Zaynster “was disgusting” – Says Australian Waitress Courtney Webb

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This whole situation is blowing up and getting really serious, with some proper allegations being thrown at Zayn about a rumoured cheating scandal involving him and an Australian waitress. Courtney Webb, the 21 year old Aussie, has thrown some details of the fling in the ring and she has a lot to say, so read below.

Zayn and Perrie | Coutney Webb

She talked to The Sun and said:

He was very selfish and just wanted one thing. Then I noticed a bright light shining in my face — he was trying to film me on his phone,” she said.

“I couldn’t believe it, I immediately stopped and told him to delete it.”

“As soon as we finished having sex he wanted me out of the house and out of the way. His behaviour was disgusting. He treated me like an object.”

“I was so suspicious of Zayn by now. I saw some girl’s fake eyelashes on the rug in his bedroom and a pair of women’s pink cut-off wellies with a black bow on the side.”

“I decided to Google him on my phone. It came up with a load of recent news stories about him and Perrie Edwards.”

“Straight away in my head I was thinking, ‘You absolute s—, how dare you cheat behind your girlfriend’s back’. I sat there and thought about it and got more and more angry.”

It seems that Courtney is playing innocent and trying to play the victim in the situation. She is not a One Direction fan and her story was given more strength when she instagrammed a photo of what appears to be Zayn sleeping.

There has been no word on whether the allegations have any substance to them and more importantly Perrie Edwards has not made any comments on the situation. We just hope it isn’t true and it’s a desperate persons claim to fame!

What are your opinions on this whole affair Directioners?

  • smileyface71

    I didn’t believe it, but reading that im not sure. I don’t think zayn would cheat on Perrie. I hope Zerrie isn’t over

    • Stefanie Brewer

      thank u

    • Mrs.Malik

      same here

      • Anonymous


    • Emily Loehmer

      It’s not over because its not Zayn. Look at the tattoo on this guys back. Zayn has a tattoo like that BUT he has is on the right side. This guy has his tattoo on the left. And it’s not like it just magically made its way to the other side of Zayn right? I was also unsure but if you just look at it you realize it’s not Zayn.

      • Grace


    • Directioner x)

      check this out ! it’s not zayn , he’s innocent xD #nohateforzayn

      • Macy M.


      • Pramo1Dnep

        Thank you so very much !!!

      • Sally

        ur so right………..its not him!!

  • Stefanie Brewer

    shwe just wanted fae coe on dont be dub let them all be happy

  • Thea

    It’s not Zayn!!! He doesn’t have that tattoo on his back!!!!

  • Mrs.Malik

    Courtney Webb just wants attention

  • 1D lover

    Oh god….this can’t be the truth!!! what have you done Zayn!! Pleeeeease tell me that Australian waitress is LYING

  • Henriette Larsen

    I’m in chok. But i won’t believe everything i read on the internet. Hope it’s just rumors and a girl who is angry at Zayn or want attention.

  • anonymous

    Does zayn even have a tattoo like that on his back? It doesn’t even look like zayn… the chick is probably lying about never hearing about them and is one of those super crazy fans… I mean seriously how can u not know about 1D?? Zayn would never do that to Perrie. I hope they stay together… I absolutely love zerrie and would not want to see them break up.

    • 1D_Is_My_Life

      CJ said she’d never heard of One Direction. But she lives in the UK! I think you’re right.

      • 1DMrsMalik

        And plus if she really didnt know zayn as part of one direction, why did she google him? I mean if he wasnt famous he wouldnt appear on google results!!

    • Emily Loehmer

      It’s not over because its not Zayn. Look at the tattoo on this guys back. Zayn has a tattoo like that BUT he has is on the right side. This guy has his tattoo on the left. And it’s not like it just magically made its way to the other side of Zayn right? So it’s all fake.

      • President Kara Rose

        If you have an apple product, though, doesn’t it flip images? My iPod always flips my pictures when I take them…

        • Grace Moorhead

          yes, but the entire image will be flipped, not just the tattoo, im not sure if im making sense…

          • President Kara Rose

            No, I understand! I just wasn’t sure. I don’t think it’s true, by the way :)

      • amna khan

        `its not true cux Zayn’s religion does not allow to have sex before marriage

    • Lauraa Jessica

      He doesn’t , he has a fern looking tattoo

      • Nyxiia

        yes he does. doesn’t mean it’s him tho, now a day, you don’t even need photoshop to creat fake pictures!

