing at!

He has publically said he is sick of the breakup rumours, sick of fan hate and sick of people interfering with his relationship with Perrie!

So why the hell has he said the following?

“I can see a cute girl in the audience and get distracted by that.”

Sigh. When will he learn.

He did cover it with a semi-saving comment:

“It’s nice to have someone who catches your eye in the audience and catches your attention, because then you can kind of sing to her and perform to her a little bit!”

So if it is all about the fans, then it is OK right? But before any directioners start to plot the crumbling of the amazing criss-cross Simon Cowell induced relationship, remember part of being in a boyband is making the audience feel connected.

Optimally, having everyone single would be the best for management – but giving fans a lil’bit of lovin’ is absolutely fan.

So you pass this time Zayn, but keep your wits about you. We’re watching you!