      • allison malik

        yep its not him he has a fern or feather lookin tattoo

    • Sally

      Same here. And come on, you know the girl is a creep if she starts taking pictures of the guy she claimed to have slept with.

      • 1DMrsMalik

        I rhink she just wants to be famous

    • Kendall Hastings

      I absolutley agree!!! zayn can’t to such a horrible thing!! don’t worry zayn the TRUE Directioners are still with you! #staystrong

    • myrielle

      yeah,, i mean thats not even zayn!! courtney webb is so stupid and naughty,, and i really know zayn he wouldn’t treat perrie like that!!he sometimes cheat to perrie but not always,,,,,

  • Francineeee(:

    Ok, that’s not even Zayn! 1. That tattoo is not his. If you look up “zayn neck tattoo” it looks like some sort of leaf thing (it’s weird lol) 2. LOOK AT THOSE EYEBROWS! If you’ve really studied Zayn’s face (as I have, many times :p) you’d be able to tell that those eyebrows are defo not his and 3. That nose in the picture looks too big to be Zayn’s, and the nose is more pointed up… So believe what you want, but I dont think this is Zayn and I think he loves Perrie too much to cheat on her. And anyway, they both know the truth. Perrie knows what Zayn looks like shirtless, so she can tell if this is Zayn or not.

    • Dareen Abuhashish

      And look on his chin….

    • disqus_FjJ0rPwjbK

      1) yes it is his tattoo 2)3) it is the angle the photo was taken

      • Pramo1Dnep

        He doesn’t have that kind of tatoo.

    • allison malik

      i agree 100%

  • 1d_sister

    I’m really super confused!!!
    I really don’t know what to believe!!!
    I’ve tried seeing it from both point of views but I’ve got no idea what to believe!!!
    Seriously??? I’m dead with confusion!!!
    I just hope the truth wins!!!
    If that’s not Zaynster’s tattoo, then how can it be Zayn…?
    I’m so confused!
    But if Zayn really did this, then Zayn Malik, your girlfriend, Perrie will know what to do!

    • Riel Whittle

      I think we need to hear the other side of this story…. It’s just like the media to be so one sided! Always, always, always! (I’m so confused as well but I’m pretty sure after reading all these comments from 1D fans who are like experts that this is all a lie and I wouldn’t be surprised! )

      • 1d_sister


        the media is sooooooooo biased!

  • Valentina

    Not true! I mean it can’t be! Zayn’s good fellow and he wouldn’t do that to Perrie.This girl is just trying to pay some attention in the most disgusting way! Photos? Haha,never heard of photoshop or what? Even if that isn’t photoshop how do you know that somebody else didn’t take a photo when he was just asleep.Anyway,if he really cheated on Perrie (and he didn’t) it’s his life! And,hell yeah I’m Directioner and I support whatever he or rest of 4 lads do

  • i_luv_1D_14

    Who’s ever thinks zayn would do something like that they have serious problems
    Zayn would never do that just few weeks ago they upload saying that zayn loves perrie and blah blah but serious zayn would never do that…
    So just bludy build a bridge and move on !!!

    I love u zayn dw I’m not leaving any time soon I’m a true directioner and I would never leave over stupid rumors

    • Anonymous

      Totally with u!

    • disqus_FjJ0rPwjbK

      unless you know him on a personal level, you have no authority to say he wouldnt

  • Soso love 1D

    zerrie is cute,i don’t believe that..

    zayn love’s perrie

  • Tyra

    That just sounds wierd..i mean I seriously don’t think that zayn would film her..or be so selfish. it doesn’t make’s just not him. And I DO NOT belive that he seriously had sex with that girl. She’s the disgusting one. I bet she either just walked in on him sleeping and took a photo or she’s just one of those crazy fans… I’m 100% sure that she just came up with the whole thing for publicity and money.
    So angry.

    • Ally Jessica Mayers

      U go girl!!! Ir so right!

      • Ally Jessica Mayers


    • disqus_FjJ0rPwjbK

      so you know him on a personal level? cool, but it is him in the photos

      • Pramo1Dnep

        What are you a directioner or not? If u are not then you don’t deserve to be here okay so get lost. Coz Ive been a zayn malik girl for the past two years n in these two years I got to know that zayn is a really nice guy. SO DON’T COME HERE TO MAKE US TRUE DIRECTIONERS ANGRY AT YOU AND UR CJ

  • Tyra

    Wait..if zayn really wanted to get her out so fast and called a cab right away, why would he fall asleep? And wouldn’t there be pictures from paps when she was leaving? I mean, paps are taking pictures of harry just walking down the street. Why wouldn’t there be paps when zayn had a party?
    I am so confused..

    • disqus_FjJ0rPwjbK

      all she said is he as rude and wanted her to leave, not that she actually did staight away

  • Eleanor Calder

    I feel so bad for Perrie!!

  • Smores2946

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if it was guy imperseonating zayn and her not really knowing one direction she couldn’t tell the difference and slept with this guy :p I’d believe that, she keeps blaming zayn, but who decided to sleep with a random guy she hardly knew

    • harrygirl1Dadele

      just what i said,she plays all innocent but going to bed with someone you met a few minutes ago?! C’mon!

  • MeerHarry’sPrincess

    This is not Zayn ! And he doesn’t have this tatoo in his back.

  • disqus_9GyLMi9WJe

    how do we now that he wasnt drunk? she probably did it fo4 fame and money!! if zerrie break up more money will flow!!!!! that idiot… wjy would he do such a thing articles saying he loves perrie smitten!!!! i dont belive this. we must support zayn… poor guy the reason behind all of this “zayn will leave the group first” is because of this!! im so angry now

  • disqus_9GyLMi9WJe

    idiot as in cj

  • harrygirl1Dadele

    I’m with Zayn on this one,I mean have you seen that girl,she doesn’t actually look “innocent”! Zerrie hold on,we love you! Directioners are with you!

  • Ella schwartz


    • Ella schwartz

      ………as of now

      • 1DFan4LifeZayn

        But he never cheated

    • FollowMeLZLNH

      You really believe this?

    • Ally Jessica Mayers

      Wth? Tht is SO NOT zayn….. Look at the pics CLOSELY. U’ll see

    • Aastha Ginodia

      YOU duisgust me!

    • Pramo1Dnep

      You are not a true directioner if you were u would know what kind of guys 1D are. You don’t deserve to be here. Go somewhere else where u’ll find people like u.

    • Directioner x)

      check this out before saying a single word against zayn !

  • 1DFan4LifeZayn

    Ok if she wasnt a fan of One Direction then why the hell is she saying she “slept” with Zayn in the first place this Courtney chick is really starting to piss me off! Zayn loves Perrie way to much to ever cheat tp me this is complete bs!

  • DirectionerAndPround

    Thats a total lie!! Zayn would never do that to Perrie!

  • 1D forever❤

    Maybe they never had sex maybe she snuck in and took all those pictures of him sleeping…lol

  • ZZZzzz

    THis chick is a bloody legend 😉

  • Olga

    This is obviously NOT Zayn. Zayn has that tattoo on his back, but his eyebrows are thinner and his face is different!!

  • Aleyda Espino

    His grandfather’s name…..on his chest it’s arabic…..maybe…….

  • Directioner Forever

    I hope it is not true ..zayn is becoming really bad if that is true , and another time I hope it is not true:(

  • harry&edward styles

    That isn’t zayn! If you look on it closely he has a different nose, and zayn didn’t have that much stubble a few days ago. Ad the tattoo is much darker tha zayn’s. I am ashamed that this chick is Australian.

  • Emily Loehmer

    THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE, and the truth is its not Zayn. One reason his tattoo is on his right this guy has one on the left.

  • Guest


  • disqus_myZxvn2pwB

    I’m a Zayn girl, but I believe Courtney. I know that as Directioners we all want to think that the boys are perfect, but they aren’t. People are trying to nitpick the pictures for proof that it’s someone else, but any inconsistencies that just be blamed on the angle she took it at. Also, updated pictures of his back shows that he did get a new tattoo that sort of interferes with the old fan one. It’s probably him. He’s known to be a cheat anyways. He was dating Geneva when he suddenly switched to Rebecca, and he cheated on Rebecca too. Management and the boys never address these sort of things because they know that fans won’t ever believe it and will make excuses for them.

    People shouldn’t call Courtney a slut. People have one-night stands! It’s because she’s a woman that everyone wants to call her a whore or eager for fame, but the reason she came out with this article is in part because of money and in part because she probably wants Perrie to know the truth. (And how else is she supposed to reach Perrie?) And even if Courtney is lying, it doesn’t change the fact that Zayn is a cheater and has probably cheated on Perrie before and will do it again. Once a cheater, always a cheater. We should all just accept that he’s flawed instead of blindly defending him when he hasn’t directly stated that this is a lie and given evidence to go against it.

    • Pramo1Dnep

      OH MY GOD you don’t believe in zayn i mean he is not like that not at all. He would not do those things.
      C’mon support zayn. I just think you guys are falling into CJs trap. That’s what she wanted.
      No I don’t believe those fake pics not at all.

      ZAYN PROVE THE WORLD IT WASN’T YOU !!!!!!! Please………

  • waist-of-thyme

    I only recently became a fan of 1D. I mean, I didn’t know they existed until last April because I saw something about them on TV, but I didn’t pay them any mind. I had heard WMYB on the radio, but I wasn’t a fan. Back in August, I got really bored and my sister liked 1D, so I went on YouTube and started to like them. I’m not on CJ’s side or anything, but I’m just saying that it is possible that she didn’t know them well. If you had asked me six months ago to name the 1D boys, I wouldn’t have known the answer, but I would have told you that WMYB sucked. Just because she lived in the UK doesn’t mean she HAS to know who 1D is- its not like the United Kingdom gets together at a big seminar to bow down to One Direction. Just a thought….

  • ElanorDirectioner:D

    That’s not zayn it’s maybe look a little bit like him but it’s not i am such a big directioner and i know that zayn would never ever does something like that and i think’s its her there are disgusting because she selling a story like that…. i hope zerrie isn’t over

  • Sarah

    OMG!just SHUT UP YOUR MOUTH CJ! You are a stupid lier i hate this kind of people playing with other’s lives only to be famouse!!!! Ah I am really angry!!!! Shame on u !!!!!!!!

  • Liz Hansen

    like we will EVER believe her.

  • lena

    1. she knew that she would get loads of money if she would sell it to some gossip magazine or paper .
    2 . she said zayn drank vodka ??? maybe he was drunk , she helped him to go to bed and then realized that she could make the perfect stroy , she took photos and said that she slept with him , come on why is nobody realizing that this girl only wants attention and money ??

  • Dareen Abuhashish

    Look at his eyebrow is thicker than zayn’s and
    on his chin
    The only same thing is the walter tattoo

  • Dareen Abuhashish

    And i think thatfollow there news or then why did she say that at first placa and he doesnt look like him at all there is so many differences between them both … So she made some hints for us to let us think how did she know all this…. Like..the dog and she knew that perrie will be in the tour so she said about the make up ..and she knew that,he has a gf .. U know the other she knew how to put it umake it up but she wasnt smart enough to do that….

  • 1direction#amazing!

    BIT*C!!!! I hate her so much!!!!!!!

  • Karen Rodriguez

    Thats definitely him !!

  • ElanorDirectioner:D


  • мץ ωσяℓd™ ツ

    It’s False!!! ¬¬ She Wanna win Fame!! ¬¬

  • alishajane

    your all nieve OMG he would never do that blah blah blah grow up you dont know her and she never said she disnt know who 1direction is she said she didnt know who he is so duh most ppl dont!
    its not right that you would all b so quick to judge her he is the cheater not her and until you actually know this girl shut ur face just because this dude sings in a gay band n has a gf wouldnt make him the first person to cheat on a gf so stop sending her death threats she doesnt deserve it! And clearly if u were true one directions fans u would realise it was him!!!!

  • Darcy Styles

    She has to be lying! she lives in the u.k (where 1d was formed and she doesnt know who they are? *cough cough* liar *cough cough*

  • Zayns girl

    Well me and my 2 friends spent the entire day at school trying to figure it out and the pic IS zayn but I think it is just a pic one of the boys took and she some how got it that creeper!!!! And douse zayn even have a tattoo like that on his back I am going to look it up!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gabby123

    Im getting kind of annoyed. I love Zayn, I do, but everyone is saying”it can’t be Zayn daddadadada” But, if you tilt your head, being honest, it does look like him. When you can see his chest he has the same tattoos too. Here’s whats annoying me though:

    Everyone’s sticking up for him and trying to act like it’s not him and he’s a perfect person, when he’s not. He’s just like all the other boys out there. Just because he is a good singer and famous doesn’t change anything. If he went to your highschool and wasn’t famous, just good looking and a good singer, and there was a rumor he was cheating, how much do I wanna bet that you wouldn’t be like this.

    So? He’s famous. And? That doesn’t make him different from every other 20 year boy out there. He can still live his life in some of the same ways.

    I DOOO love Zayn but we have to accept this could be real and he can’t be perfect day and night.

    • Gabby123

      And about the eyebrows, it looks like she used a filter making the picture a bit dimmer, and whenever I use a filter like that on instagram it makes my eyebrows look thicker as well.

      Im not saying it IS real, I’m saying we have to accept the 50-50 Chance.

  • Mrs Stypayhorlikson


  • sam

    Total bullshit and its not zayn in those pics

  • Eleanor Calder

    Hey guys I’m not the real eleanor but but stop. I know what zayn did was wrong and he shouldn’t have done that! He was probably just drunk or was smoking that night. Can we forgive Zayn?! But yeah we can still hate that girl he did it with! :)

  • Eleanor Calder

    But that is the Zayn we love right?

  • Toya_Latoya1D

    Turn your head in the angle of his face. THAT IS NOT ZAYN!
    This chick PAID a Zayn-Look a like!!

  • disqus_JLn6k7FQU3

    Zayn would never do that and doesn’t even have a tattoo like that!

  • Lucy Williamson

    My mind is frazzled I don’t know what to think

  • ツ Moon Malik ツ

    Zayn has a peacock feather on his back and if u don’t believe go watch Kiss You behind the seneas and it shows Zayn’s back shirtless clearly and it clearly shows his tattoo on his neck/back

  • Directioner x)

    zayn is innocent ! that aint zayn xD #nohateforzayn

  • Zayns girl

    Well it is zayn because look at he eyebrows and the tattoo on his chest he has those tattoos! just look up zayn shirtless 2013 hate to tell y’all it is zayn but I think she hacked something or she got the pic from a twitter account or one of the boys had it and she hacked it. She should be arrested for this zayn would NEVER do that!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Grace

    That’s not even zayn!!

  • Soumya Kh

    zayn wouldn’t do such a thing

  • Jasmin Loves1D

    It’s not Zayn!!! look up Paul DiGiovanni @paulBLG he said “Zayn. Not really seeing the resemblance, I guess a little bit when we are asleep…” then there’ss a picture.. Look it up on twitter!!!!!

  • Carolina Munayer


  • Debbydirectioner<3

    hold on, she says that she doesn’t know about one direction but…

    1) She’s in the UK

    2) They’ve had TWO flash mobs for them there already
    SOMEBODY’S LYING!!! *cough*CJ*cough*

  • Renee Ramirez

    This is not him,probably she wants to take money from zayn..

  • Zoe 1D♥♥♥♥♥

    ha ha what terrible photo shop that is terrible we can all tell its not him ha ha

  • Zoe 1D♥♥♥♥♥


    1. that isn’t zayn

    2. his hair dosent flop down like that

    3. his tatoo is on the pther side and looks a bit diffrent

    4.that neck is to long

    5.that girl prob wants publicity

    6.she prob dosent like them and wants them to feel bad

    7.he isnt like that OBVIOULSY!!!

    8. zerrie is the most adorbe thing ever he wouldn’t do that to perrie

    9. a video??? really that is the best that girl could come up with

    10. zayn shaves his moustache (not his chin always though)

    11. the nose is too big

    12. his eyebrows arent that bushy

    And if you still think its him look at this pic

  • Future WWE Anti Diva

    I don’t want it to be Zayn either but the pictures are kinda hard to deny….and everyone who’s denying is just lying t o themselves. Keep in mind that just cause that Zayn in the pictures doesn’t mean that they had sex. For all we know she could have done one of his friends and afterwards creeped into his room and took the photos just to break this “story”. Just cause Zayn’s in the pictures doesn’t mean he did something.


    I still don’t believe this!!!!! It sounds like a Titanic boat load of BULL SHIT!!!!!(excuse my language) Anybody can get a picture of Zayn sleeping(Directioners do it all the time) on google/bing and photoshop it to have blonde hair in the pic!!!!! That hair didn’t even look real!!!!! Get a life that’s just what you wanted to happen so you put yourself in his bed and when he saw you he told you to put your clothes on and leave!!!!!

  • true directioner! :3

    most likley, its not zayn…HOPFULLY! I dont bileve that somone so cute could do anything like this! :[

  • true directioner! :3

    HEY! THAT TATTOO ON HIS BACK IS PROBALY NOT REAL! if u go on google images and type in Zayn Malik tatto on his back, it DOSENT look the same! CHECK IT OUT!

  • directioner 4eva

    yeez, I don’t know what to believe anymore…I just really wantt o see how this story plays out man!

  • Lauraa Jessica

    “Supposedly Zayn”

    • disqus_FjJ0rPwjbK

      the google photo has the bottom bit covered by his shirt and that is the bit in the scandel photo. if you look closely at the google photo you will see

  • disqus_FjJ0rPwjbK

    guys im sorry to say it is him, to the people who say that the neck tattoo is not the same as his and to google it well they should go and do that cause there wrong. on google the picture doesnt show the whole tattoo because most of the bottom of it is covered by the shirt and the bit covered by the shirt is in the video. also to the tattoo that people are saying are saying that its on the wrong side you would be wrong again and you need to learn your lefts to your rights, and btw its on his chest and theres where yous probably went wrong. also to the person who said his face is different like the structure of his nose and chin plus his eyebrows are different, well the photo taken is not on the same angles as others and this can highlight or hide specific features which could give the illusion that it isnt him but it is. once again sorry 1D fans

  • Proxy Charmz

    oh my god zayn u do that to perrie..?

    • Pramo1Dnep


  • maya3319999

    That aussie chick is still a stupid hoe…

  • ~Directioner~ :D

    That dosnt look like zayn at at all!!! This Cj girl just wants attention!!!

  • Michelle Direction

    Zayn was a tattoo on his back

  • Guest

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so angry ….

    TRIED TO RUIN ZAYN LIFE WHICH MEANS YOU TRIED TO RUIN DEDICATED DIRECTIONERS LIFE. WHICH IS SO BAD. YOU HAVE TO PAY THE COST FOR WHATEVER YOU DID. !!!!!!!!!! Omg I’m so angry why do people do these stupid things. So selfish. Every true directioners know that you did not break perrie heart. That girl is so cheap. But one day the truth will come out.

    • Stop and smell the roses.

      You are so demented. He is a celebrity who can have what he wants when he wants.Only difference here is a girl finally decided to let the world know. How many other CJs are out there…..

  • Direction_<3er!!

    Soooooo fake!!!! And for all u stupid people saying that cj is right,YOUR SOOO WRONG!!! AND JUST GET OFF OF HERE IF U R GONNA SAY THINGS LIKE THAT!!!! ZAYN LOVES PERRIE AN WOULD NEVER EVER EVER DO THAT TO HER!!! And for all you people that say it is not him, U ARE SOOO RIGHT!!!! 1) his tatoo is on the wrong side 2) His hair is different in the pics and 3) he doesn’t have that much chin hair! (No offense) I think cj just want the attention!! I <3 Zerrie and that is sooooo fake!!!!!!

    • Direction_<3er!!
  • LOL

    he has a different tattoo , eyebrows are different , nose is more round , and so much more is different about the real Zayn and the look alike in the picture. Therefore i declare THAT IS NOT ZAYN!

  • Stop and smell the roses.

    What about the man himself. If it was a false accusation he would be quick to deny it.. If its the true say nothing. Grow some balls Malik and tell your fans the truth….Then they can forgive and forget….

  • Stop and smell the roses.

    What about the man himself. If it was a false accusation he would be quick to deny it.. If its the true say nothing. Grow some balls Malik and tell your fans the truth….Then they can forgive and forget….

  • Sally

    girls look her blonde hair it was like she cut and pasted stuff she edited the picture she totally hates one direction and besides Austrailian and a british guy?y would he have his birth daqy at austrailia?!! Fake girl eyelashes all that is fake STUPID UGLY FREAKING WAITRESS ZAYN MALIK IS WAY COOLER FOR U IDIOT

  • Ayla

    ok, first of all I really wanted Zerrie to end but now, I really want them to stay Zerrie forever

  • nayli


  • Sydney_holand

    Sorry to say this but who is perrie ????
    Also I want that assie girl to go away to say it in a good way

  • Sydney_holand

    Sorry to say this but who is perrie ????
    Also I want that assie girl to go away to say it in a good way

  • Elizabeth Velez

    okay that is NOT his back… -__-

  • kaite


  • Sarah+1D

    I dont no what to belive i am confused

  • bella

    um. its being proven this photo is fake. zayn has a longer pointier nose, this guy has a chubbier piggier nose. this guys eyebrows are thicker than zayn’s and his beard is different. LIES. LIES. LIES